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Why do Brands Fail? Reasons for Brand Failure.

The process of branding was developed to act as a guard for businesses against failures. Branding enforces ownership and differentiation. It all started since 1500s when unique marks were used to specify ownership of the cattle. Different marks were used by different people to differentiate their cattle


Why Brand Name Matters? Hacks to choose a good brand name.

“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.” This statement, according to many marketers, holds true for brand name as well. But is it so? Which of these two brand names will gain more traction? “A


Brand Integration – Everything you should know about Branded Entertainment

There is a rise of brands moving towards producing, sponsoring, and being a part of movies and other forms of media. This new trend is brand integration. We all must have witnessed some form of branded entertainment where the script of a TV show or


What is Brand Voice? Guidelines to Create the Right Brand Voice

Just like in human beings, Brand Voice is the unique way a brand communicates to everyone it interacts with. But Britannia’s ting ting ti ding, Nokia’s basic ringtone or any other sound effect, audio jingle, etc. doesn’t count as Company’s brand voice. What is Brand Voice?


What is Brand Image? Explanation and Examples

Brand Image is how the customers think of a brand.  It is the perception of the brand in the mind of the customers.  Brand image develops over time. The customers form an image based on their experience with the brand. Customers / target groups interact with brands in


What is brand positioning? How to create a strong brand positioning strategy?

Brand positioning is an art. It’s how your product or service which you offer is positioned/placed/fitted in the brain of the consumers to make it different and stand out from the competition. It is the reason why the customers buy your product. According to Philip

What is Brand Personality? Definition & Examples

To make it straight, Brand Personality is how a brand behaves. That is, how a brand express itself. Personality leads to building up of the brand image. Users form an image of a brand by assigning adjectives based on how a brand express itself to