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Facebook Promotion

Facebook Marketing – How do Facebook Promotion, Advertisements and Boosted posts work

How does Facebook Promotion and Boosted posts work ? It’s a worthy question to ask in this era of social media marketing, Promotion of your Facebook page/ website/ call to action button or Boosting a Facebook post is a great way to increase engagements with

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Facebook Marketing – Facebook Posts and Advertisements for More Engagement

Now you know all type of posts that you can use on Facebook. But the question still remains How to smartly use Facebook posts for more engagement But before answering this question, let us talk about the basics first. How like, comment, and share help the business? We’ve

facebook whatsapp sharing terms

Whatsapp’s New Terms – Everything about Facebook Whatsapp Relationship

February 2014, Facebook acquired Whatsapp for $19 billion and left everyone to wonder at what will it do with this application which doesn’t support any third party advertisement. But little did people know about Facebook’s intention to tap the ever increasing user-base of Whatsapp. With the Whatsapp’s

facebook marketing newsfeed algorithm

Facebook Marketing – Newsfeed Algorithm | What to Post?

Publish content which makes them interact with you. Let them spend more time on your post (Facebook likes it). But don’t publish lengthy stuff. According to a study, people lose interest after 8 seconds while surfing through a post. Make them nostalgic or educate them.

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Facebook Marketing – Business Page

Now that you have enough information about what do people like the most, it’s time to look at ‘why?’ Do their posts engage users? Are they relatable? Or is it just because they follow what’s trending? Learn the art of knowing the reasons and half

facebook marketing research

Facebook Marketing – Research

Facebook, just like any other marketing Platform, requires a thorough research. Spend the day one to research on Facebook. Hide a user inside your businessman suit while researching on Facebook. Search the topics your business will be related to. Find what all has been posted