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What is ReCommerce? How is it different from Online Classifieds?

ReCommerce (also known as Reverse Commerce or Re-ecommerce or Reverse Marketplace) is a practice of purchasing and selling of old goods over an e-commerce platform set up just for this purpose. Re-commerce companies actually buy the obsolete and undesired products, refurbish them, and reintroduce them in


Font Psychology – Use Right Typeface for Logo Designs and Branding

Communication isn’t limited to oral transfer of information. It also require words to be written and understood. This ’understood’ part of the written communication is not just related to what is written and how it is written but there’s also a visual psychological aspect to


Everything you need to know about Facebook Marketplace

It seems like social media networking wasn’t enough for Facebook to keep those 1.71 Billion users engaged enough. Facebook has announced an addition to its business model with the introduction of Facebook Marketplace. It’ll now compete with the marketplace sector giants like Ebay and Gumtree. What


Psychology of Shapes in Logo Design & Marketing

Perception matters. The world is full of geometric shapes and we, as humans, have assigned each one of them a meaning, subconsciously though.Usage of these shapes do pass a message to our target groups. It’s better to use them wisely. But before discussing about the Psychology

Everything About Snapchat’s Rebranding Strategy | Snapchat is now Snap Inc.

Snapchat is now Snap Inc. The reason behind this rebranding decision is same as it was for ‘Google is now Alphabet’.  Snapchat itself is a brand – A brand whose image is set as a  text and photo based messaging application for mobile phones. It wanted to

Psychology of Colors in Marketing and Branding

Psychology and marketing are lifelong partners. A psychologist may not be a marketer but a good marketer always involve psychology in his marketing decisions. Marketing is no rule of thumb. It involves intense research on customers’ needs, wants, likes, preferences, etc. One of these psychological