22 Proven Black Friday Marketing Ideas For Online Stores

What started in the USA is now a worldwide phenomenon – the two biggest shopping days for online retailers when millions of transactions take place with billions of money involved – Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

If you’re an online retailer planning for ways to increase your sales during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, here is a list of 22 proven Black Friday marketing ideas for you.

Limited Time Deals (Hourly Discounts)

namecheap black friday

An offering becomes more attractive automatically if its supply is less and the demand is more. It’s called the scarcity principle.

Companies like Namecheap use this scarcity principle to get the most out of the Black Friday sale. Namecheap launches hourly deals where a specific offer is available only to the users who avail it within the set time. This creates a sense of urgency within the customers and eventually increases the sales of the company’s offerings.

You can do the same by offering hourly discounts on different products. But do remember to inform the customers about the same beforehand. Also, these discounts should be good enough for them to be excited about buying the product.

Special Deals For Referrers

black friday referral

Referral marketing is an apt deal for Black Friday sale as it serves both the parties in the way they want to y be served –

  • You get more customer
  • Customers get to pay less

Customers happily refer your products to their family, friends, and acquaintances if they get substantial discounts on doing so, and losing some profits on a product isn’t bad if you get three more customers who pay more.

Make sure to create special offers for the customers who refer others. A separate landing page is advised which includes the instructions, the number of people referred, and the offer’s terms and conditions.


black friday giveaway
source: jane.com

Hosting a giveaway is a great strategy to either promote the sale or increase sales. The giveaway can include –

  • A big prize for people who shop during the sale (this increases the overall sales), or
  • Small rewards for people who complete micro-tasks like sharing about the sale on their social media channels (this adds to the organic promotion of the sale)

Whatever the case may be, having a giveaway always works in your favor.

Free Gifts On Every Purchase

black friday free gifts with purchase
Source: icangwp.com

Adding gifts to every purchase is a great strategy that can be used to increase overall sales. When mixed with other strategies like the scarcity principle, it can compel the customers to complete their incomplete transactions.

Gifts is a great Black Friday marketing strategy as –

  • Offering gifts to customers who make purchases of certain amounts makes the website visitors buy more to avail of the offer.
  • It often helps in making the customers complete their transactions. People are compelled to complete their transactions when an element of surprise (that they can win big) is added to the process.

Special Offers For Existing Customers

If your offering is good, existing customers are more likely to buy it because they’re already hit by the psychology of ownership. Therefore, attracting them with a special offer is a good idea if you plan to boost your sales during the Black Friday sale.

Personalized offers increase conversions even more.

Special Offers For New Customers

Offering special discounts to new customers is a great strategy to convert them into customers. Most of the websites’ visitors visit the website during the Black Friday sale just to see what’s in for them. Offering a special discount to them attracts them to move ahead onto the next levels of the purchase funnel and eventually buy the products.

Sneak Peek Of What’s In For Sale

Revealing few deals over social media and other channels before the actual sale begins creates a sense of excitement among the customers and acts as an excellent pull marketing strategy.

Promoting The Sale

Merely providing the offers isn’t enough when it comes to Black Friday sale. Always remember that you aren’t the only one. Promote your offers using PPC and targeted social media ads. Targeting people who’ve visited your website, product pages, and even your social media profiles with personalized ads increase the conversions even more.

Develop A Gift Guide

gift guide black friday
Source: sassydirect.com

More often than not, even though your customers love the discounts on the Black Friday sale, they are confused about what to buy and what not. A gift guide or a buying guide does the job here. If you run an online merchandise store, make sure to publish such a guide before the Black Friday sale to remove such confusion of your customers.

Some examples of such gift guides are:

  • Top 10 tech gifts for Christmas
  • Best handmade gifts for fall 2019
  • 15 Romantic gifts for your significant other

Lead Collection & Lead Marketing

Ensure you collect leads throughout the year on your website. Email marketing, SMS marketing, and even telemarketing work well when it comes to Black Friday sales. Send them periodic personal communications about the things they are more likely to buy.

Run Flash Sales before The Main Sale

Flash sales before the main sale not only creates excitement, but it also increases the overall sales of the store. Use popups, timers, and even some push techniques like emails, social media posts, etc. to inform the customers about such flash sales.

Cross-sell and Upsell

Encouraging the customers to spend more using smart cross-selling and upselling strategies work wonders during the Black Friday sales; majorly because customers, during the Black Friday sale, visit the website to buy offerings on discount, but most of them aren’t sure of what all they want to buy. Hence, it’s usually easy to make them spend more during the black Friday Sale.

Do A Product Launch

Black Friday is a great time to launch a product as people are far more interested in trying new products on this day than other days. Giving a special launch discount is cherry on the cake.

Offer A Hidden Discount

Creating a buzz that a discount code is hidden on one of the pages of the website/application makes the customers browse more and check out more offerings.

Promote Offline Too

Out of the box strategies like sending printed gift cards to customers who earlier bought from your store, promoting offline on billboards or radio, etc. gives an excellent boost to the Black Friday sales.

Add A Countdown

black friday countdown

Countdown before the sales starts creates a sense of excitement. This, along with a special discount for people who add products to their cart before the sale starts, is a great strategy to get more people on board.

sale ends in timer

Similarly, having a countdown that shows the time remaining until the sale ends creates a sense of urgency. This urgency is a psychological trigger that makes the customers check out as soon as possible as they want to avert the loss of not making the best out of the sale.

Promote Early

Don’t wait for the sale day to promote it to your audience. Give them cues throughout the month. Even promote offers using social media posts, ads, and other communication means.

Launch A Retargeting Campaign

Remarketing to the customers who viewed your products with Black Friday sale offers have more conversion rates compared to targeting people who never wanted it.

Partner With Other Brands

Partnerships and cross-selling products of other brands give a boost to the sales as customers think they get more by spending less.

Moreover, providing exclusive discounts to customers of a particular bank, brand, etc. helps you lower the financial burden as they come in play to support you.

Reward Your Social Media Followers

You can even use the Black Friday sale to increase the number of followers of your social media channels. Providing an incentive to people who follow you on social media channels increases your organic social media followers substantially.

This eventually helps you in targeting your other Black Friday marketing strategies at them.

Offer Incentives To Spend

Offering gifts, discounts, and other incentives to people who spend a particular amount on your store increase the likelihood of them doing the same.

Sale Extension

black friday sale extended
Source: milled.com

Black Friday sale should not be limited to a day. Extend it to Cyber Monday or more than that and see how the sales still grow.

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22 Proven Black Friday Marketing Ideas For Online Stores

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