This Startup Streamlines Your Scheduling Hassles – Startup Review

Scheduling chaos, be gone! In a world where time is as precious as gold, businesses across the board are grappling with the puzzle of managing appointments without a hitch. From the meticulous consultant plotting client meetings to the bustling barber shop juggling snips and trims, the quest for seamless scheduling is universal. The possibility? A no-code, all-in-one solution that slips into the daily grind, making booking a breeze.

Enter, where the art of appointment setting is redefined. This startup, steered by Evgeny Viner, has crafted a tool that’s not just powerful but also so user-friendly that it feels like second nature. With a suite of features including customizable booking types, easy integrations, and automatic notifications, this platform is transforming the way businesses connect with their clientele.

As Evgeny and his team navigate the early stages of their venture, they’re laser-focused on enhancing their offering, proving that simplicity and sophistication can indeed coexist. With an eye on the future and a commitment to continuous improvement, is poised to redefine the scheduling landscape. We did an interview to find out how they’re turning the tide in their favor.

What is is the answer for businesses drowning in the chaos of scheduling. Picture a platform where setting appointments becomes a task as simple as a morning coffee routine. It’s the go-to for consultants, barbers, doctors, and anyone whose day revolves around a calendar filled with meetings and appointments. It’s where the complexity of booking is stripped away, leaving a streamlined, hassle-free process.

At its core, offers a powerful yet effortless way for businesses to create and manage bookings. The platform stands out with its no-code approach, allowing users to easily tailor the booking types to their specific needs. It’s not just about filling slots in a calendar; it’s about providing a flexible tool that sends automatic notifications and integrates with other systems to keep everything running smoothly.

The beauty of lies in its intuitive design. It’s built to be user-friendly, so businesses can focus on their clients rather than on navigating complicated software. This simplicity doesn’t come at the expense of functionality. The platform is robust, offering the ability to charge fees for bookings and connect with a growing list of integrations, making it a distinct choice in a crowded market. Founders

Evgeny Viner is not your typical entrepreneur. With a keen eye for the intersection of simplicity and power in technology, he laid the foundation for His journey into the startup world wasn’t sparked by chance; it was the culmination of experience and a clear vision for a service that could be both potent and a breeze to use.

Viner’s background is a tapestry of marketing, coding, and management—skills that have proven indispensable in navigating the tumultuous waters of startup development. His expertise has been the driving force behind the creation of a scheduling tool designed to be the antithesis of complexity for businesses of all kinds.

The inception of was not without its hurdles. The commitment to launching with a robust set of features meant that development took a painstakingly long time. Coding was a marathon, not a sprint, but Viner’s determination ensured that the platform was meticulously crafted to meet the needs of those it aimed to serve.

The spark that ignited the creation of was born from a gap in the market—a need for a scheduling solution that didn’t intimidate its users with unnecessary complexity. Viner’s own experiences with existing services highlighted the demand for a tool that could offer both ease of use and a comprehensive suite of features, propelling him and his team to fill that void.

Interview with Evgeny Viner, Founder of

Seizing the opportunity to delve deeper into the workings of, I had the privilege of conducting an enlightening interview with the founder himself, Evgeny Viner. His insights shed light on the inner mechanics of the platform and the vision that propels it forward. Here’s a glimpse into our conversation:

Q: Could you tell us more about your role at
A: As the founder of, my role encompasses a broad spectrum of responsibilities. From overseeing the development of our scheduling tool to strategizing our market approach, I ensure that our platform remains both user-friendly and technically robust.

Q: What does bring to the table for its target audience?
A: Our platform is designed to serve businesses that rely on scheduling time slots for their services. By offering a no-code, powerful tool, we enable our clients to create and manage bookings with ease, enhancing their operational efficiency.

Q: How does your solution address the problem it is designed to solve?
A: We address the complexities of booking management by providing a platform that’s intuitive to use yet packed with features. Our system automates notifications, integrates seamlessly with other tools, and even allows for booking fees, all without overwhelming the user.

Q: What was the inspiration behind venturing into this industry?
A: The inspiration came from our own experiences with existing scheduling services. We recognized a need for a solution that could deliver both power and simplicity, and that’s what we’ve aimed to achieve with

Q: Can you share some challenges you faced in the early days of
A: One of our main challenges was ensuring that the platform was launched with a comprehensive set of features that functioned seamlessly. This required a longer development period, but it was crucial for providing the high-quality service we envisioned.

Q: What sets your startup apart from the competition?
A: Our commitment to creating a powerful yet user-friendly and intuitive scheduling tool is what differentiates us. We focus on the user experience without compromising on functionality.

Q: Could you share your startup’s plans for the future?
A: Looking ahead, we plan to expand by adding more features and integrations. This includes incorporating additional payment solutions and CRMs to further streamline the booking process for our clients.

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?
A: My advice is to start with a basic offering and, once you’ve established a product-market fit, gradually develop more features. It’s essential to build a solid foundation before expanding your service portfolio.

This conversation with Evgeny Viner not only provided a window into the workings of but also highlighted the thoughtful approach behind its creation. It’s clear that the platform is poised to make waves in the scheduling service industry, offering businesses a much-needed respite from the complexities of booking management.

Feedough’s Take on stands out as a beacon of innovation in the scheduling space, promising to ease the burden of appointment management for businesses. Its no-code, feature-rich platform is a testament to the potential for disruption in an industry hungry for simplification. The future looks bright for this startup as it continues to refine its offerings and expand its reach. One can expect to challenge the status quo, offering a seamless experience that could set a new standard for efficiency. While the journey ahead may be lined with competition, the dedication to user-centric design and functionality positions to thrive in a bustling market.