4 Handy Marketing Tips To Become A Market Wiz

Every now and then we find ourselves asking the question, what could we do to make our marketing and reach stronger? Because let’s be honest, a bad marketing plan could lead to loss of money invested in it as well as loss of revenue generated.

As per our understanding, these 5 tips will come in handy when you want to maximize the output of your marketing plan:

Start With ‘Why?’

I am quoting Simon Sinek here and you guys probably are aware of this. If you aren’t, this is something you should be aware of. Simon talks about how we should prioritize the question ‘Why’ when we work on anything. Especially organizations should emphasize on ‘Why’ they are doing what they are doing rather than ‘What’ they are doing. That is the most important aspect of building your brand.


This is what Simon calls, “The Golden circle” Why you should follow this while marketing? Because this is how we perceive things. We relate to things that are governed by why we are doing what we are doing.

So implementing this in your marketing strategy is a masterstroke. Start with why; move on to how; and end with what you are doing. Most marketing campaigns start with What they are doing, they occasionally hit How they are doing it and rarely pin down Why they are doing it.

So our Pro tip comes from Simon Sinek: Start with Why

Demo model: Say you are a cafe, hit on why you want people to care about your product. Say hit the demo where they are the most attached to you, or feel connected to the society.

Demo Why: We believe that coffee doesn’t just wake your system up, it brings people closer and it brings you closer to yourself. We believe in constantly challenging every day to be better than the previous one.

Demo How: We get you the perfect blend of coffee according to your mood and our customer service is unparalleled.

Demo What: We sell coffee along with side dishes at a place where you can sit and relax with your friends and have a good time.

The major takeaway here is how you present information, the chain of questions you need to answer to have a successful marketing campaign; how you make sure the target audience connects to your brand by just reversing the order of portrayal.

Here is the full video delivered by Simon Sinek:

Numbers Are Your Friend (If Used Smartly)

We all know that numbers are capable of convincing your target audience. Statistics and figures are what make your campaign believable. But are you using the right numbers? Let’s find out.

The way your product/service is represented through numbers is important but you need to understand where numbers are required and where they are not. A standard question that might come to you now is: How can numbers work against me? They can if you use the wrong ones for the wrong demographic.

Numbers are what we use to close the deal. But if you are trying to close a deal with statistics that your target audience has no clue about, they will straight up move to the next product.

Let’s set the ground clear by giving examples:

Let us assume you are selling a low-end cellphone that targets a demo of low to middle-income groups. Concentrating on pushing specs, speed and hardware might actually be an axe to your foot. Maybe push the numbers by giving them different statistics like – 7 out of 10 people looking for handsets under 150$ choose XYZ model. Give them statistics of surveys where people found the product easy to use, economical and user-friendly. Do not push hard numbers that they won’t understand. You provide specs for your products anyway, don’t make your marketing campaign revolve around it. Most target audience gets a better information of specs through influencers who break down specs to words for them.

Example 2: Let’s say you are selling a high-end GPU. Needless to say, you have to push in enough specs and Benchmark statistics because people buying high-end GPUs are well researched. You cannot push it the way you push general products. You definitely cannot use “9/10 ESports players recommend this GPU.”

The trick is to categorize your product/service, find your target demographic and place the numbers carefully.

Stop Giving Away Your Intermediate Processes. Keep It Simple.

A lot of businesses, especially services believe in providing the intermediate information about how a problem is solved. We need to understand this. A customer/lead has a problem, you give them the solution. You don’t tell them, your problem was complicated so we had to do this, to get there and from there we had to go ahead and get this done to give you your desired solution. Most businesses confuse this with clarity. I repeat – the majority of the market wants a direct solution, not a roadmap to the solution.

The best example of this was given by Chris Guillebeau in his book ‘The $100 startup’. He mentions a scenario where you are sitting in a restaurant and order a Salmon. The chef walks out and talks you through how Salmon is a hard dish to cook and asks you to walk in and help the chef out. The scenario isn’t so pleasant is it? The implication was clear. You want a Salmon, you should get a Salmon. That is it. Fuss-free business.

Don’t Just Market, Have A Plan

Most businesses take a huge step back when they do this. Let’s say you have an advertisement live and it has boosted your reach. Enquiries are pouring in but you are still unable to close them, or you were understaffed to handle this surge. This is a big NO in marketing. If you are boosting your brand, make sure you are ready to follow up and handle the additional surge you get. Be prepared with a strategy on how you are going to convert leads into customers after they are influenced by your initial preview.

Say, if you are selling something online and have an advertisement live. When a customer clicks the link just to see the advertised product is out of stock, you are clearly missing out big time.

Be aware of what you market and how you do it.

Happy Marketing.

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4 Handy Marketing Tips To Become A Market Wiz

by Anuj Nawal