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5 Free Digital Marketing Tools You Didn’t Know About

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We are living in a digitally led world. Most of our business activities are now digital and those entrepreneurs who lag in digital marketing are already behind millions of others. Digital marketing industry never slows down. It’s currently at its growth stage and with the introduction of artificial intelligence in the digital marketing industry, there’s a lot to see and experience in future. While most of the marketers spend millions in there digital marketing activities, there are also many free digital marketing tools you didn’t know about which can save a lot of your money.

5 Free Digital Marketing Tools You didn’t Know About

Klout is a one stop solution for all your social media marketing needs

Klout is the Google Analytics for your collective social networking websites. It’s one of the best free digital marketing tools to know how well you are performing on social networking websites. Today, having a good social media presence is as important as being on the top search engine rankings.

klout free digital marketing tools

Klout gives you all the features to skyrocket your social media presence. There are features to

  • Suggest what to post on social networks.
  • Schedule your posts.
  • Suggest you the perfect time to post.
  • Rate you according to your social score.
  • Calculate your network influence (how many people follow you, message you , and retweet your posts)
  • Calculate your amplification probability (how likely you are to get your message amplified than a normal person)
  • Calculate the true reach of your posts.

klout score free digital marketing tools

Klout also suggests you influencers based on your niche.

klout influencers free digital marketing tools

Use Followerwonk to find influencers on Twitter.

Save time in implementing your influencer marketing strategies by using followerwonk. Followerwonk is a free social analytics tool brought to us by the developers of Moz, one of the best SEO softwares.

With the free version of Followerwonk you can –

  • Search for influencer profiles
  • Compare users in terms of their followers and who they follow (limit 150,000)
  • Compare social authority
  • Get follower graphs

followerwonk free digital marketing tools

This free digital marketing tool should be a must if social media marketing is one of the top priorities of your marketing strategies.

Get keywords search volume, competition and CPC at the search query with the Keywords Everywhere tool.

Getting the top rank for the right keyword is every digital marketer’s dream. But keyword research and analysis requires a lot of time and effort. Though there are many SEO extensions like MozBar, SEO SERP, etc. to analyze competition, keyword relevancy and other SEO factors, there is one tool worth mentioning, Keywords Everywhere.

keywords everywhere free digital marketing tools

Keywords everywhere is a browser extension which lets you check the search volume, CPC, and competition data right below your search query.

keywords everywhere query free digital marketing tools

This tool also gives you the data for long tail keywords at the bottom of the page.

long tail keywords everywhere free digital marketing tools

Create effective polls and let your users answer them anonymously

Polls are common among marketers and there’s a simple tool, Apeo, which lets you create a poll in less than 30 seconds. It also lets your users cast their vote anonymously. We suggest Apeo over other poll creating tools is because of its ease of operation.

apeo free digital marketing tools

Manage your E-mail marketing strategies without leaving Wordpress

Forget about those time consuming mailchimp integrations. You can now handle your email marketing strategies right from WordPress with the Mailpoet.

mailpoet free digital marketing tools

This tool lets you create signup forms, welcome emails, newsletters, and has every feature you would require in an email marketing tool.

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