6 Ways to Make Your Employees Feel Home

A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected!

People work for a paycheck but loyalty comes around only when they feel valued at their workplace. Do not forget valued employees are valuable employees. So what you do to make them feel inclusive? No Clues? Why not start with these 6 tips to make your employees feel like home at work

While some companies believe in “warm and fuzzy” benefits for their employees, some others don’t care about them at all. Obviously, the former category of organisations reap the benefits of dedicated employees and thus are successful in building a long-term team. Employees who are appreciated by their leaders are infinitely more likely to go above and beyond their job responsibilities.

It is not a very easy task to manage and motivate the people who work for you. But for the continued success of the business, it is certainly a necessary practice.

If a company is successful in making its employees feel at home, the chances of those employees not leaving the organization in the long run increases.

CHG Healthcare Services in Salt Lake City, Utah puts forward the core values of the employees first. The company in the discussion is on the third position of Fortune’s list of 2013, for the 100 Best Companies to work for.

The company conducts frequent surveys to understand the requirements of its employees and that enhances the stay-time of the employees in the organization.

While many companies have delved into this habit, how can you incorporate such a setup in your organization?

Here are six things you can do that will surely make your employee feel home at work!

Make Use of the Right Communication Tools

Communication is the key to growth. Lack of healthy communication among employees leads to confusion, unclear motives, misaligned priorities and indecisive actions. Hence an ongoing and open communication is more than necessary to keep everything in good sync.

There are quite a few tools that you can use to ease out your communication process with your employees. A few common ones can be phones, texts, emails, direct message, video calling, and such others.

But no matter what tool you opt for, make sure that all employees are using the same tool and that everyone is aware of how to use the technology. In addition to that, all employees should be conversant with the protocol surrounding the communication tool. For instance, many organisations do not send confidential information via email unless there is an end to end encryption process involved.

In addition to improving the means of communication, as an employer, you must try to establish a one-to-one connection with your employees. This can be achieved by talking to them personally. Only when the employees feel that their employer is willing to help them out in times of need, they will be comfortable in the organization.

Slack comes as the most powerful communication tool in organisations for the past few years.

Give Employees a Chance to Make Their Decisions

Trust and respect are very important to make an employee feel cared for within an organization. In that light, do not try to micro-manage all your employees. Allow them to make their decisions and let that have an impact on the culture of your firm.

Once colleagues are allowed to mentor and reward each other, they feel more connected and concerned about each other. When they have the freedom to choose the vendors to do business with, the company becomes a nest for employees. They start to think of it as their own home and will do everything possible to keep it growing. This also goes a long way to improve the work culture. As a company grows, more and more work has to be delegated so take that first step and start today.

Do Something That Helps Them Personally

The market and business conditions of today require people to work 12 to 15 hours a day. After a long hard day at the office, no one likes to return to a dirty house! So what can a company probably do about it? How about arranging for a cleaning service for your employees periodically?

This perk can prove to be of great benefit if applied properly. Plus have you ever thought about the employees who have pets at home? While sometimes there are people to look after the animal at home, but many times, they are left all alone! So how about allowing your employees to bring their well-behaved dogs to the office. This would be like a childcare facility of the dogs.

There is not much harm to you as a business, but these small initiatives can go really long to make your workforce feel valued.

In order to keep up with the level of competition in the market, your employees need to work hard. So what are you giving them for their hard work apart from salary? It has come to be noted that employees who are given some sort of nonmonetary incentives for their work often feel good about their workplace and put in the best in their work.

In that light, consider paying for a small trip for your star performers. It is okay if you are not going for a weekend plan. A short trip to an amusement park, a day in the museum can also be quite refreshing for the employees. You can even recognize your employees’ efforts by awarding them with a simple appreciation certificate. Creating an appreciation certificate won’t take much but gives you a lot in regards to employee satisfaction.

Video games are quite popular these days and a lot of people take interest in such games. So, you can also arrange for a gaming night for your top-performing employees. Not only will they thoroughly enjoy themselves, but they will also feel close to the workplace and be comfortable working there.

Give Them Time to Do the Good Work

If you take a closer look, you will find out that a lot of your employees are involved in community services. But unfortunately, they do not find quality and quantity time to do these services since they are so tied down with their work.

Community services are generally done by people who find a certain joy doing this. So to help your employees be happy you can consider giving them paid or unpaid leaves so that they can do the charity work that they love to do.

Cater to Their Personal Well Being

Working in the current business scenario can be quite taxing. It takes a toll on both your mind and body. So how about letting your employees enjoy a nice relaxing day at the spa, or a yoga class to shed that burden? Such strategies can be quite effective and can help a company to keep its walk-out rate quite low.

To make your employees believe in the long-term vision of your organization, they must feel that you see them as a valued person, not just an employee whom you hired to execute your to-do-list. Once they feel the company is investing in them, they go to every extent for your overall growth. These top 6 tips can make your employees feel like home at their workplace and grow your business further.

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6 Ways to Make Your Employees Feel Home

by Prince Kapoor