Breaking The Barriers To Entrepreneurship

You are sitting for endless hours at the corner of your room, feeling the fresh gust of wind caressing your skin, but deep inside you have a horde of thoughts gushing throughout your grey-cells, and you are not acting up to your expectations despite a welcoming arena of conquest.

Welcome to Feedough; where we also deal with the invisible evolution of your startup. As the matured reader you are, let us not look at this as a preaching but to discover the The Entrepreneur, within.

Where Do We Go Wrong (Not Think Rightly)?

Where and How should I start?

While you can easily imagine a picturesque life of fame, respect and money (in any typical order of desire), you are mostly confused about where to begin with.

You start an imaginative analysis of the successful entrepreneurs’ and start asking yourself questions like: “Was Jack Ma really poor to begin with?” and “Did Elon Musk establish SpaceX without a formal degree in astronomy?”.

While researching answers to such questions may drive you towards finding a better solution to your own problems, the average human brain tends to reside to a negative reason such as: “Jack Ma’s Alibaba is the adobe to counterfeit products” and “Elon Musk rips off his employees to work more for goals which are envisioned on science fiction”. Do you think these Entrepreneurs ever gave a thought about these caveats while they were working for their dreams?

When they were having a plan, you are having an excuse.

Should I forego my secure job or a non-enlightening degree?

In a salaried job, you must report to your job every day at a time; attend meetings that require you to miss family time, and maybe there is travel involved that takes you away from home. Everything you are doing is to help fund the owner’s business and retirement, not yours. All your hard work goes into fulfilling someone else’s dream. But what if you could build your own business, fund your retirement and in the process, achieve your dreams?

A specialization or a master’s degree, which is not nurturing you, is equally eating up on your time and thinking space as an Entrepreneur.

If you don’t learn through experience, then what you read are only words.

I am not sure about my business plan.

Kickstarting a startup without a definite business plan is like parachuting into the middle of a dense forest and trying to find your way out. Perceivably, you can proceed in many different directions, but which one is the right path? Trudging along the way you risk being attacked by animals or getting an infection — this is along the same lines of you feeling trapped in an issue in the business that could be detrimental to your success. I’m not saying that you will plan for every roadblock that you may come across with your startup, but you need to have a good compass to keep yourself moving in the right direction.

Everyone has a great product idea they want to launch in the market, and they “think” it is going to help them make millions, without a plan.

How will I fund my startup?

You are not alone. Almost every entrepreneur rising from low or middle-income families are not blessed to make boats out of bills and toss in the water to simply check whether it floats forever or not. A Kickstarter campaign or a bank loan? Weigh your options and decide which one makes the most sense for your venture on raising capital to start up and keep your business operating.

Begin with finding the seeds of your money plant.

What Do We Need To Learn?

Now that you have had an insight of how to get out of the erstwhile overthinking in the domains, let us move on to some other roadblocks you might face after you had (or you thought you have) completely setup your business.

Identify, Learn and Apply the skills you were missing since you started

As stated before, Musk did not start off with any formal degree in astronomy or aeronautics when he started having a vision of SpaceX. But do you think he progressed with his vision into reality without the required skills and professional outlook? No matter how successful your venture is, given the present design-athlon, be prepared to be washed away in a tide as soon as your skills become ineffective and outdated.

Stay Humble like you were with your “average” school report card

Being a know-it-all does not help you progress. Neither does comparing yourself low in all aspects with others. Learn and enact the symbiosis of teaching and being taught. Stay humble. Keep learning. Keep applying.

Set new goals on completely accomplishing the previous

Your startup cannot have more than one priority at a time, unless one of them is a forerunner in its own system.

Once this priority is accomplished, do not take much time to switch to your next priority.

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Breaking The Barriers To Entrepreneurship

by Debosmit Majumder