10 Slides you must include in your pitch deck

The key to persuading someone is to grab their attention first and make them believe in you after that. A pitch deck is all about persuasion. Entrepreneurs do everything to persuade investors to make them sign a check for their big idea.

From what we’ve learnt through our experience and through some surveys is that many pitch decks fail to persuade investors if they’re unable to grab their attention at the first minute. Involve them in the story which has a problem and tell them about the solutions you have. Be ready to showcase your superpowers when they question them. Know everything about your team and your business and create a concrete business plan.

Maximum of the investors look for your confidence in you and your team. They want to know if your team has the potential to do all that you promised. Make a solid team presentation which must include all these slides –

Target Group And The Problem Faced

One of the most important things that investors look for in an entrepreneur is his knowledge about the target group. Start your presentation by making them believe that you’ve already done your homework.

Tell them about the problem that your target group is facing, what all has been done to solve it and what all can be done to solve it further.


The problem leads to opportunities. This is the inference of your research. State the opportunities that can be tapped by you and how are you going to tap them.

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That’s Suspicious Behavior, which according to us had one of the best launch presentations, used this target group-problem-opportunity technique to grab the attention of the audience.

Solution And The Product

The opportunities give rise to a hero. Present your product to be the one. You must make them believe that your product has the capability to solve the stated problems effectively and efficiently.


The next big thing they want to hear is how much you know about your competition. Keep an eye on your competitors; know their USPs, their recent activities, and other important factors. Summarise the same in the form of tables and Venn diagrams. Buffer, a social sharing and scheduling application, used this approach in their pitch deck to raise half a million dollars from angel investors.

Value Proposition

It’s time to tell the investors how you’re better than all those who are already in the market. Start with stating their limitations and proceed by stating your value proposition and your unique selling proposition which makes you different and better than all of them.

The Company And The Team

You must have already divided the work till now if you haven’t started the business yet. Tell the investors about your team, how well suited you all are for your respective departments, and how strong your bond is.

Include your experience as well as projects you’ve undertaken till now.

Revenue Model

No matter how good your idea is, it all depends on how much potential it has to earn in future. Make sure to mention all of the potential revenue streams you can generate for your business. Unlike what people say, Facebook’s revenue strategy was in place since the start which could be seen in their pitch deck where Eduardo Saverin mentioned about earning money through targeted ads which has been their USP till now.

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Market Plan

State your marketing plan and the marketing strategies you’ll use to execute that plan. Tell the investors about how you’re going to penetrate in the market and how are you going to communicate and educate about your offering.

You can refer to some successful campaigns by other brands and how the same can be incorporated for your benefit.


Lay down milestones and try to predict the future with the help of present facts. Mention about when you expect the break-even, how much profit are you expecting and the timelines. Use charts for the same.


Conclude your pitch deck by stating your requirements for the finance. Mention how the business has been financed till now and what all do you expect in the future.

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