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    Product Manager vs Program Manager vs Project Manager

    By Sourobh Das / December 17, 2017

    In spite of being very different roles, it is astonishing how people everywhere seem to confuse between a Product Manager, Project Manager and Program Manager. These are familiar roles to people yet few seem to know what sets them apart from each other, even in the industry. Yes, I get it that they sound similar. […]


    Top 13 Myths Of Product Management

    By Sourobh Das / December 3, 2017

    Product Management is a relatively new role and many people are still trying to figure out what it is and what product managers do. The good thing is people all over the world have increasingly started viewing the role as critical to a company’s success. Yet for all its glory in the recent past, there […]


    The Roles And Responsibilities Of A Product Manager

    By Sourobh Das / November 29, 2017

    You know what a Product Manager is. Many consider Product Management the dream job for the current crop of graduates. But have you ever wondered what a Product Manager actually does? If you go around asking students about the responsibilities of a Product Manager, you will get pretty vague responses. Can they be blamed when […]


    What Is Product Management?

    By Sourobh Das / November 25, 2017

    Have you ever wondered how a simple idea gets transformed into a full-fledged product that is sold in the markets? Does the idea of being at the intersection of all business functions excite you? Have you been surprised to see how the most successful companies in the world always seem to know what their customers […]


    What Is A Product Manager?

    By Sourobh Das / November 27, 2017

    Product management is a relatively new field and many people do not know what or who a Product Manager is. While Product Managers have existed in the realm of marketing for a long time handling product portfolio and their P&L, in the world of technology, a Product Manager is responsible for shipping great products to […]