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Your Complete Guide To Crowdsourcing

By Sourobh Das / December 21, 2017

I am sure everyone must have told you how important cash-flow is for any company. You yourself would know that cash-flow is more difficult to manage in the initial days of a company when profits are marginal and customers don’t even know you exist. That is when external funding comes into the picture. And irrespective […]

The Smarter Way To Build A Powerful Network | The Startup Process

By Sourobh Das / September 23, 2017

As the founder of a start-up, you would need many things and a great network of contacts is one of the most important of them. The theory of socially embedded ties assumes that there is a close relationship between the founder’s network and the start-up’s success. Entrepreneurs with the right contacts can get cheaper or […]

The Ultimate Guide to Startup Marketing | The Startup Process

By Sourobh Das / September 17, 2017

A marketing plan is as important as your business model once your business is up and running. You might have a stellar idea and product and your company might have all the funding in the world but all of that is worthless if you do not have customers. You need a marketing plan to win […]