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    Term Sheet: Everything You Need To Know

    By Sourobh Das / October 22, 2017

    While we have already covered everything you might want to know about startup funding, there is an important document that every entrepreneur should be aware of and that is the Term Sheet. When you approach the top angel investors so that they could fund your dream startup, you would be issued a term sheet. The […]


    The Most Active And Prominent Angel Investors

    By Sourobh Das / September 24, 2017

    Your start-up needs funding and lack of it should never be a hindrance to its success. There are investors willing to help you out, no matter wherever you might want to set up your company. Though now you know everything you might have wanted to know about raising capital for your company, here’s a list […]


    Startup Funding Explained | From Idea to the Stock Market

    By Aashish Pahwa / November 30, 2017

    All it takes is an idea which forms the concept and which eventually turns into the company. Managing a startup is just like playing a Role playing game. An entrepreneur acts as the main character who has to proceed through many levels before reaching the top – The IPO. Startup Funding isn’t as difficult as it […]