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MVP vs. Beta: What’s The Difference?

By Aashish Pahwa / March 26, 2018

Pre-releases of a product are important for varied reasons. However, each release has its own objective and is given a different name according to the motive and the release-lifecycle stage. You and most other entrepreneurs, journalists, and business enthusiasts must have clicked on this post title because of your common confusion between two of such pre-release […]

What Is A Prototype? Prototype Examples, Types, & Qualities

By Aashish Pahwa / November 27, 2017

How can you know if your product is viable for mass production? How can your investors get an essence of your product before the actual product is developed? A prototype isn’t just a part of the product design, it is one of the most integral parts without which future steps of the startup process are […]

How To Validate Your Product Hypothesis Using An MVP?

By Sourobh Das / November 20, 2017

Tons of people build businesses around ideas that never appeal to the customers and thus those ideas never sell. All the time and money go down the drain. You might think that you already know what the customer wants. Initial market research might make you believe that customers would love your product. But when the […]

What Is A Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

By Aashish Pahwa / March 26, 2018

A product hypothesis is based on innumerable assumptions of the target group’s demands and usage. However, launching a product just on the basis of assumptions isn’t the rightful thing to do. This is where the role of an MVP becomes prominent. What is A Minimum Viable Product (MVP)? A minimum viable product (MVP) is the […]

How to Develop a Perfect Prototype? | The Startup Process

By Sourobh Das / November 19, 2017

Now that you understand the importance of a product prototype for your company, it is time to build one. Here we shall be addressing how to go about developing a prototype that fulfills all your needs at this stage of your start-up. Remember at this stage, it is not meant to validate your idea but […]

Why Do You Need A Prototype? | The Startup Process

By Sourobh Das / November 27, 2017

After you have evaluated and validated your idea and found yourself a co-founder, you need to start building a prototype, the next step to the POC that we had touched upon earlier. While a POC is for an internal validation of the idea, you need a working prototype more for external validation. Let us look […]