5 Biggest Lies Investors Tell Startup Founders

The truth is that every investor will lie to you about one thing or another. They're going to try to steer you in a certain direction or use a cheesy phrase just to say no. So, it's important to be able to spot the lies and avoid them.

"We'll fund you when you're ready"

It's a very subtle and devious way of saying they don't want to invest.

"We're passionate about your company."

Many investors will say that they're passionate about your company in order to get you to lower your asking price or give them more equity.

"Your team matters more than your idea"

Honestly, they won't even invest a penny if you don't have a solid business idea and a business splan.

“This is a plain, vanilla term sheet.”

Term sheets can be tricky, especially for you as a founder. Make sure to read all the legal terms before signing it.

“We love the team but are uncertain about the market.”

They believe your idea isn't going to work at all.