7 Ways How Investors Help Your Startup Grow

When people hear the word “investment,” they immediately think of money, but it’s actually much more.

Angel investors and venture capital firms invest a lot more than just money in a startup.

Here’s what they bring to the table when they “invest” in you.


Investors give you the money you need to start up your company. This allows you to build a business and keep it alive until it becomes profitable.


Your investors are experts in business and marketing. They can help you develop strategies and plans for growth.


Investors can introduce you to their network of people, which can help your business gain visibility.


When investors fund you, it sends out a message to the world that you have something of value.


Investors often provide mentoring services for new entrepreneurs. They can teach you about the business world, offer advice on the best strategy to take and help you get funding.

Legal Advice

Do you know what you need to do to protect yourself legally? If you don't, then you can always ask your investor for legal advice.


Investors can give you good PR, through their endorsement, stories they tell about you, or telling others that you’re their client.