How to Avoid Burnout as a Startup Founder

If you’re in a startup, you know that it can be stressful. You need to have a clear head to run a startup. You also need to remember that you’ll get burned out if you don’t give yourself breaks.

Take a step back.

Don’t become so preoccupied with what you’re doing that you forget about yourself. It’s easy to get wrapped up in your work and lose sight of your own mental health.

Stay in touch with family.

This doesn’t mean you’ll be ‘on vacation’, but take time out to see your friends, go to the movies or take a long hike.

Be careful with social media.

Some people are more of a social butterfly than they are a social media user. You may not realize it, but spending all your time on social media could actually leave you feeling exhausted.

Create a work-life balance.

Your startup isn't your life. Yet, it's easy to get caught up in it and forget that you need time to live too. Find a way to separate your work and life.

 Delegate well.

A startup is a team effort, so make sure that everyone’s on the same page. Make sure that you’re delegating your tasks so that you can focus on the big picture.

Schedule breaks.

If you work in an office, schedule a break time. You may feel like you need to stay busy all the time, but it's not healthy.