How To Drive More Traffic To Your Startup Blog

Blogging is a very important tool in the marketing arsenal of any startup. By writing a post on your own blog, you can attract people to your website and start getting a lot more traffic. Here are some ways to drive more traffic to your startup blog.

Write about topics that are a part of your funnel

Make your readers Aware (A), Interested (I) using your informative posts before you sell your product as desired and make them act on your CTA. This is a good way to get organic search traffic.

Publish regularly

Publishing your content on a regular basis is one of the best ways to get a constant flow of traffic to your site.

Link Building

Google works in a way similar to the human world. If other websites are linking to your content, the search engine will think it’s authoritative and will increase your rankings in results.

Focus on traffic from other sources

Don’t limit yourself to Google, make people come to your blog from email newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, and even Pinterest.

Get guest bloggers to write for you

By inviting other people to contribute to your blog, you can get a lot more exposure to your blog. Invite renowned personalities who can bring traffic to your blog along with good content.

Maintain Good Aesthetics & Readability

Startup blogs should be visually appealing. They should have a clear layout, easy vocabulary, and use attractive images and videos to attract visitors.