How To Prioritise Work When Everything Seems Important?

We all have days where we feel like our day is never going to end. But what do you do when there are too many things to do and too few hours in a day?

Prioritise tasks based on importance

Think about how critical your tasks are and then rank your tasks by importance. This will help you get started on the most important tasks and not be distracted by those that don't matter.

Set deadlines and milestones

The best way to manage your time and focus on important tasks is to set realistic deadlines and milestones. You can do this by setting time goals, creating a to-do list and tracking your progress.

Start small and build momentum

Don't delve into big tasks right away. Start with smaller tasks, and gradually work your way up to your main objective. This will help you complete your objectives faster and you will have more energy to tackle larger tasks.

Use the Pomodoro technique

The idea is to work on a task for 25 minutes, take a five-minute break and then work for another 25 minutes before taking another break. Repeat this process 4 times and then take a long break of 15-30 minutes based on the amount of work left.