Time Bound


Understanding SMART Goals

What Are SMART Goals?

SMART goals are well-formulated goals that are specific (S), measurable (M), achievable (A), relevant (R), and time-bound (T).

Why Are They Used?

SMART goals give specific, realistic, and measurable direction to what you want to achieve, and it is highly likely that it can be achieved within the specific time period.

What Is A Specific Goal? 

S in SMART goals stand for specific. It is the who, what, why, where, and how of the SMART model.

What Is A Measurable Goal? 

It defines the measurable evidence that proves the progress you are making.

What Is A Achievable Goal? 

It makes sure that the goal can be accomplished within a certain timeframe.

What Is A Relevant Goal? 

A realistic goal takes into account the practical scenario and the direction where the organisation is heading to.

What Is A Time-Bound Goal? 

A time-bound goal sets a realistic yet  achievable end date for task prioritisation and motivation.