Working at a Startup Vs a Big Company

There are a lot of myths about what it's like to work in a startup vs. a big company. Some people think that startups are all about being hyper-productive, working long hours, and having no life. And yet, other people think that big companies are so slow that it feels like you're moving at a walking pace. Here's the truth: working in startups is fun but only if you're ready for it.

Your responsibilities will change more frequently

When you work at a startup, you don't have a permanent title or even a job description. You're always looking to do the next thing that's going to make the company better.

You'll need to solve problems on your own

Startups are disruptive. Most of the time, they are the first ones to solve industry problems. So, it's going to take some extra problem-solving skills if you want to work with a startup.

You'll grow at a faster pace

When you're working at a startup, you'll have to learn new skills and work at a fast pace. Moreover, you're also be surrounded by people who have been through the same thing you are. They do help you out.

The expectations will be more result-oriented

Usually, startups are more focused on getting results rather than guiding you on what process you need to follow. It's you who develop those result-oriented processes.

Your compensation may be less

When you work at a startup, you're going to make less than you would at a larger company. However, there are other benefits like better posts, equity options, and growth opportunities.

Company's future is uncertain

A startup's future is never too clear. No matter how good your ideas are, or how well you work as a team, there is always a chance that your startup will fail. But if your startup is successful, it could be the most lucrative job of your life.