Your eye will replace your mouse real soon.

And you can do it all with just a blink of an eye.

Does that mean you do not have to move even a muscle, and you’ll be able to game better, work with 3D models, have better augmented reality (AR) experiences, and do more? Well, yes! There’s something everyone missed out on about the Apple Vision Pro Headset.

It tracks your eyes.

It tracks your gaze’s focus. And, working like a mouse, it allows you to tap on something with a blink.

This also means eye-tracking research for marketing will be even bigger in the near future. For sure, Apple would not likely share its data

But, the thing is, eye tracking was a costly affair before gaze-contingent eye tracking came into existence. And for that reason, eye tracking marketing seems likely to take off and beyond headsets.

It can transform the UX industry with new insights.

It seems like this booming eye tracking research and gadgets, becoming accessible to marketers, are privacy invasive.