Bill Michelon: Why A Digital Marketing Strategy Is Crucial For Success

Bill Michelon: Why A Digital Marketing Strategy Is Crucial For Success
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Bill Michelon is an entrepreneur, a mentor, a business consultant, and an industry leader in digital marketing. He has over a decade of experience in guiding businesses in their marketing strategies, helping them increase leads and sales. Bill is known within the industry as an exemplary mentor as he places great emphasis on the sharing of ideas and skills to benefit emerging entrepreneurs. His knowledge and expertise is evident as he analyzes the needs of his clients and makes customized recommendations on how they can build their brand and online presence to increase web traffic, visibility, and sales. Here are his tips on why a digital marketing strategy is crucial for success.

Traditional Media vs. Digital Marketing

Having a thorough digital marketing strategy is crucial for success in virtually all business endeavours in today’s world. What many people struggle to understand, especially the older generations, is the difference between traditional media and digital marketing. The main difference is that traditional media employs different channels for sharing ads like print, TV, and radio, but their message remains the same; this is how marketing and advertising campaigns of the past were run.

Digital marketing in the current digital marketplace involves the cultivation of a much more complex marketing strategy. Digital marketing involves engaging with your target audience on a number of different platforms, and the message, while promoting the same end, is adapted to best suit each individual platform. Platforms include blogs, social media, e-mails, customer reviews, customer management analytics, business reputation management, and search engine optimization (SEO). This is why hiring an expert in digital marketing can be so helpful as the digital marketing platform is complex and multi-faceted.

Understanding your Buyer

When it comes time to dedicate effort, money, and resources to the formation of a strong and targeted digital marketing strategy, the end result of that goal will be a better understanding of your buyer. Understanding all aspects of your buyer from what they want, how they want to get it, and how they decide where to take their business becomes much clearer when filtered through a strong digital marketing campaign. As digital marketing targets numerous platforms from blogging, mobile, social media, e-mail, digital analytics, and customer relationship management (CRM), your buyers’ needs will become crystal clear, as well as how your business can meet them. Artificial Intelligence utilization is also becoming a growing facet of marketing as programs can track customer habits, needs, and patterns, and with this research, businesses can customize their campaigns and strategies to serve their customers better.

Higher Profit Margins

The end-goal of any marketing strategy, digital or otherwise, is to increase profits and return on investment (ROI). With a strong digital marketing strategy in place, businesses enjoy increased leads and sales. Having a stronger presence in the digital marketplace will result in more web traffic, higher rankings by the search engines, better customer reviews, and better reputation and customer management. Having more transparency in your marketing strategy means you are better able to track your traffic, numbers, and customer habits; this allows businesses to more effectively customize their campaigns, resulting in a better ROI.

If you are an emerging business or one attempting to grow and expand, you will be in need of a resource for digital marketing strategy tips and insights. One such resource is Bill Michelon’s blog at On his blog, Michelon includes questions you need to be asking yourself about your marketing platform, as well as tips for successful e-mail marketing campaigns, and current and projected digital marketing trends. Described as a great ‘thought leader’, Michelon prides himself on staying abreast of any and all changes and evolutions within the world of digital marketing and advertising, and his followers benefit from the insights and observations shared on his blog.

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