This Startup Streamlines Global Trade for SMEs – Xindus Trade Networks Stratup Review

When it comes to international trade, small and medium entrepreneurs often find themselves wrestling with tons of logistics, compliance, and financial complications. It’s a complex dance of documents, clearances, and last-mile hurdles that can leave even the most seasoned traders in a tangle. These entrepreneurs are currently managing multiple service providers, each a piece in the vast puzzle of export-import operations.

What if there was a streamlined path, a single platform that could integrate all these fragmented services, making cross-border trade as smooth as silk? That’s the vision Xindus Trade Networks turned into a reality. With the launch of Xindus OS & Xindus Logistics Network, the startup has crafted a digital ecosystem where all logistics-related services converge. The company has raised a total funding of $5.46M over 1 round, with its latest Series A round on Jan 2023. The funding involved 5 investors, led by 3one4 Capital.

This brainchild of a visionary founding team, led by Saurabh Goyal and including the dynamic Saptarshi Dutta, is not just a business—it’s a mission to empower Indian SMEs. By offering competitive rates, paper-free onboarding, and swift turnaround times, Xindus is redefining the export-import landscape. Stay with us as we unpack this journey, drawing from an exclusive interview to uncover how Xindus transformed the possibility into a thriving opportunity.

What is Xindus Trade Networks?

Xindus Trade Networks is simplifying international trade for small and medium entrepreneurs who often struggle with the complexities of logistics and compliance. This digital ecosystem brings together all the necessary services for cross-border trade onto a single platform. Xindus OS & Xindus Logistics Network are the tools at the heart of this innovation, designed to streamline the export-import process for Indian SMEs.

The platform addresses the pain points of managing multiple service providers and the ensuing paperwork, offering a paper-free onboarding experience, competitive rates, and swift turnaround times. With services ranging from e-commerce fulfilment and warehousing to compliance, finance, and last-mile delivery, Xindus stands out by reducing costs and simplifying operations for its users.

The difference is clear: lower fees, a hassle-free registration process, and a commitment to getting things done faster—with a 5 to 7-day turnaround time. This positions Xindus as a facilitator of international trade and a catalyst for SMEs to compete globally.

Xindus Trade Networks Founders

With his entrepreneurial spirit, Saurabh Goyal set the cornerstone for Xindus Trade Networks, not from a plush boardroom but from a vision that saw potential in the chaos of international trade. As the Founder and CEO, his journey is a testament to the transformative power of technology when it intersects with the gritty world of export-import. Alongside him, Jaikaar Singh, Madan Mohan, and Saptarshi Dutta, each a cofounder in their own right, bring a unique blend of expertise and passion to the table.

Their backgrounds are as diverse as they are impressive: Goyal, with his strategic foresight; Singh, with his directorial acumen; Mohan, the technological architect; and Dutta, the executive vice president who doubles as the company’s voice. Together, they form a quartet harmonised by a common goal: to streamline SMEs’ complexities in cross-border trade.

The early days of Xindus were marked by the kind of challenges that either make or break a startup. With a modest amount of initial paid-up capital, the founders embarked on a journey that was as much about innovation as it was about survival. They set their sights on establishing at least one operational base, a launchpad for what would soon become a pan-India presence.

A shared frustration with the status quo sparked the creation of Xindus. The founders recognised the hurdles Indian SMEs faced – the compliance conundrums, the customs conundrums, the myriad documentation, and the elusive last-mile deliveries. They envisioned a single platform that could shoulder these burdens, thus giving birth to Xindus. It was a solution not just built for the market but one that emerged from the heart of the industry’s pain points.

Interview with Saptarshi Dutta, Cofounder & EVP of Xindus Trade Networks

In the dynamic realm of international trade, where each logistical puzzle piece must flawlessly fit into place, I had the privilege of conversing with Saptarshi Dutta, the co-founder & EVP of Xindus Trade Networks. His insights into the startup’s operations and ethos were as enlightening as they were inspiring. Here’s a glimpse into our dialogue:

Q: Could you share with us what Xindus Trade Networks is all about?
: Xindus Trade Networks is a technology startup headquartered in Gurugram, India. We’re dedicated to empowering Indian SMEs engaged in export-import businesses by harnessing the transformative power of technology, talent, collaboration, and community. We aim to offer best-in-class international shipping and logistics solutions on a single digital platform through Xindus OS & Xindus Logistics Network. We provide services, including trade finance, compliance, returns & fulfilment, marketplace expansion, and other EXIM-specific services.

Q: What inspired you to venture into this particular industry?
A: The international market is incredibly competitive, and we believe Indian SMEs should be equipped to stand their ground. However, the complexities of different compliances, custom clearances, documentation, and door-to-door delivery can be daunting. We strive to clear these issues through a single platform, making cross-border logistics seamless and hassle-free.

Q: Could you tell us about the early days of Xindus?
A: Starting in the international shipping business requires substantial capital. We began with an initial paid-up capital, focusing on establishing at least one operational location as quickly as possible. It was a challenging phase, but it laid the groundwork for our subsequent growth.

Q: How does Xindus differentiate itself from competitors?
A: Xindus stands apart in several ways. First, our fees are significantly lower than our competitors’. Second, our registration process is completely paper-free, saving our clients considerable time. Third, we pride ourselves on our swift turnaround time of just 5 to 7 days.

Q: Can you share some details about your recent funding round?
A: Yes, we have received external funding of $5.46M, including five investors, substantially boosting our business. It has also injected new energy into our workplace, strengthening the confidence of our employees.

Q: What are Xindus’s plans for the future?
A: Our immediate focus is expanding our operations to Europe and the Gulf countries. We’re also planning to extend our reach to Australia shortly.

Q: What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?
A: I would advise creating a solid business plan and adhering to it. Don’t expect immediate profitability; give your business the time it needs to flourish.

Through this exchange, Dutta not only shed light on the inner workings of Xindus Trade Networks but also imparted wisdom for those embarking on their own entrepreneurial journeys. It’s clear that Xindus is not just navigating the present but is also charting a course for a promising and expansive future.

Feedough’s Take on Xindus Trade Networks

Xindus Trade Networks is a beacon for SMEs navigating the choppy waters of international trade. Its integrated platform is a testament to the power of simplification and innovation. By offering a one-stop shop for logistics and compliance, Xindus is levelling the playing field, allowing smaller players to compete globally. The swift, paper-free setup and competitive rates are major pluses, eliminating traditional barriers to market entry.

Looking forward, the startup’s expansion plans hint at a larger disruption in the trade ecosystem. The challenge for Xindus will be to maintain its agility and customer-centric approach as it scales. Entrepreneurs can expect a partner who understands their immediate needs and is invested in their long-term success. Xindus’s trajectory is one to watch, as it could redefine SME growth in the international marketplace.