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200+ Free Startup Tips
Free Startup TipsFrom operating on a shoestring budget to handling millions of funding, from working remotely to building a multi[...]
200+ Free Startup Ideas
Free Startup IdeasGetting an idea for your startup is not an easy task. You need to research, brainstorm, and validate[...]
Startup Resources
PinGetting your business idea out of the gates and building a business model upon it requires a lot of effort[...]
What Is A Co-Founder? – Founder vs. Co-Founder
Starting up isn't a piece of cake. Even if a startup founder succeeds in getting an idea that could disrupt[...]
The Importance Of A Startup Business Plan
When starting your business venture a business plan is a vital tool to have on hand. It helps in maintaining[...]
Value Proposition Canvas – How To Fill It? (With Template)
You had an idea for a startup which you really believed would disrupt the market. So, you gathered a team,[...]
WeWork Business Model | How Does WeWork Work?
With Microsoft, Facebook, Salesforce, and even the U.S. Air Force having teams that call WeWork home, they sure have had[...]
How Does Slack Work & Make Money? Slack Business Model
It all began in 2013 when Stewart Butterfield went on to design an online game named Glitch. While working, he[...]
How Does Udemy Work? | Udemy Business Model Explained
In today’s advancing world, having an extra set of skills makes up an interesting resume. But, in most cases, this[...]
How Does Kickstarter Work & Make Money?
The name of the game is “Many hands make light work”. There are a lot of examples which support this[...]
Why Is IKEA So Cheap? | IKEA Business Model
IKEA is known as that Furniture store where you get economical furniture for all your needs. And it reaches your[...]
How GoFundMe Works & Makes Money? | GoFundMe Business Model
Money is a big deal, right? Be it to sustain your education, or to support a non-profit organization, or to[...]
How Does Sweatcoin Work & Make Money?
You might be a fitness buff or just the average joe who looks for new motivations to go out for[...]
How Does Uber Eats Make Money? | Uber Eats Business Model
From shawarma to kebabs and from pizzas to doughnuts, everything that can have you drooling is now available at your[...]
How Does Patreon Work & Make Money? | Patreon Business Model
With the advent of the Internet, crowdfunding has become easier than ever. There are many sites that cater to this[...]
How Does Google Make Money? | Google Business Model
Admit it. You have pondered over this question while casually searching for some cat videos. Then you eventually gave yourself[...]
How Does Google Make Money From Android?
Admit it. We are surrounded by Android phones around us. Although it may seem that Apple has a fair majority[...]
How Does Fortnite Work And Make Money?
The Battle-Royale craze has swept over everyone and we still can’t seem to get enough. Not only are they really[...]
How Does Hulu Work & Make Money? | Hulu Business Model
It was 2007 when Netflix took a pledge of labelling cable TV as old school and bringing a new content[...]
How Does MoviePass Work & Make Money? | MoviePass Business Model
After Netflix, the biggest disruption the entertainment industry has witnessed is a theatrical subscription service brought to the users by[...]
How Does Grammarly Make Money? | Grammarly Business Model
Communication is of great essence for the sustenance of human life in this fast-moving world. It goes without saying what[...]

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