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Writing effective LinkedIn recommendations can be challenging. A quality recommendation highlights someone's strengths and achievements. An AI LinkedIn Recommendation Generator makes it easy to quickly craft personalized recommendations that showcase an individual's talents, providing endorsements that make a difference.

Navigating the world of LinkedIn, you may have noticed how easily praise is given. Yet, when it's your turn to endorse a colleague, the challenge is to be genuine and effective. This is about striking the perfect chord, one that resonates with sincerity and appreciation.

Imagine the power of a well-crafted LinkedIn recommendation. It's not just a pat on the back; it's a tool that can open doors and build careers. Crafting this requires a blend of personal insights and professional highlights that truly represent your colleague's contributions.

You're in luck, because this article is your roadmap to writing impactful LinkedIn recommendations. We'll guide you through creating endorsements that are authentic, engaging, and valuable, using strategies for effective LinkedIn testimonials, crafting compelling narratives for colleagues, and mastering the art of personal branding on professional networks.

What are LinkedIn Recommendations?

LinkedIn recommendations are personalized endorsements that serve as powerful tools for affirming your professional abilities and character to potential employers. When you write a LinkedIn recommendation, you're providing a testimonial for someone you've worked with, whether they were a coworker, employee, or manager. These recommendations appear in the recommendations section of the person's LinkedIn profile and act like online reviews, showcasing real-life professional relationships and experiences.

Imagine you're browsing profiles and stumble upon a profile with glowing recommendations. You're likely to take a second look, right? That's because recruiters and hiring managers often weigh these endorsements when making hiring decisions. They can provide a deeper insight into a candidate's background, strengths, and how they're perceived by their peers.

How do you write a good Recommendation on LinkedIn?

When crafting a LinkedIn recommendation, you'll want to focus on clarity and precision.

Begin by recalling specific instances that showcase the individual's skills and your direct experience working with them.

It's crucial to personalize your message, ensuring it reflects the unique professional relationship and accomplishments you've observed.

Manual Methods for writing a Good LinkedIn Recommendation

You'll want to kick off your recommendation with a strong hook that captures interest immediately.

Be sure to clarify how you know the person, as this sets the stage for the credibility of your endorsement.

Don't forget to pinpoint unique skills and discuss specific achievements that showcase their work ethic and contributions.

Start With a Strong Hook

Imagine the sheer number of recommendations on a LinkedIn profile; to ensure yours stands out, start with an opening line that immediately captures interest and conveys your genuine endorsement. Here's how:

  • Share your pleasure of working with the person.
  • Mention a skill that makes the person really stand out.
  • Reference a project that led to remarkable results.
  • End with a punchy 'highly recommend' to write a stand-out LinkedIn recommendation.

Clarify Your Relationship

Having captured your reader's interest with a standout opening line, it's crucial to clarify the nature of your working relationship with the individual you're endorsing.

Your Position

Their Position


Team Member


Team Member



Project Lead



Direct Report

Specify how you worked together and their position at the time.

Highlight Unique Skills

In crafting a LinkedIn recommendation, pinpointing and elaborating on unique skills that distinguish the individual can greatly enhance their professional appeal.

  • Detail their ability to juggle multiple tasks effectively.
  • Emphasize standout project management skills.
  • Describe effective ways to build rapport or lead teams.
  • Highlight what the person does better than others, shining a light on their unique skills.

Mention Achievements

While pinpointing unique skills is crucial, it's equally important to highlight a person's concrete achievements to show the real-world impact of their talents. When you recommend someone, use a table format to succinctly present the projects you've worked on together, their skills, and notable achievements.


Skills Demonstrated


Project A


Increased team productivity by 20%

Project B


Developed a patent-pending product

Project C


Successfully coordinated a cross-departmental campaign

Project D

Technical Ability

Streamlined data analysis, saving 100 hours annually

Discuss Work Ethic

A strong work ethic often distinguishes the good from the great, and when recommending someone on LinkedIn, it's essential to articulate how their dedication and professionalism have made a tangible difference. Consider these points:

  • Describe specific instances where their work ethic boosted job performance.
  • Highlight how their commitment fosters teamwork.
  • Offer recommendation examples that build trust.
  • Emphasize the consistent quality of their work.

Include Personal Anecdotes

Drawing from personal experiences, share a story that vividly illustrates the individual's skills or character in your LinkedIn recommendation.

When I met Sally, her leadership shone.

I particularly enjoyed a project where her strategic thinking saved the day.

These personal anecdotes offer insight into their personality and demonstrate the value of working together.

It's these relatable tales that truly highlight someone's unique contributions and strengths.

Endorse With Enthusiasm

Endorsing someone with genuine enthusiasm can transform a standard LinkedIn recommendation into a compelling testament to their professional prowess. When you write, consider these steps:

  • Focus your recommendation on specific attributes and achievements.
  • Use LinkedIn recommendation examples for inspiration.
  • Make your stand-out LinkedIn recommendation personal and sincere.
  • Always endorse with enthusiasm, letting your genuine respect shine through.

Keep It Concise

When crafting a LinkedIn recommendation, it's essential to keep your message brief yet powerful, ensuring every word adds value. Here's a quick guide:




Be specific

Use fluff


Highlight impact

Write a novel


Offer feedback

Repeat points





Stick to these principles to make your recommendation resonate.

Using a LinkedIn Recommendation Generator

You might be wondering why you'd use a LinkedIn Recommendation Generator in the first place.

We'll guide you through the simple steps to employ this tool effectively, ensuring your endorsements stand out.

Plus, you'll learn about the benefits of using a generator to craft compelling recommendations quickly.

Why use a LinkedIn Recommendation Generator

Utilizing a LinkedIn Recommendation Generator can streamline the process of crafting a thoughtful endorsement, ensuring you articulate your colleague's strengths effectively and efficiently. Here's why you should consider it:

  • Quickly aligns with LinkedIn skill assessments.
  • Targets specific job postings.
  • Helps write a stand-out LinkedIn recommendation in examples.
  • Showcases expertise in areas like digital marketing.

It's a smart way to enhance your professional networking toolkit!

Steps to use the LinkedIn Recommendation Generator

The recommendation will be customized based on the information you provided in the 5 inputs. You can then copy and paste the generated recommendation.

Here are the steps to use the LinkedIn Recommendation Generator:

  1. Enter the Name of the person you want to recommend
  2. Enter their Job Title
  3. Enter the Company Name
  4. Enter the Role of the person you want to recommend
  5. Enter what you want to include in the Recommendation
  6. Click on "Generate" to get the LinkedIn Recommendation

Benefits of using the LinkedIn Recommendation Generator

After exploring the steps of using a LinkedIn Recommendation Generator, let's focus on how it can enhance the quality of your endorsements.

  • Saves time by quickly drafting personalized recommendations that reflect the time worked together.
  • Provides structure, ensuring all key points like working styles and achievements are covered.
  • Generates phrases that highlight qualities like 'great to work with' and 'ability to connect.'
  • Enhances endorsements with industry-specific language, beneficial for customer service roles.

Tips for writing Good LinkedIn Recommendation

Crafting a LinkedIn recommendation is more than just writing a testimonial; it's about creating a narrative that highlights an individual's unique professional attributes and contributions. These recommendations can significantly impact someone's career prospects, as they offer a personal and professional endorsement visible to a wide network. Here are some key tips to write a meaningful and effective LinkedIn recommendation:

  1. Start With a Personal Touch: Begin your recommendation by mentioning your professional relationship with the person. Specify how you know them and for how long. This personalizes the recommendation and sets the context for the reader.
  2. Highlight Key Strengths: Identify and focus on one or two key strengths or skills of the person. It could be their leadership qualities, technical skills, problem-solving abilities, or team collaboration. Use specific examples or instances where these qualities were evident.
  3. Emphasize Impact: Describe how the person’s contributions positively impacted the team or the project. Mention any specific achievements or outcomes that were a direct result of their efforts. This provides tangible evidence of their capabilities.
  4. Use a Storytelling Approach: Whenever possible, narrate a brief story that illustrates their skills and achievements. Stories are more engaging and memorable, making your recommendation stand out.
  5. Mention Soft Skills: Besides professional skills, highlight their soft skills like communication, work ethic, or adaptability. These are increasingly valued in the professional world and paint a well-rounded picture of the individual.
  6. Keep it Concise and Authentic: While it’s important to be comprehensive, keep your recommendation concise and to the point. Avoid over-exaggeration and ensure that what you write is genuine and credible.
  7. End on a Strong Note: Conclude with a strong statement of recommendation. Express your belief in their abilities and your confidence in recommending them for future opportunities.
  8. Proofread Before Sending: Always review your recommendation for any grammatical or typographical errors. A well-written, error-free recommendation reflects both on you and the individual you’re endorsing.

Remember, a good LinkedIn recommendation is not just beneficial for the person you are recommending; it also enhances your own professional credibility. By providing thoughtful and well-crafted recommendations, you contribute positively to your network and reinforce your own professional relationships.

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