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If you're entrepreneur or are on verge of becoming one, you need to add a new skill to your your 'skills to master' list every day. 

Why, you ask?

Simply because as an entrepreneur you'll not only have to lead a startup, you'll have to - 

  • Handle the finance: Startup finance management is different from a usual business as you may have to work on a shoestring budget. 
  • Manage the team and business partners: A startup usually sees a horizontal workplace. There are no set authorities and responsibilities and everyone does almost everything. A startup course definitely helps you getting things in the right direction.
  • Ideate to keep your venture going: It's not just one idea that makes the startup ship float the storm, it's the constant chain of ideas that support the main idea in reaching the desired goal.
  • Lead the team and align their goals with the startup's: People join a startup for varied reasons. As an entrepreneur, it is important for you to align their goals with the goals of the startup.
  • Market your offering as well as yourself: Building a story around the brand, offering, and yourself is important to market the offering and increase its sales.
  • Play a lead role in product development: You lead the product development department in your organisation. It requires a 360 degree knowledge of everything related to the product.
  • Communicate more effectively and efficiently: Communication is a key aspect of marketing. A startup course focusing on how to use different communication channels effectively and efficiently helps you in ace in them.
  • Sell more: Selling is an art that can be mastered with the sound knowledge of customer behaviour.
  • Handle the digital assets of your business: A sound knowledge of how to handle digital assets like websites, IP, ads, etc. is important for any entrepreneur.

So, here's a monthly updating list of the best startup courses curated especially keeping in mind the special needs and wants of an entrepreneur.

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