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What’s Your Company Worth? | Business Valuation Methods

By Nitya Shukla / March 3, 2018

Effortlessly put, business valuation entails a process and a set of steps to determine what business values up to. While this may seem simple, getting your enterprise valued the right way turns out to be difficult than expected. Business valuation results depend on your assumptions. For what’s worth, there isn’t a particular prescribed manner how […]

Can You Patent Your Business Idea?

By Aashish Pahwa / February 20, 2018

Getting a great business idea is difficult, but protecting it from being copied is a bigger challenge. But can you patent your business idea to protect it? A patent is a right granted to an inventor by the federal government to have exclusive rights to use or license his invention for a limited time. Being […]

What Is A Unicorn Startup Company?

By Aashish Pahwa / February 19, 2018

We always talk about unicorns like Uber, Airbnb, Snap, Didi, Pinterest etc, but little do we discuss what unicorn actually means. Why are some startups given such a title? Is this title given only to the startups belonging to a specific niche? What is a decacorn? Here’s an answer to all of your FAQs about […]

What Is Disruptive Innovation?

By Nitya Shukla / February 17, 2018

Uber. A company that turned the industry upside down with the model that they had to offer. The taxi industry was never the same again. You see the disruption to tradition here? What Is Disruptive Innovation? Disruptive innovation refers to a process wherein a product or service arrives into an existing spectrum, initially in simple […]

What Is M-Commerce? | The Rise Of Mobile Commerce

By Aashish Pahwa / February 7, 2018

50% of the users visit Feedough on their smartphones, 47.37% on desktop, and the rest 2.63% on tablets. But our mobile users are still less when compared to the global average. Mobile has replaced desktop to become the primary digital touch point and now represents over 65% of the digital media time. According to Google, […]

Elevator Pitch: What Is It And How To Craft One?

By Aashish Pahwa / January 25, 2018

Suppose you’re in an elevator and suddenly bump into your old friend or an old client. How will you explain about your new company or answer that awkward ‘What do you do now?’ question in less than 30 seconds so as to not to lose his/her interest and capitalize on the conversation for your company’s […]

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) vs. Initial Public Offering (IPO)

By Aashish Pahwa / January 31, 2018

Throughout the short history of cryptocurrency, we’ve been introduced to numerous new processes and terms like decentralization, coins, tokens, altcoins, etc. One such process brought to life by the cryptocurrency revolution is the Initial Coin offering or the ICO. An ICO is a crowdfunding strategy for startups dealing with decentralized products and services and operating […]

MVP vs. Beta: What’s The Difference?

By Aashish Pahwa / March 26, 2018

Pre-releases of a product are important for varied reasons. However, each release has its own objective and is given a different name according to the motive and the release-lifecycle stage. You and most other entrepreneurs, journalists, and business enthusiasts must have clicked on this post title because of your common confusion between two of such pre-release […]

All You Need To Know About Business Incubators

By Rameez M Sydeek / December 22, 2017

Entrepreneurs come across different obstacles while starting their dream business. These obstacles could be lack of investments, experience, office spaces etc.  At this junction enters the company who help entrepreneurs build their businesses. These companies are called Business Incubators. What Are Business Incubators? The National Business Incubation Association (NBIA) defines the meaning of business incubators […]

The Complete Guide To Vision Statement

By Rameez M Sydeek / December 19, 2017

The success of a business lies within its business model but the heart of that success lies in the vision statement. No business is able to achieve success without it. Having a vision statement lets the business stand out among the rest of companies in the same line of business. A vision statement is quite […]

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