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Exit Strategy: Everything You Need To Know

By Aashish Pahwa / October 16, 2017

Just like you, every stakeholder in your business expects a greater return from their investment. Everyone is looking to reap certain benefits when they plan to move out from the business or after a certain time period. An exit strategy is how you see your business after you are no more a part of it. It makes clear […]


Lean Canvas: Everything You Should Know

By Rameez M Sydeek / October 9, 2017

Entrepreneurs spend most of their time in designing and drafting a well-researched and a thorough business plan which isn’t necessary at the ideation stage or the introduction stage of their product. One of the major drawbacks of developing a business plan is that it is hardly read (twice) by anyone which leaves the scope of […]


Startup or Start-up: Which is correct?

By Aashish Pahwa / October 8, 2017

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur drafting your groundbreaking business model. Maybe you’re a journalist searching for your next big story. A blogger, writing your next perfect article. Or a student, writing your next dissertation on the startup ecosystem. Whatever the case, you must have always felt the dilemma of whether to spell it as startup or […]


What Exactly Is A Startup Anyway?

By Aashish Pahwa / October 5, 2017

Skepticism finds no substance when we say that startups are the ones stealing the limelight in the twenty-first century. We are surrounded by startups and if you follow the news, you must have formed an image of a startup as a group of guys who started an incredibly innovative business in their garage with some groundbreaking […]


10 Reasons Why Startups Fail

By Sourobh Das / October 3, 2017

Post-mortems are never nice but sometimes it becomes imperative to witness them to learn from others’ mistakes and avoid them in your own journey. When you have invested so much time and effort in your company, right from ideation to customer validation to scouting for funds, you would want to make sure that your efforts […]


Top 10 Simple & Profitable Startup Ideas in 2017

By Sourobh Das / October 5, 2017

If you are tired of working for others and want to be your own boss, there is good news. Start-ups are in vogue now more than ever. We have got you covered with everything you might want to know about starting your own business. But not all start-ups will or can succeed. There are some […]