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Why do Brands Fail? Reasons for Brand Failure.

By Aashish Pahwa / November 29, 2016

The process of branding was developed to act as a guard for businesses against failures. Branding enforces ownership and differentiation. It all started since 1500s when unique marks were used to specify ownership of the cattle. Different marks were used by different people to differentiate their cattle from others. The definition of brand has broadened quite a bit […]


Why Brand Name Matters? Hacks to choose a good brand name.

By Aashish Pahwa / November 26, 2016

“What’s in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.” This statement, according to many marketers, holds true for brand name as well. But is it so? Which of these two brand names will gain more traction? “A gravitationally completely collapsed object” or “A black hole” ? Marketing […]


What is Brand Voice? Guidelines to Create the Right Brand Voice

By Aashish Pahwa / November 4, 2016

Just like in human beings, Brand Voice is the unique way a brand communicates to everyone it interacts with. But Britannia’s ting ting ti ding, Nokia’s basic ringtone or any other sound effect, audio jingle, etc. doesn’t count as Company’s brand voice. What is Brand Voice? Brand voice is the uniformity in selection of words, the […]


What is Brand Image? Explanation and Examples

By Aashish Pahwa / September 24, 2017

Brand Image is how customers think of a brand. It can be defined as the perception of the brand in the minds of the customers. Brand image develops over time. The customers form an image based on their interaction and experience with the brand. These interactions take place in many forms which not necessarily involve purchase or use or products […]


Positioning: Characteristics, Types, Examples & Ideas

By Aashish Pahwa / October 14, 2017

Positioning is the space your brand occupies in the brains of your customers. It makes customers view your product in a unique way and makes it stand out from the competition. It is the reason why the customers buy your product. Brand positioning is an act of designing the company’s offering and image to occupy […]


What is Brand Personality? Definition & Examples

By Aashish Pahwa / August 11, 2017

To make it straight, Brand Personality is how a brand behaves. That is, how a brand express itself. Personality leads to building up of the brand image. Users form an image of a brand by assigning adjectives based on how a brand express itself to them. Brand Personality Just like humans, a brand has a […]


What is a Brand? Meaning of Brand and Brand Concepts.

By Aashish Pahwa / October 12, 2017

Brand is a product, service, person, company, or a concept which has characteristics to be differentiated from others in the market. Brand is what makes the product identifiable and differentiable. Branding isn’t new. We’ve been branding people since the start. They had a face (identity), were given names, people around them had an image of […]


Ten tips to build a brand

By Aashish Pahwa / August 29, 2016

Competition is everywhere and it’s tough. Effective management of the brand and the product is the utmost requirement to beat up the competition and to stand out. Everyone knows the successful brands. But little do they know how hard it is to be one. A good branding strategy is as necessary as a good product […]


Tips for Successful Branding

By Aashish Pahwa / August 29, 2016

Branding is just like that special sauce of the famous burger you love to eat. It is important for the burger,  but just the sauce without the burger won’t do the job. As it rightly said, “Good branding is at the heart of any good business”. It is the emotion that customers and potential customers […]