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The 10 Types Of Pricing strategies

By Aashish Pahwa / May 17, 2018

If choosing the right pricing strategy for your business seems like a completely daunting task, we’re here to assure you that you’re not alone. But this choice doesn’t require a leap of faith. Conduct your research, plan a positioning strategy, release an MVP and a beta, ask your prospective customers about the price they’re willing to […]

Cross-Selling – Definition, Importance, Examples, & Strategies

By Aashish Pahwa / May 8, 2018

For the last 63 years, Mcdonald’s staff’s “Would you like fries with that?” has been adding millions to the company’s revenue every year. Even though it’s a traditional technique of recommending related or complementary products to what is being bought already, the importance of cross-selling has only increased with the passage of time. What Is Cross-Selling? […]

What Is Upselling? How To Use It For Better Conversions?

By Aashish Pahwa / May 8, 2018

Although it is true that there are as many sales strategies in the world as there are salesmen; you still won’t disagree with me if I say upselling is among the most important strategies to increase the customer lifetime value and build a good relationship with them. “Medium or large?” “Would You like an extra shot?” […]

What Is Advertising? Advertising Objectives, Examples, & Importance

By Aashish Pahwa / April 12, 2018

A 30 second spot, a catchy jingle, and a clever slogan. But there’s more to advertising. An average human is exposed to around 5000 advertising messages in a day. Advertisements come many shapes, sizes, and forms. But what exactly is advertising? Why is advertising important? What are its advantages and disadvantages? Fret not! Here’s a […]

Wireframing 101: A Guide for Beginners

By Sourobh Das / April 2, 2018

Wireframing is one of the essential skills for Product Managers and UX Designers. Wireframing or the art of creating wireframes is something anyone who is remotely related to user interfaces needs to know, understand and preferably create. What Are Wireframes? Technically, wireframes are low fidelity representations of a computer or mobile interface. These are mainly […]

What Is Public Relations? PR Functions, Types, & Examples

By Aashish Pahwa / March 28, 2018

Public image makes up 63% of the value of most companies today. When there’s a mishap or when the company’s reputation breaks down, it affects company’s entire corporate existence and its affiliates. It takes around 4 to 7 years to overcome a negative reputation. Hence it has become important for a company to invest in […]

Fear Of Missing Out | Your Guide To FoMO Marketing Strategies

By Aashish Pahwa / March 22, 2018

Did you check your phone before you started reading this article? Did you browse through your social media feed? Did you enquire about the score? Did you visit the new café everyone was talking about? Did you try the new camera app which makes your face look like a dog’s? Do you know about the […]

The 30 Most Essential Tools for Product Managers

By Sourobh Das / March 14, 2018

Product Managers have to take care of a lot of things. After all, taking a product from idea to reality is no small task. All this becomes possible only when you have great tools at your disposal to facilitate your work. Nowadays, Product Managers can look beyond spreadsheets and presentations for their work because of […]

What Is Buzz Marketing? | Buzz Marketing Strategies & Examples

By Aashish Pahwa / March 11, 2018

“Did you hear about Bitcoin? It’s an insane investment! I invested $100 and earned more than $1000. Can you believe that?” Welcome to the era where every marketer aims at creating a buzz around his product. Why? An average human witnesses around 5000 marketing messages every day out of which very few marketers get to […]

6 Basic UX Design Skills Every Product Manager Should Have

By Sourobh Das / March 7, 2018

A good user experience is a must for the success of a product. That is why UX has become so important nowadays. But do Product Managers need to be masters of UX design? Product Managers have to interact a lot with designers in their day-to-day job. Designers tend to think about the user experience and […]

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