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    The Complete Guide To Vision Statement

    By Rameez M Sydeek / December 17, 2017

    The success of a business lies within its business model but the heart of that success lies in the vision statement. No business is able to achieve success without it. Having a vision statement lets the business stand out among the rest of companies in the same line of business. A vision statement is quite […]


    What Is Micromanagement? Who Is A Micromanager?

    By Aashish Pahwa / December 17, 2017

    Directing the efforts of the team towards a definite purpose or a goal involves the use of many managerial styles and strategies. These styles involve setting up a vision, mentoring, directing or setting high goals by being an expert. One such managerial style is the micromanagement style where the manager micromanages every aspect of his […]


    MoSCoW Method Explained

    By Rameez M Sydeek / December 5, 2017

    Businesses which considers customers’ requirements and priorities when they manufacture and deliver their products fare better than the ones which don’t. Businesses which understands and prioritizes these priorities according to their importance and order of execution fare even better. When the businesses have listed the priorities and requirements, the next step is to list them […]


    6 Management Styles And Where They Suit Most

    By Aashish Pahwa / December 10, 2017

    Management is what directs the efforts of the group towards a definite purpose. It is an integral part of every organization irrespective of its niche as management is what leads to the fulfillment of the goals effectively and efficiently. “Management is an art of getting things done through and with the people in formally organized […]


    What Is Sonic Branding? The Psychology Of Sonic Branding

    By Aashish Pahwa / December 6, 2017

    Can you sing this for me? “ba da ba ba ba, I’m lovin’ it”  What? Does it sound like… McDonald’s? ‘I’m lovin’ it’ is not only the longest-running slogan of any brand but a perfect example of an excellent use of sonic branding. What is Sonic Branding? Sonic branding (also called audio branding, sound branding, or […]


    What Is A Prototype? Prototype Examples, Types, & Qualities

    By Aashish Pahwa / November 27, 2017

    How can you know if your product is viable for mass production? How can your investors get an essence of your product before the actual product is developed? A prototype isn’t just a part of the product design, it is one of the most integral parts without which future steps of the startup process are […]


    What Is A Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

    By Aashish Pahwa / November 20, 2017

    A product hypothesis is based on innumerable assumptions of the target group’s demands and usage. However, launching a product just on the basis of assumptions isn’t the rightful thing to do. This is where the role of an MVP becomes prominent. What is A Minimum Viable Product (MVP)? A minimum viable product (MVP) is the […]


    Your Complete Guide To Crowdsourcing

    By Sourobh Das / November 8, 2017

    I am sure everyone must have told you how important cash-flow is for any company. You yourself would know that cash-flow is more difficult to manage in the initial days of a company when profits are marginal and customers don’t even know you exist. That is when external funding comes into the picture. And irrespective […]


    What Is Brand Identity? Why Is It Important?

    By Aashish Pahwa / November 1, 2017

    Brand identity is the company’s side of the story. It’s how the company feels that it should be perceived by the consumers. An identity is created as a result of various branding activities like name, logo, voice, shapes, colors, etc. What is Brand Identity? Brand identity is how a brand portrays itself to the customers. […]


    10 Characteristics of a Great Entrepreneur

    By Sourobh Das / October 30, 2017

    Entrepreneurs are believed to be a courageous lot. It is not easy to give up the comfort of a steady income and take the plunge. But their passion and vision take them forward. Still, so many startups fail in spite of doing most of the things right. So many startups struggle for years on end […]

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