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Do you know what's even better than a super-intelligent text-to-image model that creates realistic images? A free tool that generates prompts for Midjourney so you don't have to sweat it out!

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Prompting isn't easy. It's an art. And this art can now create more art (literally) using just a few words. Midjourney is one such text-to-image generator to help you generate images right from your words. But generating images isn't as easy as it sounds. You'll need ideas and inspiration to come up with the right combination of words that can create something beautiful.

You'll have to tell this image generator -

What sort of image you want to generate?

What attributes should it have?

...and this requires more than just a spark of idea.

Luckily, Midjourney comes with some pre-built attributes to get you started. From landscapes to abstract art, and everything in between, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. But learning them all takes time and effort.

But here's a shortcut: the Midjourney Prompt Generator that we've trained to help you generate professional-looking images using simple English words.

It's simple prompt engineering. But for those new to this niche, here's a guide.

What Is A Text-To-Image Model?

A text to image model is a machine learning powered generative AI model that takes an input in natural language and generates an image that corresponds to the text description.

Such models are trained using a large dataset of aligned text-image pairs. By creating more and more such pairs, the model learns to map linguistic descriptions with their corresponding visual representations accurately.

How Does A Prompt Generator Work?

The Midjourney prompt generator works on a reverse engineering methodology. In simple terms, it understands the natural language description provided by you and creates a set of keywords that Midjourney can use to create the desired image.

It does this by breaking down the natural language phrase into individual words and using that as an input for its machine learning algorithms.

The output of the model is then used to generate keywords that Midjourney matches with existing images in its extensive library. For example, your "vertical image" prompt is converted into "--ar 2:3", which is an attribute Midjourney understands and uses to create the desired image.

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