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Published on: October 5, 2023

About Hypotenuse AI

The AI revolution is in full swing, with new tools constantly emerging in the market. One such tool is Hypotenuse AI, an innovative solution for automating copywriting. Joshua Wong, the founder of Hypotenuse AI, came up with the idea after experiencing the frustrations of writing effective copy while helping a friend set up a website selling vegan soap.

Wong explains, "It took forever to write compelling copy. We were extremely frustrated with the process when all we wanted to do was sell products. But we knew the importance of copy in conversions and SEO, so we couldn't abandon it.”

Hypotenuse AI sells itself as this AI Content Generator that is designed to streamline your writing and image generation process, from content ideation to co-creating entire campaigns, with just a click of a button. But, as with any new tool, the question arises: does Hypotenuse AI deliver what it promises? That's what we'll find out in this article.

If you're considering adding Hypotenuse AI to your content creation toolkit, you may be wondering if it's a good fit for you, how its features compare to other options in the market, and if its pricing is reasonable for the value it provides. In this Hypotenuse AI review, we'll delve into these aspects to help you decide if it's the right tool for your needs.

Hypotenuse AI Key Features

  • Offers 25+ tools and templates
  • Supports 25+ languages
  • Batch generates SEO-friendly product descriptions
  • In-built plagiarism checker
  • Provided product catalogues
  • Hypo Art that converts prompts to digital art
  • Features an entire workflow for blog writing

Who Is It For?

  • Marketing Agencies
  • Ecommerce Business Owners
  • Copywriters
  • Copywriters
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Content Creators


  • Simple and straightforward UI, intuitive to use
  • Understands content and generates high-quality content
  • Maintains a consistent tone and style throughout the content it generates
  • Efficient for creating copies in bulk


  • Limited amount of credits in free trial
  • Limited templates

Overall Rating

All in all, when it comes to the Hypotenuse AI review it is a great AI-powered content generation tool that’s definitely worth checking out. The ease of use is top-notch, with a simple and straightforward UI that doesn’t require any learning curve. The support team is quick and responsive. As for features, while Hypotenuse AI has some great templates, I feel introducing more templates can add more value. The output quality is good overall, but there's still some room for improvement. A little bit of manual editing is needed to fine-tune the content, but nothing too major.

Hypotenuse AI Logo

Ease Of Use

Simple and straightforward UI, no learning curve needed.


Limited templates available. Can introduce more.

Output Quality

The content quality is surprisingly good. Really better than the competition out there.


A budget-friendly solution. 


The support team is prompt with its responses.

Detailed Hypotenuse AI Review

What Is Hypotenuse AI?

Hypotenuse AI uses advanced AI algorithms to help with all your content writing needs. It can generate unique and well-researched articles from scratch, create SEO-friendly product descriptions, catchy captions for Instagram, effective ads for Google and Facebook, powerful captions for LinkedIn, and attention-grabbing headlines and slogans.

A few of its standout features are the Content Detective, which helps you research factual content for your articles, Hypo Chat which allows you to chat with the AI to generate custom content, and Hypo Art, which can create stunning images.

Not to mention, it has a Rewrite, Summarize, and Brainstorming feature that helps you repurpose and enhance your content. The platform also offers an API for businesses to generate descriptions at scale, making it a valuable tool for streamlining writing and image generation processes.

And the best part? Hypotenuse AI's prime AI model, GPT-4, is available on HypoChat, and subscribers get priority access to it, although there is a generation limit.

Hypotenuse AI Key Features

let's take a closer look at some of Hypotenuse AI key features:

  • Offers 25+ Tools and Templates: From headline generators to social media caption templates, Hypotenuse AI provides a wide range of tools and templates to suit various content needs.
  • Supports 25+ Languages: Hypotenuse AI lets you write in multiple languages and choose from different tones, so you’re able to produce content that sounds just like you’ve written it by yourself.
  • AI Article and Blog Writer: The AI-powered blog writer features a step-by-step blog writing workflow which helps streamline the article production. You’ll start by creating a title, followed by building a thorough outline, and finally, work your way to a full article.
  • Content Detective: Content Detective will cut short your research time by HOURS. How? Well, for starters, this tool does the research for YOU by surfing the internet in real time. Once the research is done, the toll will provide you with talking points, key insights and sources so you instantly create your first working draft based on that information.
  • Hypo Chat: HypoChat is specifically designed to create business copy and fact-backed content from a source, be it a link, document or the internet, and provide you with a clean editor to further iterate on your content.
  • Hypo Art: Trained by millions of images on the web and guided by professional artists and graphic designers, Hypo Art is Hypotenuse AI’s version of a text-to-image generator. You can easily create compelling and highly personalised images from scratch simply by describing what you want. 
  • Bulk Description Generator: From product descriptions to Instagram captions, the bulk content generator lets you easily create high-quality, SEO-optimised batch content quickly and easily, all in one place. Simply import the inputs directly on Hypotenuse AI via CSV or Shopify.

Who Can Benefit From Hypotenuse AI?

Various user groups can benefit from Hypotenuse AI, so in this Hypotenuse AI review, let's examine who can take advantage of this versatile tool.

  1. Marketing Agencies: You want to write compelling and engaging content for clients, be it social media posts, blog articles, website content, and other marketing materials.
  2. E-commerce Business Owners: You want help in creating relevant and persuasive product descriptions, blog posts, and other content for your online stores.
  3. Copywriters:  You want help in coming up with fresh ideas, refining your writing, and overcoming writer's block.
  4. Bloggers:  You want to write well-structured, SEO-friendly blog posts that resonate with readers and drive traffic to your blogs.
  5. Entrepreneurs: You need to create content for your websites, social media, marketing materials, and other business communications, which reflects your offering effectively and helps you build a good online presence.

Hypotenuse AI Pros

Hypotenuse AI has some pretty impressive capabilities that set it apart from its competitors. And those are:

  • Simple and straightforward UI, intuitive to use: Hypotenuse AI's user interface is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for users to navigate. The platform's intuitive design ensures that even users with limited technical expertise can quickly understand how to use the tool effectively.
  • Understands context and generates high-quality content: Hypotenuse AI has a sophisticated language model that can comprehend the context and generate high-quality content that is relevant and coherent. The generated content is often on par with human-written content, making it a valuable tool for various content creation tasks such as writing blog posts, social media content, and more.
  • Maintains a consistent tone and style of writing: Hypotenuse AI maintains a consistent tone and style throughout the content it generates. This is particularly useful for businesses and brands that require a consistent brand voice across their marketing materials. It ensures that the generated content aligns with the established tone and style guidelines, maintaining brand consistency.
  • Efficient for creating copies in bulk: Hypotenuse AI is well-suited for generating content in bulk. Businesses and content creators can save time and effort by using Hypotenuse AI to generate multiple copies of similar content, such as product descriptions or social media posts, quickly and efficiently.

Hypotenuse AI Cons

While Hypotenuse AI offers many impressive features to support content creation, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider:

  • Limited amount of credits in free trial: Hypotenuse AI offers a free trial with a limited number of credits. This can limit users' ability to fully explore and utilise the platform's features and functionalities without upgrading to a paid plan.
  • Limited templates: Hypotenuse AI may have limited templates or content frameworks available for generating specific types of content. This can restrict the variety of content that can be generated, particularly for niche industries or specific content requirements. You may need to create your own templates or work within the existing limitations of the available templates.

Hypotenuse AI Case Study 

I know, just posting pros and cons in this Hypotenuse AI review is kind of boring. So, I’ll try to step up this Hypotenuse AI review by providing this hands-on case study.

 In fact, you can even try it for yourself by signing up for the free plan.

Hypotenuse AI Website

The Dashboard

Hypotenuse AI Dashboard

Upon logging in, this is what the dashboard looks like. The UI looks pretty clean and straightforward, pretty intuitive to use. There are four main sections:

  • Templates: A curated list of expert-written templates for various content types such as blog posts, email copies, etc.
  • Documents: This is where you write your long-form content like blog posts, articles, etc.
  • Product Descriptions: This is where you can create high-quality product descriptions. To get started, simply upload your product images, add features and attributes related to your product, and the AI will create SEO-optimised product descriptions for you instantly.
  • Bulk Generation: Here, you can create Bulk workflows to produce SEO-optimised batch content in a fraction of the time. Simply import inputs into the platform through CSV or Shopify. Once you're done, you can download your products and the generated descriptions using the "Export Products" function. One thing to note is that you can only bulk generate the following content types:
Hypotenuse AI Content Types

Using Templates

Hypotenuse AI Using Templates

Hypotenuse AI has made it really easy to find and get started with pre-made templates. You get 18 templates in the template library, which is a seriously underwhelming amount compared to the number of templates other AI tools, like Jasper and Writesonic, are currently offering.

That being said, here’s a list of all the templates that you can use:

  • Ask AI Anything
  • Rewrite Content
  • Summarise Content
  • Marketing Angels
  • Simplify Language
  • Instagram Captions
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • LinkedIn Posts
  • YouTube Title and Descriptions
  • Video Hook and Introduction
  • Website Headlines and Slogans
  • Landing Page Content
  • Meta Titles and Description
  • Category Page Descriptions
  • Bio Writer
  • Email Copy
  • Press Releases

AI Blog Writer

Would you believe if I say 100% of this blog post is written by Hypotenuse AI?

Yes, you read that right.

I used Hypotenuse AI’s blog writer to create this entire blog post in a matter of seconds.

Here’s the entire workflow of this blog:

First, I described the topic of my blog post. The tool also made me enter the primary that I wanted to target. I also chose the tone of the article.

Hypotenuse AI AI Blog Writer

Once I was done with providing initial information, Hypotenuse AI generated the following titles for me to choose from:

Hypotenuse AI generated titles

After choosing the title, the AI came up with the following outline:

Hypotenuse AI outline

I liked the outline and didn’t feel any need to change it. So I went ahead with it and the AI writer instantly wrote the blog post for me.

Honestly, I am thoroughly impressed by the results. The article looks well-researched and engaging to read. Not a single section feels rushed or poorly written. Given how well the AI could write an article with just a short description, I bet if we give it a more detailed prompt and do some thorough research, the results will be even more impressive.

Hypo Chat

Hypotenuse AI Hypo Chat

This is essentially Hypotenuse AI’s version of ChatGPT. The platform markets this as an AI chatbot primarily focusing on crafting business content. However, in my experience, you can use it to generate any type of content. Since it uses GPT-4 technology, you can essentially search the internet in real-time to write or rewrite content for any platform, explain concepts, summarise content and more. You can also add a URL link to extract valuable insights from an article, case study, blog post etc. and instruct the AI to produce content based on it. Once you are satisfied with the generated content, you can copy-paste it into the editor on the left side for any potential iterations.

Hypo AI - Text To Image Generator

This feature is what truly stole the show for me. I had the most fun playing around with it. I think this text-to-image generator does a fantastic job producing what it’s asked of. These images took me somewhere around 30-50 seconds to create. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Hypotenuse AI Hypo AI - Text To Image Generator

What Sets Hypotenuse AI Apart?

With Hypotenuse AI, you're not just getting a writing tool but a true partner and collaborator in crafting high-quality posts, product descriptions, and ads. What sets Hypotenuse AI apart from its competitors is its commitment to helping you refine your content to leave an impact.

But that’s not all - one standout feature is that you can seamlessly import and export ecommerce products in and out of the platform to generate engaging and compelling descriptions. This feature streamlines the process and saves time, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Another impressive feature is the built-in image generator. With just a simple description, Hypotenuse AI can generate stunning images that perfectly complement your content.

Hypotenuse AI Pricing

Hypotenuse AI Pricing
  • STARTER PLAN – Offers 25k words for 24$ with these features – credits roll over from month to month, article writing workflow, 200 watermark-free AI images (50 generations), bulk product descriptions, standard support, 1 user seat.
  • GROWTH PLAN – Offers 87.5k words 49$ with the following features – credits roll over from month to month, access to everything included in the Starter plan, Unlimited watermark-free AI images, 25 plagiarism checks on articles, priority email and chat support, 1 user seat.

If you're a solo entrepreneur, a freelancer or a personal blogger that’s just starting, then the Starter plan will likely be the best choice for you.


The Growth plan best suits companies with developed marketing channels, freelancers with an extensive SEO portfolio, in-house copywriters, and agencies.

Hypotenuse AI Review - Our Verdict

All in all, Hypotenuse AI is a great AI-powered content generation tool that’s definitely worth checking out. The ease of use is top-notch, with a simple and straightforward UI that doesn’t require any learning curve. The support team is quick and responsive. As for features, while Hypotenuse AI has some great templates, I feel introducing more templates can add more value. The output quality is great overall, but there's still some room for improvement. A little bit of manual editing is needed to fine-tune the content, but nothing too major.

Hypotenuse AI Logo

Hypotenuse AI FAQs

We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions about Hypotenuse AI to help you learn more about this platform.

Is Hypotenuse AI free?

No, Hypotenuse AI is not free. However, it offers a 7 day free trial. All you have to do is use this link to register.

What languages does Hypotenuse AI support?

Hypotenuse currently supports 22 languages from all over the world. These are:

  1. English (UK and US)
  2. Bulgarian
  3. Chinese
  4. Danish
  5. Dutch
  6. Estonian
  7. French
  8. German
  9. Greek
  10. Hungarian
  11. Italian
  12. Japanese
  13. Lithuanian
  14. Norwegian
  15. Polish
  16. Portuguese
  17. Romanian
  18. Russian
  19. Slovak
  20. Slovenian
  21. Spanish
  22. Swedish

Is Hypotenuse AI's paraphrasing tool free?

Yes, the paraphrasing tool is free to use up to 15 times. Afterwards, you need to subscribe to a plan to continue using the tool.

What does Hypotenuse AI do?

Hypotenuse AI is an AI-powered content generator that helps in creating compelling, well-reasearched content at scale, including art and images, article writing, product descriptions, advertising copies and more.

Does Hypotenuse AI provides its own API?

Yes, Hypotenuse AI offers “Product Description Generator API” for businesses to easily batch- create content for e-commerce Product Detail Pages (PDP).


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