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The 8 Best Communication Skills Courses On The Internet

communication skills courses

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The world dwells on information exchange. Hence, the ability to communicate effectively is the most important life skill today. It is not only essential in the professional sphere but it also helps in social gathering and in family life.

To communicate well is to understand and be understood, and it’s not an easy skill to master. But you can always start with a course.

Here’s a tightly curated list of the 8 best communication skills courses on the internet to help you improve your verbal, visual, non-verbal, and written communication skills.

The Rundown

  1. For Overall Development: The Complete Communication Skills Master Class for Life, ‘A detailed course to help learners hone their personal and business communication skills, presentation skills, leadership skills, and other related communication skills.’
  2. For the Team Players: Teamwork Skills: Communicating Effectively in Groups, ‘A perfect course for the team players who want to communicate effectively and maintain a good working environment in teams.’
  3. To Help Improve Listening Skills: Effective Listening, ‘Listening is an essential communication skill. This is a detailed course focusing on how one can assess his listening skills and understand the challenges to effective listening. It also provides with proven strategies and tactics to become an effective listener.’
  4. To Learn the Art of Storytelling: Storytelling and influencing: Communicate with impact, ‘ A comprehensive course with loads of structured learning activities to help anyone learn the art of storytelling and communicating with impact.’
  5. To Ace Written Communication and Presentation Skills: Effective Communication: Writing, Design, and Presentation Specialization, ‘Effective writing and presenting are essential communication skills in the professional sphere. This course focuses on teaching business writing, graphic design, and presentation delivery to hone written, visual, and verbal business presentation skills.’
  6. To Understand Social Psychology: Social Psychology, ‘Understanding why people do the things they do is a great way to hone communication skills. This course focuses on understanding social psychology to communicate better and influence the other person.’
  7. To Learn the Art of Persuasion: Persuasion Masterclass: How To Powerfully Influence Anyone, ‘A perfect course focusing on the art of persuasion without manipulation.'
  8. To Help Tackle Difficult People: Tactics for tackling difficult people in life and work, ‘ A course-cum-guide to help identify the types of difficult behaviour, develop an effective communication stance, and handle difficult situations without much hassle.’

Recommended Communication Skills Courses

communication skills course

A well-drafted online course for anyone who wants to improve his communication skills. The course has over 29 hours of on-demand videos and is full of in-depth training techniques to help you hone your communication skills, presentation skills, and persuasion skills.

The instructor, TJ Walker, is known for providing live, in-person communication skills training to Presidents, Prime Ministers, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Senators, Nobel Peace Prize Winners and Professional Athletes.

Even though the course is pretty lengthy, it does provide you with proven techniques to communicate effectively, lead better, speak publicly, and present better. 

team communication skills

A specialized course by University of Colorado Boulder, developed to help team leaders and team members communicate better within and outside the team.

The course includes modules to help you understand group communication, decision making process, socialization, and conflict prevention and settlement within the team.

Listening skills

To Help Improve Listening Skills:

Effective listening is the backbone of effective information exchange. Even if you have good oratory skills, messages are often misunderstood if you're not a good listener. 

This is a small interactive course which helps you use your listening skills to improve the communication process. It has the following objectives - 

  • Helps you develop the habit of attentive listening
  • Makes you explore what happens when you are distracted by delivery.
  • Helps you choose the best paraphrasing responses for different situations
  • Lists the five listening intentions
storytelling skills

Storytelling is among the most important traditions a human possess. This art makes, when mixed with effective oratory skills, makes the information exchange more memorable and effective.

This specialized course by Macquarie University focuses on the following aspects of storytelling - 

  • The art of persuasion
  • Developing a dramatic narrative
  • Developing authenticity by connecting with people
  • Creating impressions and guiding influential conversations
written communication persentation skills

To Ace Written Communication and Presentation Skills:

Written communication and presentation skills are essential in almost every job. This is a specialized, brilliantly-drafted 4-courses specialization to help you write well-organized, clear business documents; design good looking presentation slides, reports, and posters; and present them with confidence.

This specialization includes the following courses - 

  • Business Writing: The principles and tools to help you improve your business writing.
  • Graphic Design: Techniques and tricks to help you make your work look fresh and inspired.
  • Successful Presentation: Pragmatic examples and exercises to make you present more confidently and effectively.
  • Effective Communication Capstone: Application of above business writing, graphic design, and presentation skills to create your portfolio of work that represents your personal brand.

social psychology

To Understand Social Psychology:

A great course for those who believe that gaining knowledge about the psychology behind human behaviour will help them communicate better. This course includes videos and reading materials worth over $1,000 and stretches for 7 weeks.

Throughout the course, you'll learn a lot about - 

  • Social Psychology Basics: Social perceptions and misperceptions
  • The Psychology of Self-Presentation and Persuasion: Why do people act like the way they do and what are their views about other people's behaviour.
  • Obedience, Conformity, and Deindividuation: Psychology behind obedience to authority, group pressure, and deindividuation
  • The psychology behind influencing and persuasion
persuasion skills

Persuasion is an essential skill, be it for a leader, a parent, or just a team member. This is a perfect course if you want to learn the art of persuasion without manipulating anyone. 

The course deals in the intricacies of how persuasion works and what all techniques and tactics you can use to make other people listen to what you have to say and follow your instructions.

tackling difficult people

Communicating with difficult people is an uphill struggle for many. This course focuses on teaching specific techniques and skills to help you deal with difficult people and situations. The course focuses on the following aspects - 

  • Effective listening to create a common stance
  • Stopping difficult situations before escalating
  • Techniques to help separate the 'problem' from the 'person'.

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