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The 10 Best Pinterest Courses On The Internet

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Pinterest is a platform that has something for everyone, whether you're a business owner, artist, or individual looking to promote your products, services, or content.


  • Creating stunning pins that capture the attention of your target audience.
  • Running ads and increasing your sales immediately.
  • Earning money through affiliate marketing on the go.
  • Sharing the art with a wider audience and getting a fan base.
  • Growing the account fast and getting views and followers in millions.

The possibilities are endless, and with the proper knowledge and tools, you can achieve your goals on Pinterest. Take the first step towards mastering Pinterest by choosing the right Pinterest course.

Here's a list of tightly-curated ten best Pinterest courses on the internet.to help you ace your Pinterest skills.

We have vetted each course thoroughly to ensure you get to choose the right course and add valuable skills to your bucket.

The Rundown

  1. For Beginners: Getting Started with Pinterest, "A well-elaborated course for beginners in the creative industry who want to get started on Pinterest and get followers."
  2. To Learn To Create Successful Pins: Create Successful Pinterest Pins for Business in Canva, "A basic course that cracks the hacks to create click-worthy Pinterest pins using Canva for businesses."
  3. To Master Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest:Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing Organically Sell Grow 2023, "A well-designed course that teaches how to use Pinterest to promote a website and increase traffic through affiliate marketing."
  4. To Increase Sales Using Pinterest: Pinterest Marketing for Business Growth: UPDATED for 2023, "A systematically arranged course that answers where what, how frequently to publish pins and how to get results using different marketing methods."
  5. For Artists To Promote Their Art:Pinterest for Musicians and Bands, "A course that hands musicians and bands with effective music marketing tips that help them use Pinterest as a useful promotional tool."
  6. Grow Pinterest account FAST: Complete Guide to Pinterest & Pinterest Growth, "A comprehensive course that defines the overall utility of the platform for the long term and strategy to fetch higher views quickly."
  7. For Those Wanting To Make Money From Pinterest: Pinterest Marketing: Strategy & Tools For Organic Conversion, "A perfect course that well-explains invaluable tools, Pinterest SEO Optimisation, and how to generate high-ranking pins that get impressions in millions."
  8. To Optimise Pinterest Marketing:Pinterest Marketing & Advertising Beginner To Advanced 2023, "A step-by-step Pinterest mastery course with worthwhile advice on all facets of Pinterest that enables the user to boost traffic and sales immensely."
  9. To Understand Pinterest Advertising Potential: How To Measure Your Campaign On Pinterest, "A course with a step-by-step guide on how to turn pins into campaigns, analyse their results, and edit published campaigns."
  10. For eCommerce Owners Wanting To Sell More: How To Use Pinterest To Promote Your eCommerce Store, "A suitable course for e-commerce owners to understand the platform, use tools, create badges & rich pins, run paid Ads, and more."

Recommended Pinterest Courses

Getting Started with Pinterest

To Get Started on Pinterest for Beginners:

This is a course tailor-made for beginners who want to get started with Pinterest and want know all the ins and outs of this visual search engine.

During this course, you will watch videos that play on split-screen and learn to:

  • Set up and customise an account
  • Search for, open, and save pins
  • Use, create, and edit boards on Pinterest
  • Customise the pins for the platform and subscribe to others
  • Organise pins within boards
  • Write comments ad react to pins
  • Share and create pins

If you wish to leverage the Pinterest platform to display your work, talent, or portfolio, to make them add to your personal or business advancement, get started with the course and take a step towards growth.

Create Successful Pinterest Pins for Business in Canva

Indeed, you don't click on or pin every pin you see on Pinterest.

Why is that so, you ask?

Because they might lack something that did not make them click-worthy.

And that is precisely what this course teaches the beginners and intermediaries - the best practices and tips that enable you to create pins people like to click.

Watching this course on a split screen, you will get to:

  • Know an overview of Canva and how to create pins using Canva
  • Learn 15 hacks to create thriving pins on Pinterest under the proper Pinterest pin format guidelines.
  • Add different suitable visual elements to your pin design
  • Convert the static pin into the actionable or moving pins
  • Preview, publish, share, and download the designed pins
  • Practise the pin making in an activity and learn the challenges

Get this course if you wish to get into the perfect pin-making radar.

Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing Organically Sell Grow 2023

To Earn Using Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest:

This course is a complete Pinterest affiliate marketing guide for affiliate marketers who want to start affiliate marketing and earn from Pinterest while creating affiliate links.

This course will walk you through:

  • Learn the fundamentals of the Pinterest account and grow the business
  • How to use Pinterest to promote your website, increase traffic, and make more money.
  • Establishing a successful background for an affiliate business account on Pinterest.

This course is completely narrowed to driving traffic and sales using affiliate marketing. If your interest asks you to earn through an affiliate marketing course, take this course designed specially to serve the purpose.

Pinterest Marketing for Business Growth: UPDATED for 2023

This course is for everyone who has yet to learn about Pinterest and for businesses that have their business sites on Pinterest but want to make them effective.

The course is the answer to the following questions:

  • What to publish on Pinterest?
  • How frequently to publish the content?
  • Where to publish?
  • How to get results?

You'll also learn:

  • The 4-step Pinterest Marketing framework of JC Marzett, the Best Selling Instructor of Udemy.
  • The board idea you can use
  • The Pinterest marketing strategy
  • Making Pin with a purpose and optimising it thoroughly

This course elements the requirement for you to guess - what would work and what not would work with your pins and give you a clear and concise idea about what you should implement. If you are ready to thrive and are an action-taker who wants to get followers all along - buy this course.

Pinterest for Musicians and Bands

For Artists To Promote Their Art:

This course by the seasoned Television and Music Producer, Bobby Owsinski, is a complete guide for musicians and bands who want to use Pinterest to promote their art and increase their reach.

You'll learn:

  • The fundamentals of setting up and growing a Pinterest account..
  • Discover the best strategies for using Pinterest to promote your music, increase your fan base and sell your art.
  • How to establish a successful presence on Pinterest
  • How to drive traffic and sales using Pinterest's unique features.

This course is tailored specifically for artists who want to promote their music and art on Pinterest. If you're a musician or band looking to increase your online presence and share everything you create with a wider audience, this course is a must-have for you.

Complete Guide to Pinterest & Pinterest Growth

This course is for anyone looking to grow their account fast, whether individuals, businesses, or social media enthusiasts.

As Pinterest is the fastest-growing social media and NOT RESTRICT external content but instead actively encourages it, it has become a valuable tool for increasing online presence and driving traffic.

That is where this course comes in, and helps you learn:

  • The fundamentals of setting up and effectively optimising your Pinterest account for growth.
  • The advanced strategies to increase your reach and engagement on Pinterest, leveraging hashtags, keywords, and boards to boost.
  • How to claim your social media platforms and website.
  • What are Rich Pins, and how to create one
  • To make the click-worthy winning pins
  • To use Pinterest's analytics to track your progress and make data-driven decisions to improve your account.
  • Best practices to drive more traffic and sales.

This course is designed for anyone looking to grow their Pinterest account and reach a wider audience. Whether you're a blogger, business owner, or just looking to promote your personal brand, this course will provide you with the skills and strategies you need to succeed on Pinterest.

Pinterest Marketing: Strategy & Tools For Organic Conversion

This course is specially designed for beginners and intermediate-level businesses or freelancers looking to understand the organic side of Pinterest fully and want to grow their brand and increase revenue.

You can fetch amazing results from Pinterest if you apply the proper strategies taught in this course.

This course walks you through:

  • How to generate pins and profits on Pinterest that get into top ranking
  • How to run successful ads
  • Discover the organic Pinterest marketing strategy and how to use it
  • Everything about the different pins, ideas to create them, and their best practices.
  • How to create the boards and brand them

If you want to learn from top to bottom on everything to run a Pinterest account successfully take this course, learn everything they have to offer and get proven results.

Pinterest Marketing & Advertising Beginner To Advanced 2023

This course is a masterclass for beginners, professionals, and intermediaries who want that secret ingredient to break the ice and get a tidal wave of traffic and conversions.

You will clearly find this course worth every penny if you are curious to dive into the depths of Pinterest marketing. You will also learn to optimise pins, especially to appeal to the audience.

Here is what this course offers, but not limited to:

  • Why Pinterest is a great opportunity today, it is not for everyone, and if it is for you.
  • How you must get started in a fast-paced way to dominate the platform
  • Earn money with the Rich Pins
  • A thorough talk on different keyword research and SEO methods
  • Create dozens of Pinterest graphics in minutes using hacks
  • Pin multi-pin in seconds to save hours of work
  • Scheduling Pinterest posts
  • Learn A-Z about Pinterest advertising.

This course has more than this list to offer and is worth investing in if you are serious about leveraging the Pinterest platform to boost sales.

How To Measure Your Campaign On Pinterest

To Unlock Pinterest Advertising Potential:

This is a course for beginners and intermediaries looking to take the marketing game up a notch. This course taps into the basic marketing techniques and ways to advertise them.

In this course you will go step-by-step to learn:

  • How to design and optimise a Pin
  • Posting the Pin to Pinterest (in the right time)
  • Turn the Pin into an Ad campaign
  • How to define your target audience
  • How possibly you can make the most out of each paid ad
  • How to edit the ad campaign already published
  • Get the Ad analytics, learn how to read and understand them

If you are new to Pinterest and looking to advertise on it, but wish to get started with a strong base, this course is the perfect stepping stone to pave a long way of success.

How To Use Pinterest To Promote Your eCommerce Store

This is a perfect and well-researched course for every eCommerce owner who has a business online or even if they have a storefront.

This course hands you with sure-fire ways to create more business online with real-life examples of the instructor's own website.

Here is what you are going to get from this course:

  • Learn - What is Pinterest, HOW it benefits eCommerce stores, and how to create a business account.
  • The underrated but useful fundamental pinning techniques
  • How to view analytics and use them to your advantage
  • How to use the tools and practice automation
  • Learn the basics of the paid advertising
  • Some useful tips on how to create the Amazon Affiliate program with Pinterest to earn extra pennies.

If getting more customers, more business, more traffic, shipping more products, getting credited with more payments entices you, this course is a perfect match that helps you get this all and much more in place.

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