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The 6 Best App Development Courses On The Internet

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The world has gone mobile and desktop is losing its importance when it comes to customer usage. Even though the usage is still approximately 50:50, the trend shows that the desktop is soon going out of the customer buying process in the coming future.

This makes app development a necessity for entrepreneurs planning to launch their offering in the tech industry.

But app development isn’t easy. There are numerous platforms, and you might get confused among the numerous app development courses available online.

But fret not.

We’ve selected the best app development courses out of the lot depending upon –

  • Your experience with coding and app development,
  • The platform you intend to use, and
  • Your goals.

So, here is the list of the 6 best app development courses to help you in your venture of developing apps for your business, your clients, or just for yourself.

The Rundown

  1. To Learn Android App Development With No Coding: Build Android Apps with App Inventor 2 - No Coding Required, “A course for the beginners who want to develop Android applications but are not familiar with coding.”
  2. To Become A Professional Android App Developer (With No Experience In Coding): Android App Development Masterclass using Kotlin, “An extensive ~60-hours-long course teaching all the required languages and tools used to develop fully functional Android applications from scratch.”
  3. To Become A Professional iOS Developer (With No Experience In Coding): iOS 13 & Swift 5 - The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp, “A specialised learning path teaching the essential tools, language, and knowledge you need to become and iOS developer – from basics to final review, testing, and release.”
  4. To Learn AR App Development: A Beginner's Guide to Augmented Reality with Unity, “A course for programmers with confident C# programming skills to learn to create engaging applications that use AR to meld the real with the virtual.”
  5. To Learn VR App Development: React VR - Creating Virtual Reality Apps, “An extensive course to teach you the essentials of developing a VR application with React VR using React.js, ReactVR, ES6, JavaScript, and more.”
  6. To Become A Full Stack Multiplatform App Developer: Full Stack Web and Multiplatform Mobile App Development Specialization, “A 5-course-long specialization to teach you everything related to developing a multiplatform, hybrid, and cross-platform application using the latest programming languages and tools.”

Recommended App Development Courses

App inventor app development course

To Learn Android App Development With No/Minimal Coding: 

While it is not possible to develop iOS application without coding, it is possible for Android OS. This is a complete course-cum-guide to help you develop Android applications without coding.

The instructor of this course focuses on teaching Android app development by using an easy drag-and-drop tool called App Inventor 2. This free tool is run by MIT which updates it regularly making it possible to develop any type of app on Android easily.

This is a holistic course that teaches you everything from using App Inventor 2 effectively and efficiently, developing the app, testing and updating the app, and publishing it to Google's Play Store.

During the 204 lectures and 17 hours of content contained within this course, you'll learn the essentials while working on 10 real-world Android app examples.

Take this course if you want to develop a not-so-techy application for your business or your clients without coding.

kotlin Android app development course

To Become A Professional Android App Developer (With No Experience In Coding): 

A perfect course for the serious learners who want to delve deeper into Android App Development and learn the core Android app development and Kotlin skills to build real Android apps.

The course stands out of the lot of similar Android App development courses because - 

  • It focuses on teaching Kotlin - the language preferred by Google to develop Android apps
  • It teaches you how to develop an App for both the new and old versions of the OS
  • It provides deep learning - The instructor doesn't give the overview of how things work. He delves into the details of why is it working and what happens when you select an option. 

Take this course no matter if you're an absolute beginner in programming or have some programming experience. The course has a smooth learning curve and will teach you everything that you need to become an Android Developer.

Swift ios app development course

To Become A Professional iOS App Developer:

While it is possible to develop Android apps without coding, developing iOS applications require you to learn SWIFT - a UI framework developed especially develop iOS Apps.

By taking this course, you'll learn -

  • Developing apps using SWIFTUI
  • Developing machine learning oriented apps using Apple’s new CoreML
  • Developing AR oriented apps using Apple’s new ARKit
  • App marketing to publish and market iOS apps better

This course is presented as a bootcamp where there are over 58 hours of videos, real-life projects and exercises, and a support forum where the instructor will answer your questions. 

ar app development

The AR industry is growing at a massive rate and is expected to hit $70-$75 billion in revenue by 2023. Nevertheless, there is still a lack of good AR developers. 

This course is perfect for those programmers who are well versed with C# and are planning to build there career in AR development.

It's a extensive course teaching the nitty gritty of developing AR Applications with Unity Game Engine and Wikitude AR SDK. Moreover, you'll get a free student license to use Wikitude SDK (a >$2000 tool) upon enrolling for this course.

By taking this course, you'll learn to program and work with -

  • iOS & Android
  • Wikitude SDK
  • 2D Image Recognition and Tracking
  • 3D Object Recognition and Tracking
  • Shadows, Lights and Occlusion Shaders for AR
  • Mobile GPS & Compass functions
  • Physics in AR
  • Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM)
vr app development course

To Learn VR App Development: 

An expert-led project-based course to help you learn VR app development from scratch. This is a short course focusing on the essentials of React VR using real-life example projects like a world tour, shape games, and weather simulator in VR.

Take this course if you're new to this field and understand the essentials of getting into the VR development industry.

 Full Stack Multiplatform App Developer

To Become A Full Stack Multiplatform App Developer: 

A complete specialization for anyone planning to learn how to build web, hybrid, and cross platform applications. This specialization is divided into five courses, teaching -

  • Front-End Web UI Frameworks and Tools using Bootstrap 4
  • Front-End JavaScript Frameworks using Angular
  • Multiplatform mobile app development using Ionic and Cordova
  • Multiplatform mobile app development with NativeScript
  • Server-side Development with NodeJS, Express and MongoDB

Take this course only if you're a serious learner and if you can spend approximately 5 months with 11 hours/week to a app development course.

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