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The 7 Best Market Research Courses On The Internet

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Today, the marketing environment change very rapidly. Thus, the market research has become very vital in the current scenario. It helps you understand what the market favours and what it doesn't.

Market research is more than just conducting surveys. It’s also about selecting the right sample size, data collection method, target group, and data analysis technique.

It is difficult to make the right business and marketing decisions without experience. But you can always start with a market research course. 

Here are the 8 best courses which can help you to learn the technicalities of conducting market research.

The Rundown

  1. For The Beginners: Market Research Foundation, “A foundation course to learn the best market research techniques and leverage them for almost any challenge at hand.”
  2. For Startup Entrepreneurs: How To Conduct Market Research In Startups And Small Business, “A complete course to learn analysis of competitors as well as customers for a startup manager.”
  3. University Certified Market Research Course: Market Research Specialisation, “A comprehensive specialisation offered by the University of California designed for learners with no previous market research experience to teach them an approach to find and communicate the story in the data.”
  4. To Understand Consumer Behaviour Through Market Research: Market Research and Consumer Behaviour, “A market research course directed towards analysing consumer behaviour and creating a successful marketing strategy.”
  5. To Help Conduct Market Research On A Global Scale: Global Marketing Research and Analytics, “A perfect course to understand the role of information and research in global marketing decisions.”
  6. To Understand Business Development Aspect Of Market Research: Business Development Foundations: Researching Market and Customer Needs, “A market research course directed towards creating a foundation of business development and to understand customer needs.”
  7. To learn Online Quantitative Market Research: An Introduction to Online Quantitative Market Research, “An introductory course focused on online market research where researchers collect data using mobile and web-based surveys.”

Recommended Market Research Courses

market research foundations course

For The Beginners:

A beginner’s course to lay the groundwork for market research. It explains how to use marketing research in making strategic decisions about a brand or product.

In this course you'll learn the basics of: 

  • Qualitative and quantitative research,
  • Research design,
  • Research communication.

Besides this, the trainer also suggests the tools you can use for designing and communicating market research along with the best practices so that you can set up your next marketing research study with confidence. You will also learn how to clarify your research goals, and how to present your data., all supported with real-life examples.

Take this course if you're new to the research world and want to learn more about how the industry works.

market research course

A complete guide on how to analyse customers and competitors of your startup or a small business using market research. The course focuses on practical knowledge and a lot of real-life examples.

Specially designed for analysts, researchers, small business managers, and startup owners; this course will help you to master the skill of market research in fields of retail, fast moving consumer goods, food sector, online businesses, services, and some off-line businesses.

This course is strongly recommended for all startups and small business owners. You will also get to download many additional resources along with this course.

market research

University Certified Market Research Course:

This specialisation by the University of California is a series of 4 courses that will help you to get certified in market research. It imparts a detailed marketing research approach that will help you to find and communicate the story in the data.

You'll learn in detail about how to initiate your research, how to do qualitative and quantitative research, and how to develop the research report by delivering insights.

Take his course if you want to build your career as a market research specialist or if you want valuable consumer insights for your business.

market research consumer behaviour

To Understand Consumer Behaviour Through Market Research:

A comprehensive course to develop the skill of making a successful marketing strategy. This five course long specialisation, offered by IE Business School, focuses on two important sections of any marketing strategy that is market research and consumer behaviour

Take this specialisation if you want to learn from certified trainers about:

  • Consumer behaviour
  • Consumer decision making process
  • Marketing research basics
  • Marketing Research Data Collection & Analysis
market research course

To Help Conduct Market Research On A Global Scale:

A highly rated course to learn the application of market research on a global scale. This course provides a systematic understanding of market research approaches and techniques. It will also develop a critical awareness of the most recent developments in marketing metrics and analytics like big data.

The course tries to make learners aware of the importance of information, marketing data, research, and analysis. More emphasis is given on how to tackle the challenges that arise while conducting research on a global level.

Great course for people who want to study and analyse international markets.

market research course

To Understand Business Development Aspect Of Market Research:

An intermediate-level course focused on developing a foundation of business development with the help of market research and customer needs. This course discusses various business development concepts and techniques to understand the market and customers.

The course starts with the review of research fundamentals and key insights to keep in mind while contacting a potential client. It will also prepare you to connect with new customers and close more deals.

Go for this course if you're a business development executive and want to understand your customer’s needs through market research.

market research course

To learn Online Quantitative Market Research:

Perfect course to learn effective conceptualisation and execution of quantitative online research. The instructor of this course provides a complete overview of the market research industry.

You will learn to formulate better surveys with tools like Qualtrics and will be able to effectively visualize and analyse data after completing this course. This course will help you to make better and faster business decisions through online market research.

The course is well suited for marketers, product owners, business consultants, business strategists, aspiring researchers, data scientists, students, and entrepreneurs.

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