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The 8 Best Sales Courses On The Internet

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Sales is the food an organisation needs to survive. This department plays a pivotal role in the success of the organisation. A salesperson is the one directly in contact with the customer and the one who sells his offerings after understanding exactly what the customer is looking for.

But closing a deal is often an uphill struggle, and for many, this skill comes with experience. But you can always start with a sales course.

Here’s a tightly curated list of the 8 best sales courses on the internet to help you with your venture of increasing your sales performance.

The Rundown

  1. For Overall Development: The Art of Sales: Mastering the Selling Process Specialisation, 'A specialisation by Northwestern University including four comprehensive courses which range from customer segmentation to sales pitching to developing own sales strategies.'
  2. To Learn Practical Sales Techniques: Sales Training: Practical Sales Techniques, ‘A short hands-on training-cum-course focused on simplifying the sales process and providing with many practical sales techniques that can be used in any situation.’
  3. For B2B Sellers: Business Development & B2B Sales for Startups- Sales Valley, ‘A specialized course focused to train B2B sellers about lead generation, pitching, and closing deals.’
  4. To Learn The Art Of Negotiation: Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills, ‘A perfect course for those who want to learn how to negotiate better and close more deals.’
  5. To Understand Price Psychology: Smart Marketing with Price Psychology, ‘Price usually drives the sales negotiations. This course helps using psychology tricks and hacks to increase sales by revolving negotiations around price.’
  6. To Understand The Psychology Behind Persuasion: The Persuasion Code: The Neuroscience of Sales, ‘A sales course with more focus on using neuroscience to understand selling and the sales persuasion process.’
  7. To Learn Essential Sales Soft Skills: Soft Skills for Sales Professionals, ‘A perfect course for beginner sales professionals to develop their emotional intelligence and soft skills that are essential to conduct sales.’
  8. To Understand The Sales Forecasting Process: Sales Forecasting, ‘A highly focused course explaining the sales forecasting process and market dynamics.’

Recommended Sales Courses

The art of sales

A well-drafted four course long specialisation by Northwestern University designed to make you more effective and efficient as you pursue your sales goals. The courses included in this specialisation are - 

  • Customer Segmentation and Prospecting: Focused on setting measurable and achievable goals, understanding the customers better before actually selling, and learning how to get into and out of sales conversations quickly and effectively.
  • Connecting with Sales Prospects: Here you learn how to stand out during customer meetings, asking better questions, handling objections, and using storytelling to your advantage.
  • Sales Pitch and Closing: How to give better sales pitches with more self confidence, how to ask better closing questions to increase the chances of conversions.
  • Building a Toolkit for Your Sales Process: How you can build your own sales toolkit to almost automate your sales process.
Sales Training

To Learn Practical Sales Techniques:

A short detailed course with highly practical and useful sales strategies, techniques, and hacks to help you - 

  • Learn different selling styles and when to use them,
  • Befriend customers,
  • Become more organised and efficient in sales,
  • Master body language and rapport to build relationships, and
  • Handle objections and hidden excuses better

This is a perfect course for anyone who is currently working in sales and is looking for ways to better his performance, and for anyone considering sales as a career in the future.

b2b sales

B2B sales is much different from B2C. It is highly targeted, requires lead generation, lead nurturing, and lead conversion. This is a highly specialized course focused on -

  • Proven B2B sales methodology to build better relations and generate more sales
  • Developing your own personality which isn't that 'salesy'
  • Improving cold emailing, email marketing, and other email-sales strategies
  • Automating lead generation
  • Learning the different types of business development deal structures
  • Successfully negotiating business deals
Successful Negotiation

Negotiation is a fact of sales. And not having a well-defined negotiation strategy may lead to the conversion going out of your hands. This is a detailed course where you'll learn to

  • Prepare your negotiation strategy,
  • Use tactics to take negotiations in your favour, and
  • Close a contract in better terms.

This course by the University of Michigan is perfect for anyone who is currently working in sales and is looking for ways to better his performance, and for anyone considering sales as a career in the future.

Smart Marketing with Price Psychology

To Understand Price Psychology:

Price is often the most important factor buyers consider before buying the product. This is a specialized course focused on teaching sellers to -

  • Understand how their buyers perceive and think about prices
  • Price their products better and run promotions that make people think they're getting an amazing deal
  • Learn the art of up-selling, cross-selling, and bundling.
The Persuasion Code The Neuroscience of Sales

To Learn the Art of Persuasion:

A tinge of persuasion often helps converting even those customers which often seem to fall out of the sales funnel. This highly specialized course focuses on teaching you the art of persuasion in selling using neuroscience. By taking this course you'll learn - 

  • How the two-brain system works,
  • How to identify the difference between a pain and a need,
  • How to develop your own sales persuasion process, and
  • How to make use of cognitive biases to help you sell more.

Even though this might sound technical, the course can be taken by anyone who doesn't even have any experience in neuroscience.

Soft Skills for Sales Professionals

To Learn Essential Sales Soft Skills:

Soft skills are interpersonal skills that are different from professional job-specific skills, which are used to describe your approach to life, work, and relationships with other people. Since sales require you to develop a relationship with your customer, soft skills matter the most in this profession.

This is a well-defined highly specialized course which focuses on teaching you the essential soft skills that a sales professional should possess. These skills often help you in - 

  • Collaborating effectively with your team
  • Building better relationships with the customers
  • Making use of storytelling to increase sales
  • Developing your emotional intelligence quotient
sales forecasting

To Understand The Sales Forecasting Process:

Estimating future sales is important to make informed business decisions and predict short-term and long-term performance. This course is designed to teach sales professionals the art of sales forecasting by - 

  • Teaching the sales forecasting process,
  • Teaching quantitative forecasting, moving averages, and qualitative forecasting, and
  • Helping them understand the market dynamics.

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