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The 8 Best Startup Law Courses On The Internet

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For aspiring entrepreneurs, it is crucial to know the essential startup laws like contracts, intellectual property rights, labour laws, commercial and tax laws, and other business and corporate laws.

Managing and navigating the legal aspects of a startup is not an easy task.

But you can always start with a course.

Here is a list of the best startup law courses on the internet to help you understand the essential startup laws.

The Rundown

  1. To understand basic legal principles: Legal Foundations for Entrepreneurs, "A beginner-level foundation course for aspiring entrepreneurs that touches on the various critical legal issues of startup and business laws as well as its associated risks, challenges, and opportunities."
  2. For an in-depth knowledge of business laws: Complete Law Course for Entrepreneurs, "A beginner's course on important legal issues while starting a business, and other essential business laws."
  3. An in-depth look into the contract and negotiation laws: Legal Contracts and Agreements for Entrepreneurs, "A course focusing on the legal contracts and agreements necessary for entrepreneurial activities as well as how to create, evaluate and negotiate different types of contracts and agreements."
  4. To understand Intellectual property laws: Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurs, "A beginner-level course on the opportunities and challenges of intellectual property focusing on the creation and management of patents, copyrights, and trademarks."
  5. To understand the contractual and employment laws: Corporate & Commercial Law I: Contracts & Employment Law, "An intermediate-level course dealing with the corporate and commercial laws around contracts and employment laws."
  6. To learn about financing and governmental regulations: Corporate & Commercial Law II: Business Forms, Financing & Governmental Regulation, "An intermediate-level course on corporate and commercial laws, focusing on business organizations, business financing, and governmental regulation."
  7. To know local taxation laws and business policies: Multistate Taxation, "An intermediate-level course that deals with the state and local tax laws focusing mainly on income taxes, sales taxes, and property taxes."
  8. For a deeper understanding of the U.S startup laws for new entrepreneurs: U.S Startup & Small Business Registration And Business Law, "A beginner's level course dealing with business registration, business entity laws, protection of intellectual property, employment laws, privacy laws, and much more."

Recommended Startup Law Courses

legal course 1

To understand basic legal principles:

As an aspiring entrepreneur making a business plan for your startup is just the starting phase. To actually start your business, you must first be able to navigate the various legal hurdles that are associated with forming a startup.

Keeping this in mind, the course will focus on key aspects and foundational elements of business law and explore the critical legal and business issues you may face as you build and launch a new venture.

By the end of this course, you will learn about-

  • How law influences the success of a startup and aids entrepreneurs.
  • Get to know your options for establishing and managing a startup.
  • Understand the various laws related to formation, dissolution, employment, and labor laws as well as other policies of entrepreneurship.
  • Learn to navigate the legal hurdles and avoid the pitfalls that can affect your new venture.

It's the perfect beginner-level course for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their first venture.

legal course 2

For an in-depth knowledge of business laws: 

If you have a great business idea and want to become an entrepreneur, then the first thing you need to understand is the process of starting a business.

Starting a business is a complicated process involving a lot of paperwork and understanding legal jargon and processes.

In this complete business law course for entrepreneurs, you will-

  • Learn how a corporation is formed and the best legal entity type for your business.
  • Learn about the laws on financing, contracts, and agreements.
  • Know how to use the law to design, build, market, and supply your products and services.
  • Also, learn about outsourcing, employment, intellectual property, and more.

This beginner's course is practical and easy to understand. You will learn about the laws pertaining to every aspect of your business and how to get the most out of your lawyer and accountant.

legal course 3

An in-depth look into the contract and negotiation laws:

As an entrepreneur, you may have seen your fair share of contracts and agreements. There are various types of contracts and agreements that you have to sign and keep track of in the course of your business.

Therefore you must understand the law of contracts and agreements and other laws related to it.

This course will focus on various legal considerations of contracts like-

  • The types of legal contracts and agreements that are appropriate for different entrepreneurial activities and actions.
  • The role of torts, liability, and negligence in creating and managing products and services.
  • How to create, evaluate and negotiate contracts and sales agreements.
  • The legal considerations are applicable when raising financial capital.

This beginner-level course will guide you on the different aspects of legal contracts and how they may impact your startup.

legal course 4

To understand Intellectual property laws:

When you are in a competitive market, you would like to protect your trade secrets from your competitors. This is where intellectual property laws come into play, as it discourages your competitors from immediately profiting from your invention or innovation.

Intellectual property is one of the most important assets of your business. Therefore, you need to thoroughly understand the laws surrounding intellectual property.

This course will help you to understand the opportunities and challenges of intellectual property, as well as how to create and manage patents, copyrights, and trademarks.

In this course, you will-

  • Understand the importance of intellectual property laws and how they impact entrepreneurs' success.
  • Learn about patentable inventions and how to file for a patent.
  • Know how copyrights and trademarks are created, function, and managed.
  • The importance of protecting your trade secrets and innovations for the success of your business.

This is a complete beginner's course that will teach you the basics of Intellectual property rights law.

legal course 5

To understand the contractual and employment laws: 

When you incorporate your business, you will find that there are a lot of rules, by-laws, and regulations imposed by the state and local authorities.

Hence it becomes very important for you to understand these laws and how they function.

Almost all commercial businesses have to deal with different types of contracts and agreements as well as employment and labor laws.

In this course, you will-

  • Know how to form legally enforceable contracts and agreements and their different elements.
  • Learn about the special rules that apply to specific contracts like sales contracts.
  • Understand the enforcement of contracts in the court of law and their effects.
  • Learn about the laws governing employer-employee relations, rights and duties of employers and employees, and other employment laws.

This intermediate-level course will teach you the specifics of commercial laws.

legal course 6

Your business can only grow if it is financed properly and in compliance with governmental regulations. This course will teach you about the different ways to finance your business as well as the governmental regulations you need to be aware of.

This course will focus on three main topics: business organizations, business financing, and governmental regulation.

This course is divided into 4 modules-

  • In module 1, you will learn about the characteristics of the most common forms of business entities, such as corporations and LLCs.
  • Module 2 will discuss debtor-creditor relationships, bank financing, debt financing, secured transactions, and bankruptcy.
  • In module 3 you will learn about administrative agencies and how they regulate many aspects of a business.
  • Module 4 will focus specifically on antitrust and securities regulation. 

In this intermediate course, you will understand corporates' laws and regulations.

legal course 8

To know local taxation laws and business policies: 

Taxation laws can be diverse and difficult to understand. As an entrepreneur, you have to pay income taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, etc. When you start a business, one of the main things you have to consider is the tax regulations imposed by the government.

In this course, you will learn about the state and local tax laws, the power of states to tax (and the limitations on that power), and planning strategies for minimizing the impact of state and local taxation.

In this course, you will-

  • Learn about the most common types of taxes used by state and local governments as well as the limitations on a state's ability to tax.
  • Get to know about the federal policies and limitations on multistate taxation.
  • Understand the sales and use taxes and some of the various exemptions from the retail sales tax that states offer.
  • Learn about individual income taxes.

It is an intermediate-level course that will guide you on the different aspects of state and local taxation laws.

legal course 7

For a deeper understanding of the U.S startup laws for new entrepreneurs:  

There is a lot that goes into starting a business. You have to register your business with the state, decide on what business entity to choose (LLC, S Corp, C Corp, or something else), protect your intellectual property, know about basic employment laws, online privacy issues, and much more.

This course will guide you on the various aspects of business and startup laws. You will-

  • Understand the process of business registration and what type of business entity is suitable for your business.
  • Understand and protect intellectual property as well as learn about patents, trademarks, and copyright.
  • Understand laws about hiring and firing employees and contractors, and what you can be fired or let go for as an employee.
  • Understand Internet privacy and social media use at work.

It is a beginner-level course for entrepreneurs who need to understand business law basics.

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