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The 5 Best Time Management Courses On The Internet

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In a world where we are all expected to be on our toes 24/7, keeping track of our time is crucial. We are busy enough, but there's no need to neglect our personal life.

Time management is all about prioritising and organising tasks so that they fit into your daily schedule. It helps you to stay focused and productive even during the busiest times of your day.

The problem?

Time management isn't an easy task.

But you can always start with a course.

Here's a list of the best time management courses on the internet to help you manage your time better. Go on, hone your skills and don't hesitate to ask questions in the comments if you have any.

The Rundown

  1. For The Busy Entrepreneurs: Time Management Secrets For Busy People, 'A time management course specially designed for multitaskers to help them get organised and find ways to manage their time. This course is designed to teach how to prioritise, how to set goals and stay motivated even when there's a lot on the plate.'
  2. For The Managers: Time Mastery For Managers, "This is a practical course on time management for managers to help them improve their focus, planning, energy, and work management.
  3. For Those Who Work From Home: Time Management: Working from Home, "A course-cum-guide manage your time effectively, keep work and home life separate, as well as understand what it takes to become a successful home-based employee or professional."
  4. Time Management With A Goal-Oriented Approach: Productivity Machine: Time Management & Productivity Hacks, "This course teaches you how to manage time and organise your life around your priorities, goals, and projects to achieve higher levels of personal and professional productivity."
  5. Time Management With MS Outlook: Time Management Training with Outlook, 'Learn the power of time management with the most powerful tool to manage work time - Microsoft Outlook!'

Recommended Retail Management Courses

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For The Busy Entrepreneurs:

Are you tired of living with endless to-do lists? Do you wish you could accomplish more in less time? Are you stuck because you don't know how to prioritise what needs to be done today to achieve your goals tomorrow?

If you've answered yes to any of these, this course will help you achieve more, feel satisfied with work management and have more time to enjoy life.

The course teaches you how to get into a productive flow state of mind where you no longer second guess yourself and get the things that matter done faster.

This is because you have taken control of your own life by effectively managing your time and eliminating procrastination.

You'll learn:

  • How to break down tasks into easy manageable chunks and work on them one at a time.
  • How to get rid of distractions by eliminating those things that prevent you from doing what you need to do,
  • How to identify, evaluate and eliminate unimportant tasks, and
    Simple strategies to keep your motivation high and your productivity high.
  • How to find motivation from within and build the confidence to tackle the big things,
  • How to change your mindset and condition yourself to make urgency in getting things done a habit.

It's a perfect course for those serious about becoming a more productive person. 


For The Managers: 

This is a comprehensive and easy-to-understand time management course for managers and supervisors who want to know more about managing their time better and getting more time in their personal and professional lives.

The course gives you a systematic, proven and tested framework to tackle the time management challenges of working professionals. It is built around the nine principles, presented in a way to make them understandable, relevant and actionable.

In this course, you'll:

  • Get acquainted with the topic of managing your time, both at work and at home;
  • Learn about the nine major time management principles - from focusing on one task at a time to putting your daily tasks into a workflow, as well as discovering how to increase your focus and effectiveness at each principle;
  • Gain knowledge on how to eliminate distractions and find your optimal system to organise your time and your tasks efficiently;
  • Understand what causes procrastination and learn the tricks to prevent this from happening to you;
  • Learn the 82/20 rule to keep your time organised;
  • Learn the best practice for doing your most important work and become more productive at it.
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For Those Who Work From Home:

A perfect course for you if you're someone who works full time or occasionally from home.

The course offers a step-by-step methodology to help you improve your work and productivity in your home environment. You'll get tips on -

  • Creating a productive environment and workspace by limiting distractions.
  • Evaluating and choosing the best technology to help you accomplish more tasks, faster.
  • How to create and maintain a healthy working rhythm.
  • Being more responsive while working from home.
  • Managing interruptions and emergencies at home.

The course is provided by author and productivity expert Dave Crenshaw, with years of experience in time management and productivity.

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Time Management With A Goal-Oriented Approach:

This is a perfect course for professionals who want to be more productive within the limited hours they work.

This course teaches you the proven method to achieve more through systematic habits, which will help you stay focused, eliminate distractions, and become more productive. It also provides the strategies, tips, and hacks that will enable you to get more done in less time.

It comes with real-life examples, immersive projects, and highly practical frameworks to get the most out of your time.

You'll learn a better way to set and segregate goals and how to eliminate unimportant tasks while being more focused on what really matters. 

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Time Management With MS Outlook:

Outlook can do WAY more than you use it for. This course is a collection of video lessons and resources focused on managing time better and increasing your productivity using the most used email management tool - Microsoft Outlook.

This course covers in-depth, practical and step-by-step strategies for managing your time effectively with Microsoft Outlook. In fact, this course is the perfect addition to any self-study course or training.

By the end of this course you will be able to accomplish the following:

  • Organise your tasks, appointments, and deadlines into the correct categories for quick access and completion.
  • Learn how to set up and use flags to manage your tasks and appointments.
  • Learn how to set up and use rules to create automatic reminders and other actions.
  • Learn how to create and use your own custom views to organise your messages by sender, date, topic, or location.
  • Learn how to create your own customised print layouts for emails.

The objective of this course is to teach you a step-by-step method to organise your messages into manageable blocks of time so that you can achieve greater productivity and success.

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