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The 8 Best Human Resource Courses On The Internet

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A startup’s success is directly correlated to how well the humans behind that brand name perform. Human resource is technically the spine of any business.

However, handling this resource is an art not mastered by many. Hence, specialists are hired in the company to make sure the workforce is satisfied and provides its 100% to the company.

But this specialisation of handling human resource better often comes with experience. But you can always start with a course.

Here are the 8 best HR courses to help you succeed in the venture of acquiring more skills.

The Rundown

  1. For The Beginners: Introduction to Human Resource Concepts, “A perfect course for anyone who wants to learn the intricacies of recruitment, selection, and orientation processes; performance appraisals; and legal issues in HR management.”
  2. To Become A Certified Professional: Certification Prep: Professional in Human Resources (PHR)®, “A specialised course designed specially to help you prepare for the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI®) Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification.”
  3. By The Experts: Leading: Human Resource Management and Leadership Specialization, “A course by the experts from Macquarie University teaching you key strategies to know your people and organisation better and harness your team’s diversity to increase the output.”
  4. To Understand And Use HR Analytics: People Analytics, “An highly specialised course offered by Wharton to help business leaders learn the data-driven approach to managing people at work.”
  5. Learn To Recruit Better: Recruiter Training - Hire Top Employees in 30 days, “A highly recommended course used by big corporates like EY, IBM, Tata, eBay, etc to train their HR managers to learn the art of evaluating and recruiting better.”
  6. To Learn The Art Of Interviewing: INTERVIEW TRAINING: Ask Better Questions, Hire Better People, “A course designed specifically to teach the best interview process and strategies to avoid mistakes and errors and increase accuracy of hiring decisions.”
  7. To Ace Talent Management: World-Class HR: 21st Century Talent Management, “A well-developed course explaining and teaching the scope of modern human resource management that includes talent management, retaining, and grooming.”
  8. To Learn The Art Of Virtual Team Management: How to Manage & Influence Your Virtual Team, “A great course to learn the art of virtual team management by increasing trust and accountability."

Recommended Human Resource Courses

human resource course

Take this course if you're new to human resource management and want to learn the fundamental meanings and techniques of recruiting, appointment, orientation, training, motivation, and talent management.

The course is very-well formulated and the instructor even relates the course to different workplaces to explain the content better.

Professional in Human Resources

For those looking for a career in HR, Professional in Human Resources® (PHR®) certification is something that can make you stand apart from the crowd of applicants.

Clearing the exam demonstrates your mastery of the technical and operational aspects of HR management. 

However, take this course only if you're planning to give the exam, and only if you -

  • Have at least one year of experience in a professional-level HR position a Master’s degree or higher,
  • Have at least two years of experience in a professional-level HR position a Bachelor’s degree, or
  • Have at least four years of experience in a professional-level HR position a high school diploma.
Leading: Human Resource Management and Leadership Specialisation

A 4-course long specialisation focused on transforming you into an adaptable leader who is ready to face the challenges of a disruptive workplace. Offered by Macquarie University, the specalisation teaches you - 

  • To overcome the challenge of understanding your organisation better and deliver on its strategic objectives
  • To get a deeper understanding of the workforce and communicate with them in a way they appreciate.
  • To develop a more transformational, authentic and inclusive leadership style to harness the team's diversity and use teamwork to increase the output.
  • To develop a compelling vision for the workplace and communicate the same by strengthning your personal leadership style.


People Analytics

To Understand And Use HR Analytics:

A great course for those who are driven by the use of data in every aspect of the business. This course, offered by The Wharton School, provides you with an overview of how you can use deep analysis of data to make better decisions about the people of your organisation.

The course is divided into four parts and focuses on explaining how data and sophisticated analysis is used to perform human resources tasks like recruiting, performance evaluation, leadership, hiring and promotion, job design, compensation, and collaboration better.

recruitment course

A very comprehensive course-cum-training offered by expert and experienced recruiters, focused on how to create a talent ecosystem in the workplace and hire better, faster, and more efficiently.

The best thing about this course is that the instructor has streamlined the recruitment process based on his experience and skill, and teaches the same using practical exercises so you can develop your own version of such repeatable recruitment process.

The course includes very detailed guides related all the aspects of recruiting - from developing a job description, marketing the job evaluating the applications, contacting candidates, developing a talent pipeline, and even screening and assessing the candidates in the early stages.

Interview course

Bad decisions during recruitment costs the company a lot, and bad interviews contribute a lot to such bad decisions.

This course helps you learn the better art of interviewing so you can minimise the errors, improve your hiring accuracy and transform the way your company interviews talent.

It's a small 1.5 hours long course-cum-guide to help you -

  • Overcome your interviewer bias,
  • Spot liars and fakes in your hiring process,
  • Provide better insightful post-interview insights,
  • Know better when the applicant tries to outsmart you.

Besides the detailed lectures, the course also comes with tools, templates, and practical exercises to help you  identify common interviewing challenges and make better hiring decisions.

Talent management course

Human resource management in the 20th century isn't limited to just recruiting, hiring, and staffing. It now involves creating leaders out of the talent pool you currently have in the organisation. This requires you to learn the art of talent management. 

This HR course is designed specifically to teach you the intricacies of talent management - 

  • Hiring talents and not just workforce
  • Developing an environment of leadership within the organisation
  • Learning the art of integrated talent management
  • Understanding performance management
  • Developing a culture of continous learning within the organisation
  • Using big data and analytics to manage human resource better
  • Developing an evolved workplace that's ready for modern hurdles
Virtual HR course

To Learn The Art Of Virtual Team Management

Companies are taking their office to the virtual world. Even though this saves a lot of resources, it becomes a task of the managers to handle workforce virtually and get work done in the manner it was done before.

This is a National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) CPE accredited course that teaches you the art of managing and influencing your virtual team by increasing trust and accountability, and better output.

Through this course, you'll learn - 

  • The Psychology of Communication in Virtual Teams
  • Principles of Behavior Change
  • Tactics and strategies to influence and persuade team members better
  • Building an environment of trust among the virtual teams
  • Handling virtual meetinge effectively
  • Evaluating, choosing, and using the technology better to get better output.

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