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The 5 Best Instagram Marketing Courses On The Internet

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If you plan to target the young audience, especially Generation Z, Instagram should be your go-to marketing channel. It doesn’t matter if you sell shoes or a totally disruptive SAAS product, your audience does use Instagram and will find you if you reach to them in the right way.

This right way, however, is either discovered through experience or you can take an Instagram marketing course for the same.

Unfortunately, we can’t help you much with the former. For the latter, however, here’s a list of the best 5 Instagram marketing courses on the internet.

The Rundown

  1. To Learn The Basics Of Instagram: Instagram Marketing 2020: Complete Guide To Instagram Growth, ‘A comprehensive course covering everything related to organic and paid marketing on Instagram. It comes with over 50 downloadable resources too.
  2. A Comprehensive Course-Cum-Guide:  Instagram Marketing 2020: Hashtags, Live, Stories, Ads & More, ‘A course for the beginners to understand how the Instagram ecosystem works.’
  3. To Learn The Tools And Strategies Of Instagram Marketing: Marketing Your Business On Instagram, ‘A business oriented Instagram marketing course with focus on teaching tested strategies using built-in and third party tools. The course also teaches you to develop your own Instagram marketing strategy for your business.’
  4. To Excel In Instagram Advertising: Advertising On Instagram, ‘A comprehensive Instagram advertising course by the experts to help you build campaigns with better ROI.’
  5. Understand And Ace Instagram Influencer Marketing Strategy: Influencer Marketing Strategy, ‘An course by the experts teaching the art and science of influencer marketing and what makes it work.’

Recommended Instagram Marketing Courses

instagram marketing course

A perfect course for beginners to understand the intricacies of Instagram marketing and get the most out of Instagram for Business. The course focuses on teaching - 

  • How to develop a branded Instagram profile
  • How the Instagram algorithm works
  • How to use Instagram to grow your followers and business
  • How the basic Instagram features work
  • How Instagram ads work
  • How to monetise your Instagram account
instagram marketing course

A comprehensive course for the business owners developed with a step-by-step methodology to help beginners understand everything rather than just teaching strategies without explaining the 'why' behind them. You'll learn - 

  • How to create a branded Instagram account
  • Understand the the platform specific and growth marketing jargon associated with Instagram
  • Plan, design, and develop cost & time effective long-term content strategy
  • Integrate and use effective third party Instagram marketing tools like Pablo, Buffer, Later, Iconosquare & HypeAuditor
  • Using tools like Photoshop and Premiere Pro to develop custom images and videos
  • Find sources for organic traffic
  • Identify, research, and pick the best hashtags for posts
  • Understand Instagram monetisation methods
  • Using Instagram to generate and monetise leads

The course has over 23 hours of on-demand videos and over 165 custom resources & guides to help you start from scratch and grow an account to 20k, 40k, even 100k followers.

instagram marketing course

To Learn The Tools And Strategies Of Instagram Marketing:

An expert led course that focuses on teaching you how to implement real-life marketing strategies like competitor analysis, review and control, running A/B tests, etc. in the Instagram ecosystem. 

This course is for the perfectionists who believe Instagram marketing is no less than marketing on other channels. Moreover, the course also teaches you the basics and other uses of Instagram for marketing like using Instagram embeds on websites to increase reach, Instagram bot accounts, etc. 

instagram marketing course

To Excel In Instagram Advertising:

A course designed especially to teach how to advertise better on Instagram. You'll learn the ins and outs of advertising on Instagram -

  • How to develop engaging content for the ads
  • What are the types of ads you can choose from
  • How to target better
  • How to build a Instagram advertising campaign
  • How to leverage Facebook Ads manager for Instagram marketing

You'll also learn the art of learning from the current analytics and building better ads with better ROI over time.

instagram marketing course

Understand And Ace Instagram Influencer Marketing Strategy:

Instagram is the reason why influencer marketing rose at the first place. This course teaches you the nitty gritty of such influencer marketing strategy to engage internal and industry experts with active networks to help achieve measurable business goals. 

You'll learn -

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