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Bolster your marketing and sales prowess with our comprehensive Marketing & Sales Guides section, featuring a wealth of resources designed to help you excel in both disciplines. Covering a diverse range of topics, from digital marketing strategies and content creation to lead generation and closing techniques, these practical guides provide step-by-step instructions, best practices, and expert insights to help you create impactful campaigns and drive sales performance. Ideal for entrepreneurs, marketing and sales professionals, and business enthusiasts, the Marketing & Sales Guides section empowers you with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive in today’s competitive business environment and achieve lasting success.

Contributing Authors

  1. The D2C Marketing Guide
  2. Developing A Software Marketing Strategy [Detailed Guide]
  3. The 6 Proven Video Marketing Strategies
  4. 12 Actionable Ways To Improve Customer Satisfaction
  5. How To Build A Sales Funnel For Your Business?
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  8. 15 Psychological Tricks Big Brands Use To Sell More
  9. TikTok Marketing: An Actionable Guide
  10. How To Deal With Difficult Customers – 7 Psychological Hacks
  11. What Is Buyer’s Remorse & How To Avoid It? [Complete Guide]
  12. How To Harness The Power Of Network Effects [Actionable Guide]
  13. 6 Proven Customer Acquisition Strategies To Win Customers
  14. Good & Bad Advertising Slogans (And How To Differentiate Between Them)
  15. The First Successful Repositioning In History
  16. SaaS Marketing: A How-To Guide
  17. What Is Net Promoter Score (NPS)? – A Guide
  18. How To Create An Influencer Marketing Strategy?
  19. Customer Friction | What Is It & How Do You Reduce It?
  20. Place marketing: Strategies & Real-World Examples
  21. Measuring Influencer Marketing ROI
  22. Storytelling In Sales: A Detailed Guide
  23. Social Selling: A Detailed Guide For Beginners
  24. LinkedIn Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide
  25. How To Sell On eBay: A Detailed Guide
  26. How To Sell On Facebook: A Detailed Guide
  27. The 10 Types Of Logos Explained
  28. Questionnaire: Definition, Types, Examples & How To Design
  29. Brand Building: How To Build A Brand For Your Business
  30. WhatsApp Marketing – An Actionable Guide
  31. WiFi Marketing – What Is It & How It Benefits Retail Business?
  32. What Is A Giveaway: A How-To Guide
  33. What Is Long Tail In Marketing? | Long Tail Theory Explained
  34. 13 Actionable Branding Tips For Startups
  35. The Ultimate Guide To Cold Emailing
  36. Creating An Effective Brand Identity: The Ultimate Guide
  37. 5 Genius Examples Of Memes In Marketing
  38. Customer Loyalty Programs: Your Complete Guide
  39. Client Gifting – Psychology, Importance, Do’s & Don’ts
  40. The Psychology Behind Subscription Boxes
  41. Visual Merchandising: The Ultimate How-To Guide
  42. The Secret To An Effective Advertising Campaign
  43. What Is Showrooming? [Detailed Guide]
  44. Social Validation – Decoding The Psychology Behind It
  45. Generation Z vs Millennials: The Big 5 Differences
  46. Why Is (now Tik Tok) A Hit?
  47. 8 Effective Ways To Promote Your Mobile Application
  48. 5 Simple & Effective Brainstorming Techniques
  49. The 7 Stages Of Restaurant Marketing
  50. Game Marketing For Beginners
  51. How To Negotiate Like A Pro
  52. The Art Of Demand Creation
  53. Retailtainment: Your Complete Guide
  54. Social Shopping: A Quick Guide To Social Commerce
  55. The Attention Monetization
  56. What Makes Something Go Viral? The Psychology Of Virality
  57. The Psychology of Ownership in Marketing
  58. 10 Psychology Tips for Social Media Marketing
  59. 10 Brilliant Examples of AI in Marketing
  60. Diamonds Are Not Rare, They Are Just Expensive | De beers Diamond Marketing Strategy
  61. 9 Reasons why Digital Marketing Strategies Fail
  62. Why Brands Fail? Reasons for Brand Failure
  63. Why Brand Name Matters? How To Choose A Great Band Name
  64. What Is Meme Marketing? Everything You Should Know
  65. Font Psychology For Logo Design [Complete Guide]
  66. Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Marketplace
  67. Psychology Of Shapes In Logo Design
  68. Psychology of Colours in Marketing and Branding