The 6 Best AI Voice Cloning Tools

Few years ago, if someone told you that AI would advance to the point that it could hear your voice and replicate it, you probably would have dismissed it as something straight out of a sci-fi movie. However, thanks to the tremendous progress made in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), this extraordinary concept has now become an actual, tangible reality.

Today, AI cloning tools have emerged, possessing the astonishing capability to not only replicate human speech patterns but also mimic voices with uncanny precision. But among the numerous AI cloning tools at your disposal, how to decide which ones are truly best suited for your needs? 

To help you decide, we bring you a tightly-curated list of six best ai voice cloning softwares, each with its own special features and applications. 

Whether you want to sound like a famous celebrity, bring a unique voice to a cartoon character using your own speech, speak in a different language, or explore other creative possibilities, these AI voice cloning tools will help you transform your voice in extraordinary ways.


  1. Your Creative AI Voice Toolkit: ElevenLabs, “With Eleven Labs, you can clone voices from samples, clone your own voice or design entirely new synthetic voices from scratch.”
  2. To Create AI Voice In Any Style:, “This tool allows you to create a voice in any speaking style. The best part? You don’t need studio-quality audio to generate your near-perfect voice clone.”
  3. To Replicate Voices For Any Media Project: Respeecher, “ From a Hollywood movie to an engaging video game, Respeechers replicates every aspect of your target voice to create a spot-on match.”
  4. Localise Your Custom AI Voice: Resemble, “With Resemble’s generative AI voice engine, you can dub your native voice into 62 languages to reach a broader audience.”
  5. A Complete AI Voice Solution: Murf, “Murf offers advanced voice synthesis, editing, and visual timing features to help you create high-quality audio cloning in a matter of minutes.”
  6. To Change Your Voice In Real-Time For Free:, “With, you can change your own voice in real-time to create custom AI recordings that too for FREE! Plus, you can also access thousands of user-generated voices shared in the community. ”

How We Found The Best AI Voice Cloning Tools

Upon conducting thorough research on the internet, we identified the top AI voice cloning software available online. Here’s an overview of all the key factors that we considered before making our choice:

  1. First-hand experience: Before anything else, we made it a point to test every single one of these ai cloning tools to understand their capabilities, functions and user experience. 
  2. Feature comparison: We carefully assessed the features and functionalities offered by each ai voice cloning software. We examined their ability to clone voices from samples, create synthetic voices, generate voices in different speaking styles, dub native voices in other languages and more. 
  3. Voice quality assessment: We ensured each of these voice cloning software produces high-quality voice clones that capture all the nuances and emotions in speech, ensuring the results sound just as real as the original voice. 
  4. Ease of use: We assessed the usability and intuitiveness of these voice cloning tools, considering factors such as user interfaces, documentation, and the level of customer support provided. 
  5. Language support: We examined the language capabilities of each tool to see whether they meet the users’ diverse language needs. 
  6. Real-time voice modification: We recognised the demand for real-time voice modification, evaluated tools and chose the ones that allowed users to change their voices in real-time. 

By incorporating these factors into our evaluation process, we were able to gather valuable insights into the overall effectiveness of each AI voice cloning tool.

Recommended AI Voice Cloning Tools

Eleven labs AI Voice Cloning Tool

Your Creative AI Voice Toolkit


ElevenLabs is an AI speech software that can generate high-quality spoken audio. With the software’s advanced learning model, you can generate voices that have human-like intonation and inflections, as if a real person is speaking in the first place.

Whether you're a content creator, a short story writer, or a video game developer, this tool can bring your stories to life with vibrant narration and even give each character a unique voice. 

What’s more, you can also use this voice cloning tool to convert written content into engaging, professional, spoken content. With its Speech Synthesis, the tool lets you voice anything from a single sentence to a whole book that, too, in impeccable quality. And it does so by comprehending the logic and emotions behind words. So, instead of generating sentences individually, it considers how each sentence connects to the ones before and after it. This "zoomed-out" perspective helps the AI to naturally express longer pieces of text with appropriate intonation and purpose.

But that’s not all! With its Voice Lab, the software goes beyond traditional text-to-speech (T-T-S) capabilities. You can create entirely new synthetic voices from scratch. The software’s voice cloning model learns any speech profile based on just a minute of audio without needing any sort of extensive training. You can craft voices that have never been spoken before and be as creative as possible with your projects. 

And coming in Q2 2023, the platform is introducing Projects, a dedicated workstation designed for directing and editing narration. With Projects, you'll have full control over the creative process, from adjusting pacing and inserting pauses to assigning specific speakers to particular sections. 

Overall, ElevenLabs is easily one of the most advanced and multipurpose speech tools available online. So, if you want to get super creative with your audio production, ElevenLabs can definitely help you with that.


To Create AI Voice In Any Style is a generative AI voice cloning tool that can help you create human-like speech in any voice and speaking style. Whether you’re looking for preppy and lively audio for an advertisement or need a gentle and soothing voiceover for a guided meditation youtube video, lets you create high-quality voices that are 99% accurate to their real human voices, capturing the unique accent and all the subtle nuances. 

The best part? You don’t need any professional equipment to get started. All you have to do is upload a 1-hour speech with no background music or noise. If you’re cloning your own voice, you’ll have to record consent and upload your voice recordings. Once you upload all the audio recordings, the platform’s AI will begin cloning your voice. The cloning process usually takes 3-4 hours. 

Once the cloning process is over, you can then start using the voice through the platform’s online text-to-speech editor or the API to create your own voice samples. You can export them as individual audio clips or even as a single file in high-quality WAV format.

Besides voice cloning, you can also use to generate realistic Text to Speech (TTS) audio using the online AI Voice Generator and the platform’s growing library of 907 natural-sounding TTS voices.

Respeecher AI Voice Cloning Tool

To Replicate Voices For Any Media Project


From Hollywood movie studios to game developers, Respeecher’s voice cloning tool will give you full creative control over your media projects all while ensuring impeccable quality in the final results. 

Respeecher uses AI and machine learning to understand all the aspects of a person’s voice. Things like tone, rhythm, and even the way they pronounce a word. Based on this analysis, the tool masters every aspect of your target voice to create a spot-on match.

For instance, let's say you have an audio recording of someone speaking, but you wish to make it sound like a different person’s voice. Maybe you’d like to make it sound like an older person, or of a different gender, or even with a different accent. Respeecher can help you transform the original recording to match your desired voice characteristics. 

But what’s really incredible is that Respeecher can also generate completely synthetic speech that sounds just like a specific person. The software can create new audio content using the voice of someone who hasn't even said those specific words before.

Respeecher’s technology has a lot of practical applications too. For instance, Respeecher is used to dub movies or TV series in different languages while still keeping the original actor’s voice. 

In addition to the advanced voice manipulation and synthesis technology, Respeecher also has its own marketplace where you can access a collection of over 60 natural, human-like voices. 

Filmmakers, TV producers, game developers, advertisers, podcasters, and content creators of all kinds can benefit greatly from the capabilities offered by Respeecher.

Resemble AI Voice Cloning Tool

Source: Guru

Localise Your Custom AI Voice


Resemble can help you create unique, dynamic and iterable voice content. But what truly sets this voice cloning tool apart is its ability to convert your voice into any language without providing any data. With Resemble’s generative AI engine, you can dub your voice upto 62 different languages. 

Another great thing about this tool is that you only need to record your voice once in your native language. Resemble’s neural text-to-speech engine will then take that recording and play it back in any language you choose. 

If you’re a game developer, you can give your characters custom AI voices that work across multiple languages. And if you’re in the film industry, you can use neural text-to-speech to expand your actors' reach by translating the content into different languages. 

But Resemble’s use case is not just limited to games and films. The tool is perfect for advertising too. Plus, call centres can scale their IVR systems with synthetic voices in any language using Resemble's generative AI voice engine. It's all programmable through their API, making it incredibly convenient.

With Resemble's custom AI voices, you can also reach and engage with a wider audience on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and more. And as for companies that are spread across the globe, you can interact and provide corporate training in their local language. 


A Complete AI Voice Solution


Murf is an AI voice solution platform that can help you create human-like voice clones, complete with different emotions such as anger, sadness, happiness and more. With Murf, you can take a single recording and generate infinite voiceovers. Whether you need a voice for advertisements, interactive voice response (IVR) systems, or characters in games and animation, you can easily generate the perfect AI voice clone.

The best part about Murf is that it lets you customise your AI voice clone according to your specific requirements. You can adjust the pitch, tone, speed, and more. And if you wish to make any changes in between, you can easily do so without having to re-record the entire voiceover. 

When you sign up with Murf, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager who will be at your disposal to guide you through the entire process, from getting started to any other support you need. 

What’s more, Murf, gives you 24/7 access to your cloned voices so that you can scale up your content generation seamlessly. You also get access to Murf studio, offering features like adding soundtracks in the background and the ability to control pitch, speed, pause, and pronunciation. 

So if you’re in search of a comprehensive AI voice solution platform, then look no further than Murf. AI Voice Cloning Tool

To Change Your Voice In Real-Time For Free

If you’re looking to change your voice in real time for free, then's voice cloning tool is the ideal choice. What sets apart is its proprietary AI voice-changing technology which has been trained on a massive database of 15 million unique users. 

Unlike simple voice filters or voice modulators, with you can completely transform your voice however you want, even eliminating the limitations of converting between male and female voices. The AI voice changer will convert speech in real time while preserving the emotions, emphasis, and speech patterns of the original voice. Plus, the platform’s user-friendly interface makes it easily accessible to everyone.

But is not just about voice changing, it also lets you create your own voice clones. Plus, the platform has its own Voice Universe Library, which has thousands of different user-generated voices for you to choose from. 

So, whether you’re a game developer looking to sound your characters or a content creator who wants to surprise their followers by sounding like a famous celebrity on live-stream, with you can create a whole new vocal identity that too for completely FREE!