10 Best Social Media Post Generators

Social media has become an essential part of our daily lives. Billions of people use social media platforms to connect with others, share content, and stay current on the latest news and trends.

As a result, businesses and individuals have recognised the importance of maintaining an active presence across social media platforms to reach their target audience and engage with them.

However, consistently creating fresh and engaging content can be a challenge, especially with the rapidly changing demands of our fast-paced lifestyles.

This is where social media post generators come in. These tools offer a convenient and efficient way to create high-quality content for different social media platforms in various formats.

Here is a list of social media post generators you can explore and use based on your needs.


  1. A Complete Social Media Post Generator - ChatGPT, “An AI chatbot designed to follow commands and assist the user with content creation for various social media channels. It can easily brainstorm ideas, generate captions, create carousel slide content, and perform other tasks.”
  2. All-In-One Social Media Post Generator - Simplified, “A 360-degree tool that simplifies content creation for all social media platforms that assist in brainstorming, post creation, scheduling posts for all channels.”
  3. To Overcome Writer’s Block - Copy.ai, “A tool that generates multiple ideas for all social media posts across various channels, based on the user's query, to help overcome writer's block.”
  4. For Instagram Carousel - Predis.ai, “An app for e-commerce and other businesses that simplifies creating carousels with text, images, and other social media posts with just one line of text input and schedule posts directly within the app.”
  5. Linkedin Social Media Post Generator - Jasper, “An application with expertly trained PAS, AIDA and more templates to create LinkedIn posts and captions that build the brand voice and strengthen the connection.”
  6. Pinterest Social Media Post Generator - Visme, “A tool with thousands of templates to make intuitive infographics and pin-worthy visuals that keeps the user’s boards fresh and highly engaging for the audience.”
  7. Youtube Content Generator - Anyword, “A tool that helps to generate Youtube intros, description and ideas in user’s preferred styles to craft attention-grabbing youtube content that stops viewers in their tracks.”
  8. Social Media Image Generator - Midjourney, “An AI text-to-image tool that creates images (with any character) on the user’s prompts based on their imagination.”
  9. Social Media Videos Generator - Invideo, “A tool that allows users to create videos using pre-made templates or converting text-to-video for the social media platform.”
  10. To Create Social Media Posts With Images - Radaar, “An AI tool that creates several images with captions and hashtags for social media for one prompt.”

Recommended Social Media Post Generators


A Complete Social Media Post Generator


An instruct AI chatbot for marketers, individuals, social media enthusiasts and anyone who wants to generate content in various styles and formats, including social media posts.

The AI is trained to generate engaging and effective posts for various social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

You can chat and instruct the AI to generate complete social media posts for different components of a post, including the headline, body text, hashtags, and call-to-action. You can also ask the ChatGPT to generate carousel slide content and captions.

Additionally, you can also tailor the language and tone of the post to fit your brand voice and target audience by training it with your pre-written content.


All-In-One Social Media Post Generator


An AI tool design and collaboration platform for modern marketing teams and agencies to simplify the social media post-generation process. You can create fast and on-brand content across all channels.

With access to millions of free images, royalty-free audio clips, videos, illustrations, and more, you can effortlessly plan, publish and analyse all your social media in one place. This comprehensive tool allows you to edit, transcribe, subtitle with translations, remix your videos, reels, and youtube shorts, generate social media post content, brainstorm ideas, and more.

You can create unlimited workspaces and collaborate to streamline your workflow if you are a small team or have a huge workforce.

Besides, using their various templates tailored for different channels, scheduler, link shortener, chrome extension, and more features, you can efficiently supercharge your content creation and design graphics in one place.

Simplified is a time-saving and all-in-one tool your team can use to write, design, schedule social media posts, and collaborate.


To Overcome Writer’s Block


A perfect tool for social media managers, copywriters, and businesses who want new ideas for their social media posts daily but face a bottleneck.

The software offers more than sixteen tools to generate social media posts, from which you can use brainstorming tools such as ‘freestyle’, ‘crazy Youtube ideas,’ and more. They can help you overcome writer's block and generate better post ideas related to your industry and niche.

Once you have developed an idea bank, you can use Copy.ai’s other templates to write social media content, caption, generate hashtags, and post them.


For Instagram Carousels


The tool is for ecommerce businesses, companies, and social media managers who want to create carousels and other social media posts for various channels for different clients.

When you are stuck on choosing the right images, creating a cohesive design, and balancing content for the carousel, you can use Predis.ai to create a carousel for Instagram. With minimum input of just four words, you can get all the carousel slides with image, design, and content in seconds.

However, if you want to edit those slides, you can do it easily with its edit feature and post them directly on Instagram or schedule them.

If writing and designing a carousel burns a lot of your time, you can use Predis to generate appealing carousels with minimum inputs.


Linkedin Social Media Post Generator


Jasper is a well-thought-of tool for professionals, businesses, and writers to create valuable LinkedIn content that grabs the audience's attention.

But, writing captivating and persuasive LinkedIn posts, which are mostly an important part of marketing and sales growth, can take time and a lot of creativity.

Thus, with the help of Jasper's templates trained by experts, you can create LinkedIn posts that add value and provide insights to the audience. These posts developed using expert templates will help to build a brand's voice, strengthen your connections, and ultimately push prospects down the sales funnel.

You can use different templates like LinkedIn post generator, AIDA, PAS, and more with selective tones to create informative, skimmable, and engaging posts for LinkedIn with a strong hook to engage and convert the audience.


Pinterest Social Media Post Generator


Visme is a tool for marketers, non-designers, and content developers who spend hours creating Pinterest posts manually. This Pinterest post generator uses text-to-image generator to help you create pinterest posts at bulk.

Irrespective of your industry or niche, Visme can help you create analytical infographics, invites, how-to guides, reports, recipes, or more.  

And it isn't limited to just social media graphics. There are also tools to create videos, charts and graphs, mockups, and even infographics - all that work well on Pinterest.

The best part? You also get access to thousands of free icons and vectors, stock photos, data visual templates, and Pinterest templates that already perform well on the platform.

So. if you want to make visually appealing visuals for your Pinterest board that are pin-worthy, you can easily try Visme.


Youtube Content Generator


Anyword is created to help marketers, businesses, and individuals who acknowledge that the title and description of a video can greatly impact its success. As, an irresistible title and description is the only device that lures in your audience and compels them to click play on your video. However, crafting catchy and captivating titles and descriptions can be a challenge.

Thus to overcome this writer's block, you can use Anyword AI to create compelling titles and descriptions for your youtube video. These clickable titles and descriptions can increase the chances of getting more clicks and views for your videos.

You can use different templates for the use cases and create catchy titles and click-worthy SEO-optimised descriptions to help you rank high and get more clicks.

If you want to create titles and descriptions that make your videos rank higher in search results and hook your subscribers and audience, you can take the help of Anyword in the same.


Social Media Image Generator


Midjourney is an art generation AI launched in mid-2022 but already has several images floating on the internet. It is a tool for non-designers who want to create images (even hypothetical) out of just text prompts.

The bot runs on Discord and also has a free trial. Using the newbie's room and typing'/imagine' and entering your prompt, for instance, 'cute dog reading a business magazine', will get you an image you can share across channels.

You can use and add any prompt you want to add to get the desired image.

Using Midjourney, you can easily create professional book covers for novels, illustrate series, create professional products like cards, tee-shirts, and decks, or just have fun creating generative art.


Social Media Videos Generator


It is a cloud-based video editing and animation tool that enables marketers and individuals to create professional-looking videos easily and quickly, even when they have not done it before.

You can use 5000+ professionally designed pre-made templates to create:

  • How-to tutorial videos
  • Presentations
  • Educational videos
  • Testimonials videos
  • Promotional videos and more

You can use any template and customise it for your brand. You can create videos of various lengths and in several resolutions to share across the channels using the drag-drop-replace actions.

However, you can also use the text-to-video template to make the AI create videos for you by analysing your inputs. It also has to resize, cropping, and adding text and stickers features to help you create platform-agnostic engaging videos for your audience.

If you want to create high-quality videos and use the full power of videos to grow your brand without spending hours and avoiding the learning curve, you can use Invideo. Its dense features will enable you to create high-quality videos in minutes with minimal input.


To Create Social Media Posts With Images


An AI social media post generator tool that uses AI to generate social media posts for businesses and individuals.

It allows users to create and schedule social media posts across various platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others.

You can input as minimum as two words into the query section, and using its machine learning algorithms, Radaar will create several social media posts for you. You can choose one' media provider' out of six to get the content and image for your post. By clicking on 'Generate', you will receive six responses, each with an image, hook, and caption with hashtags. You can use any image, caption with hashtag, and hook with any of the generated responses.

Moreover, you can also schedule or directly post the generated post from the app itself.

If you want to generate basic post captions with images for different channels, you can use RADAAR to help you.