The 8 Best Startup Naming Tools

A startup is much more than a disruptive idea. It is the endless line of meetings, the hard-earned seed fund, and tedious marketing strategies; it is your constant hard work, even in seemingly insignificant tasks like choosing a name.

Name is the first thing someone hears about your company. So, to ensure a good first impression, you need to pick a suitable name for your startup. Like other entrepreneurship-related jobs, this isn’t easy either.

Your startup’s name should be short, unique, and brandable. It should be available with the .com domain extension and you should be able to trademark it. With so many specifications to bear in mind, brainstorming isn’t enough. You need a tool to guide you with the process.

Here we have a curated list of 8 startup naming tools to help you pick the right name for your business.


  • To get names created by professionals Squadhelp: Disruptive Naming Agency, ‘A community-powered platform where real people give creative ideas for your startup name, tagline, and logo.’
  • To brainstorm effectively  Ideaboardz: Brainstorm, Retrospect, Collaborate, ‘A collaboration tool that helps you brainstorm ideas with your team even when you are not physically together.’
  • To create names out of a keyword Namelix: AI-Powered Naming Tool, ‘An AI-driven business name generator that creates short catchy names based on the keywords and specifications provided by the user.’
  • To create catchy made-up words Wordoid: Get a Short Catchy Name for Your Business, ‘A platform that uses AI to create catchy and natural-sounding names from a root word after considering the specifications provided.’
  • To check the availability of names across 600+ domain extensions – Instant Domain Search: Instantly Check Domain Availability, ‘An AI-powered tool that checks the availability of a domain name across different extensions and generates closely related names as well. The platform conducts aftermarket sales as well.’
  • To check the availability of names for websites and different social platforms Namchk: Username, Domain and Trademark Search, ‘An AI-powered tool that effectively assesses the availability of a brand name for the website and social media handles.’
  • For a low-cost domain registration  Cloudflare Registrar: New Domain Registration, ‘A platform that registers domain names with top-level domains (TLDs) like .com, .net, and .org securely and economically. The website doesn’t charge commission for its services and is about 30-50% cheaper than other domain registrars.’
  • For a trademark registration  Nominus: Trademark Registration Services, ‘The platform brings together specialized local Attorneys to assist you in trademarking your brand by filing and processing your application.’

Recommended Startup Naming Tools



Squadhelp is a community-driven ‘disruptive’ naming agency that provides names, taglines, logos, and other services like business cards, stationery, and trademark filing. Here, real people suggest regular and premium domain names so that you can secure authentic names with minimum legal risks.

This platform works in three ways:

  • Crowdsourcing – The main element of Squadhelp is its community of creative experts who suggest names for your business. They are automatically checked for availability. You can work with the community to choose the best name for your business.
  • Branding Team – Squadhelps branding team has a pre-curated list of authentic brand names from which you can instantly choose one. They come with a complimentary URL and logo design.
  • Managed Contests – Here, the platform’s branding consultants collaborate with the creative community to provide you with a completely professional experience.

Besides, Squadhelp offers these services at an incredibly low price with its bundle packages.



Ideaboardz is a collaboration tool that helps you to cooperate effectively with your team and brainstorm to find creative names for your startup.

The platform allows you to create an idea board whose link you can share with your team and then, everyone can make changes to it. So, the whole team can join and deliberate over the prospective name of the company.



One of the best startup naming platforms, Namelix uses artificial intelligence to generate unique catchy names. It works on the keywords and specifications provided to create brandable names for your startup.

Generating names on this platform is a three-(stepped) process:

  • Enter the keyword,
  • Choose the length of your prospective startup name which can be 3-6 letters, 6-12 letters, and 12+ letters,
  • Select the style of the name; for example, you can have real words like Apple and Amazon, foreign terms like Toyota and Audi, or misspellings like Lyft and Flickr.

Generate the list of names best suited for your business and save the ones you like. Namelix’s receptive algorithm considers your preferences to give better recommendations.



Wordoids are made-up words created to describe new concepts. This platform uses artificial intelligence to invent creative and natural-sounding names automagically.

Type in a keyword, choose your preferred language, and adjust the quality level to generate a list of startup name ideas you might like. Wordoid also lets you select the length of the names and checks if the domains are available with the .com extension.

For instance, a high-quality English word starting with ‘coffee’ may be Coffeeding or Coffeesty. A high-quality English word ending in ‘comb’ is Welcomb or Miscomb. Despite being AI generated, these words sound pretty much real. Wordoid is a great tool for those who want to get creative with their startup’s name.

instant domain search

Instant Domain Search

Instant Domain Search is a multi-utility AI-driven platform that generates domain names, checks their availability across 600+ extensions, and indulges in their aftermarket sales.

  • This platform checks the domain name as you type, thus, giving quick results.
  • It assesses the availability of the name for more than 600 extensions. They include:
    • Popular extensions (like .com, .ai, and .org)
    • Business extensions (like .cafe, .club, and .build)
    • Government extensions (like . vote, . army, and .fund)
    • Country specific extensions (like .in,, and
    •  Finance extensions (like .cash, .sale, and .win) among others.
  • Its domain name generator modifies your search to generate other closely related names.
  • This tool scours the web to get you domains that are up for auction (aftermarket sales) or are about to expire and land into the market.

The platform’s unique algorithm, efficient user interface, and capable software make it one of the best startup naming platforms for you. Try and witness its efficiency first hand.

namechk branding tool


Namechk checks the availability of your preferred brand name across 36 domain extensions and 84 social networking platforms. It also lets you bid for your preferred domain extension.

Building a brand demands consistency. To ensure that, you must choose a name that is available not only for the domain extension of your choice but also on most of the popular social networking and bookmarking sites. Namechk scours around 100 social sites and allows you to do just that.

Cloudflare registrar

Cloudflare Registrar

Cloudflare is one of the most secure and economical domain registrars out there that charges almost 30-50% less than the others.

Domain registrars charge you for registration as well as their commission. Since Cloudflare forgoes the latter and also does not take renewal charges, it turns out to be about half as pricey as other domain registrars. Its focus on backend security measures and efficient customer support make it the first choice of new entrepreneurs.



Nominus is a platform that helps you register for a trademark in the countries and regions of your choice. It brings together experienced local Attorneys who personally handle each application.

The trademark Attorneys analyse the registration probability and decide how to go about the process. Then, they file a trademark application, which, if accepted, gets you a Certificate of Trademark Registration.

Nominus also comes equipped with an admin panel so that you can track your application.