The 10 Best Legal Tools & Services For Startups

Starting something on your own is always an exciting idea. But with great startup ideas, come great responsibilities. Understanding and fulfilling the legal responsibilities like idea protection, registrations, patents, trademarks, copyrights, privacy policy, terms of service, legal agreements, etc. should be among the top priorities of any entrepreneur.

Here’s a list of the 12 best legal tools and resources for startups to help you succeed in your venture.



Pitchmark helps you prevent idea theft when you’re pitching the idea to the clients. All you need to do is register on pitchmark, generate a pitchmark certificate which states that the idea belongs to you, include it in the idea presentation files, and send the files using the pitchmark platform.

If your idea is stolen even after following these methods, the company’s global legal network helps you fight for your right.

rocket lawyer

Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawer was founded with a motive of making legal simple, affordable, and available. Use Rocket Lawer for millions of free legal documents, information, and advice. You can also use their service to incorporate your business in minutes, create legal documents by answering few questions, get legal advice, and get your documents reviewed by a lawyer.

You can access the documents for free on Rocket Lawyer or purchase any of their legal service a la carte. However, we advise new entrepreneurs to choose their premium plan ($39.99 per month) which lets them get all the legal services for free.



Markify lets you search for trademarks all over the world. You can also opt for trademark watching service which finds all identical and confusingly similar trademarks, and the domain name watch service which does the same for domain names.

Markify works on top class technology and provides the trademark search report at $129, trademark watching service at € 25/year and global domain name watch at $39/year



Shake provides you with an Android, iOS, and web application to create, sign, and send legally binding agreements in seconds. All you need to do is to answer some questions to specify the important terms and create the agreement, sign in-person or use mobile signatures, and send invites to other parties to sign the contract.

While creating and sending agreements is free of cost, Shake also provides you personal lawyer consultancy service for as low as $17.95 per month. best payments solutions

Startup Lawyer

Startup lawyer writes about the legal issues involved in the startup’s lifecycle like incorporation, funding, stock options, venture capital, etc. You can browse through the topics of your interest/use and can also search important startup terms in the Startup Law Glossary.

The website is also planning to launch formulas to help you calculate startup-related numbers easily.



Legal sifter uses artificial intelligence to review your contracts in seconds, tell you what’s missing, and gives you in-context advices. The company has partnered with law firms to offer combined intelligence solutions.  

This SAAS acts just like Grammarly for contracts which, instead of finding your grammatical error, lets you find any missing concept (which you and your company have deemed to be important) and gives you advices on how you can negotiate the existing concepts better in your contract.

The service is provided at the cost of $25 per month.



Privacy policy, disclaimer, cookies policy, EULA, and terms and conditions are crucial if you operate in the online world. TermsFeed creates a customized version of these documents designed specifically according to your business needs.

What separates TermsFeed from other privacy policy generators is that it doesn’t use a generic template but develops a unique legal agreement for your business.



Upcounsel is the upwork for legal services. It’s an online marketplace with over 5,000 experienced lawyers which can be hired for one time consultation or entire freelance legal work.

The platform has a special section where selected freelancers can be hired to help startups in their legal work.



Blasty helps you monitor Google for illegal copies of your content. The SAAS also helps you remove that illegal content in one click.

Manual monitoring your content is free with Blasty. However, to receive alerts and file a DMCA take down you need pay $12.99 per month.



PatentMonk lets you search and find the patent attorney in the USA which is the best and most affordable fit for your idea, for free.

The SAAS is in its beta stage but could be of great help if you make correct use of it.