The 12 Best AI Tools for Students

We no longer have to battle with pen and paper to finish school tasks. Today's evolving technology offers a range of advanced tools that can significantly improve both productivity and creativity. If you're feeling burdened by note-making, math homework, or submitting assignments before deadlines, AI tools can help you achieve your academic goals without breaking a sweat. With the help of these AI-powered tools, you can easily excel in your academic assignments and impress even the most demanding professors.

In this article, we'll look at over 12 of the Best AI tools for students to help you take your studying to the next level. Whether you want to boost your grades or make the most of your time as a student, these resources will come in handy.


  1. Best AI Tool for Writing: Rytr, "An AI writing tool that can be used to write essays, research papers, and other academic documents. It is easy to use, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection."
  2. All-in-one AI Tool: ChatGPT, “An AI tool that uses text-based prompts to generate content on any given topic, have conversations, solve complex problems, rephrase and edit assignments, and more.”
  3. Best AI Tool for Grammar and Editing: Grammarly is “An AI-powered writing assistant that detects and corrects grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other writing errors to improve writing skills.”
  4. Best AI Tool for Paraphrasing: Quillbot, “A powerful paraphrasing tool that can help in rephrasing sentences and paragraphs to eliminate plagiarism in research papers, assignments and other documents.”
  5. Best AI Tool for Presentations: Simplified, “An AI-powered presentation tool that provides access to a library of AI-generated templates and graphics to help create stunning presentations.”  
  6. Best AI Tool for Research: Google Gemini, “An AI-powered research tool that can help find relevant information for research papers and assignments. One can use it to search for articles, books, and other sources of information.”
  7. Best AI Tool for Note-Taking:, “An AI tool that converts audio recordings into text to help take notes during lectures and meetings.”
  8. Best AI Tool for Learning: Doctrina, “A comprehensive learning tool that provides access to notes, quizzes, and other learning resources to enhance knowledge in various subjects.”
  9. Best AI Tool for Math Homework: Interactive Mathematics, “A powerful AI math solver that can help solve various math problems, from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus. It provides step-by-step solutions and explanations for each problem.”
  10. Best AI Tool for Time Management: Time Doctor, “An AI-powered time management tool that can track the time spent on various tasks and provide insights into productivity. One can use it to plan their day, set goals, and prioritise tasks.” 
  11. Best AI Tool for Text to Speech: Elevenlabs, “An AI-powered text-to-speech tool that can help convert text into speech. It can read documents, emails, and other texts aloud.” 
  12. Best AI Tool for Coding: AskCodi, “A great coding tool that can help one learn how to code. It provides step-by-step guidance and explanations for each coding problem.”

How we found the Best AI tools for Students

As a student, we recognise that you have to meet your academic requirements more quickly and simply than before. For this reason, we have put together a comprehensive list of the top AI tools for students. To compile this list, we thoroughly tested over 20+ platforms, selecting the best and evaluating them using the criteria listed below. 

  1. Identifying the need: We began by recognising the need for AI tools among students. We looked at the most frequent challenges that students experience and how AI tools can help them solve them.

  2. Researching the market: We conducted market research to determine the most popular AI tools for students. We assessed the tools based on their ability to provide creative and fresh responses to typical academic challenges.

  3. Testing the tools: We evaluated the tools ourselves to determine their performance and efficacy. We utilised the tools to complete multiple academic tasks, including writing papers, preparing presentations, and conducting research.

  4. Comparing the features: To understand the functions and limitations of various AI tools, we examined their features. We considered variables like cost, device compatibility, and simplicity of use.

  5. User feedback: We searched for tools that received positive feedback from users. We assessed the tools based on user ratings, reviews, and comments to determine their efficacy and user friendliness.

Recommended AI Tools for Students

rytr - AI Tools for Students

Best tool for writing


Rytr stands out as one of the premier AI tools for students when it comes to writing assignments, research papers or generating perfect thesis statement if you’re someone who struggles to write effectively. You can provide small, informative phrases or key points to the AI, which helps it to understand your needs efficiently. Rytr utilizes the GPT-3 technology to generate engaging and well-structured written pieces. All that's required is to input a few keywords or prompts. Regardless of your writing experience—high school or scholarly—this AI tool can assist you in writing in a tone that ranges from informal to formal, depending on the project's requirements. 

Key features of Rytr:

  • Rytr offers you a personalized writing assistant that helps you craft well-structured and grammatically correct content.
  • By offering creative suggestions and alternative perspectives, Rytr can generate catchy headlines, captivating introductions, or engaging conclusions, enabling you to develop a unique writing style.
  • The AI feedback feature helps you understand the reasoning behind the suggestions, offering insights into grammar, vocabulary, and overall writing style.

If you wish to experiment with Rytr and gain a sense of the tool, the free plan is an excellent place to start. While Rytr can generate good short snippets, it may not be as successful with longer pieces of information.The paid plan, also known as the "Pro" plan, offers unlimited usage, advanced writing features, enhanced accuracy, competitive advantage and more.This means that you receive custom suggestions and have complete freedom to use the tool for a wide range of writing tasks, such as writing a compelling research paper or a strong thesis statement.


Go-to AI tool for all your needs


ChatGPT is a conversational chatbot that serves as your brainstorming partner. Whether it's generating lesson plans, answering student queries, or providing feedback, ChatGPT can adapt to different scenarios and assist you with a wide range of teaching needs. 

It allows you to automate time-consuming administrative tasks like creating schedules, charts, and templates. With ChatGPT, you can streamline communication with parents, colleagues, and administrators effortlessly via AI-composed welcome-to-class letters, newsletter copies, volunteer and donation requests, etc.

It also helps you to refine lesson objectives, explore teaching strategies, and create engaging content for your students, by analysing and understanding your given prompts.

The best things about ChatGPT are that:

  • It's free to use
  • Gives human-like responses
  • Customizable so you can fine-tune the AI tool to align with your teaching style and maintain a professional and appropriate tone.

ChatGPT adapts to your specific requirements and makes your teaching experience seamless. 

However, if you’re new to working with language models like ChatGPT, you might encounter initial challenges in harnessing its capabilities effectively, as the level of detail and precision of the prompt you give greatly influences the quality of the responses ChatGPT generates. 

Grammarly - AI Tools for Students

Best AI Tool for Grammar and Editing


If you're a student who struggles with grammar rules and punctuation, Grammarly can serve as a useful tool. It can identify various punctuation and grammatical errors, assisting you with improving your writing skills and ensuring that your assignments and homework are error-free. Grammarly utilises user feedback to analyse sentences and improve suggestions, continuously learning from incorrect suggestions. You can simply copy and paste your text, and Grammarly will underline any issues in the text and enhance your writing style by making essays clearer, concise, and interesting.

Why Grammarly is the best choice for editing:

  • Grammarly's user-friendly interface makes it as easy to copy and paste text. 
  • It offers real-time suggestions, making the editing process easier and more efficient. 
  • This AI tool can also enhance your writing style by providing several writing styles and tone options such as professional, informal, assertive, diplomatic, and more.

While Grammarly's free version gives you access to some of its functions but lacks advanced features like vocabulary enhancement, genre-specific writing style, and limited integration with Microsoft Word and Outlook, Grammarly Premium is the ultimate tool for ensuring that everything you write is precise, and easy to read. The choice between the free and premium plans is based on your specific needs and preferences.


Best AI Tool for Paraphrasing


Quilbot may be a dream for a student who enjoys copying and pasting his friends' work. This AI tool offers a sophisticated approach to paraphrasing tough passages, create unique and original content while still allowing you to copy and paste assignments or online content without sounding exactly the same, yet still making it your own to avoid plagiarism. To use QuillBot, you can simply create a QuillBot account, select the desired tool, input text, and click the "Paraphrase" button. The AI will analyse the text and suggest different ways to rewrite it.

Why Quilbot is the best paraphrasing AI tool:

  • QuillBot allows you to paraphrase a piece of writing in seconds for free.
  • The AI tool assures that your paraphrased language is not only plagiarism-free but also retains its original sense.
  • It also helps you enhance your writing style by providing standard, fluent, academic, and other modes that make your writing clearer, straightforward, and more interesting.

While QuillBot's free version is a great tool for paraphrasing, there are a few constraints such as limited word count, only two writing styles and editing limitations, among others. To meet your specific needs, Quillbot offers several paid plans with different pricing and features such as unlimited words in paraphraser, custom and 8 predefined modes, synonym slider, freeze words, summariser, plagiarism checker, tone insights, and paraphraser history. If you're a frequent user or need advanced features, consider QuillBot's subscription options.

Simplified - AI Tools for Students

Best AI Tool for Presentations


An ideal tool to help you create effective presentations in just a few minutes. Simplified presentations are visually appealing while conveying all necessary information. Simplified integrates Canva and ChatGPT to provide template recommendations and design ideas. Canva offers a wide range of templates and customisation options, speeding up workflows, while ChatGPT generates human-like text based on prompts, allowing Simplified to create catchy headlines, informative descriptions, and call-to-action messages. You only need to provide Simplified content, and it will create a unique and well-designed presentation.

Key features of Simplified:

  • It offers versatility for various presentations, including English classes, science projects, and entrepreneurship pitches.
  • Simplified provides an abundance of templates.
  • Simplified can assist you in creating captivating infographics, which improves the engagement and interpretation of your presentations.

Simplified offers both free and premium plans with varying features. The free plan provides a variety of design templates and 5GB of storage. Simplified's premium plans may benefit you if you’re a design or business and marketing student. These plans offer premium templates and advanced AI tools, allowing you to present complex data, and create engaging essays, research papers, and group projects. The premium plan offers premium templates, AI generation credits, 200GB to 2TB of storage, collaboration with guests, brand management, and integrations with Google Drive and Shopify. 

Google Gemini

Best AI Tool for Research

Google Gemini

Whether you're a research scholar or a humanities student who has to keep up with many research publications and journals, Google Gemini can assist you with all of your research requirements. Google Gemini is Google's experimental conversational AI chat service, which generates responses to user-provided natural language prompts and uses Google's advanced large language model (LLM) PaLM 2. It can be debated whether ChatGPT or Gemini is better for research. However, it is important to remember that Gemini utilises content presently available online, such as facts and statistics, which allows it to provide more current information. On the other hand, ChatGPT's area of expertise is limited to events through 2021.

Why Google Gemini is the best AI tool for research:

  • With Google Gemini, you can quickly find relevant research papers and articles while also ensuring their reliability and credibility.
  • Gemini can retrieve information from the internet and respond.
  • Gemini can understand photos, enables extensions that employ Google data, and lets you upload files for analysis, identification, or captioning.

Google Gemini is a free AI tool and does not currently offer a paid version. Gemini's export feature to Google apps streamlines research, allowing you to save time and organize findings in Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides. It also facilitates collaboration, enabling multiple users to work on a project simultaneously. Therefore, it may be an asset for students requiring extensive research work. - AI Tools for Students

Best AI Tool for Note-Taking

Everyone has experienced the moment when taking notes seemed like juggling while riding a unicycle. Taking notes might be difficult since you have to listen, comprehend, and write down important facts all at once. is an AI tool designed to make note-taking easy for you. It is a voice meeting assistant that records and transcribes lectures, meetings, and interviews in real-time. It uses AI and NLP technologies to understand and transcribe audio from various sources. To use, you can sign up on the website, verify your email, download the mobile app, record and transcribe conversations.

Key features of

  • allows you to search through your notes. You can quickly identify certain subjects or keywords in your notes.
  • You can share your notes with your peers. 
  • may be connected with other applications such as Zoom. So, if your lectures are available online, can automatically transcribe them. offers both free and paid plans with varying features and usage limits. The Basic plan provides 300 monthly transcription minutes, 30 minutes per conversation, and more. The Business plan costs $20 per user/month, with 6000 monthly transcription minutes, 4 hours per conversation, and unlimited files. The Student & Teacher discount is available for students with heavy transcription needs. 


Best AI Tool for Learning 


Doctrina is an ideal AI Tool for Students if you want to enhance your learning experience beyond textbooks. This AI tool streamlines study sessions by improving and summarising class notes, guiding focus on key concepts and themes. It uses natural language processing to understand your needs, refines GPT-3 to perform education-oriented tasks, and applies GPT-3 across its product suite to provide individualised educational support. It also provides a solid foundation for writing tasks, generating essays tailored to specific topics and focus areas.

Why Doctina is a valuable AI tool for learning:

  • Personalised approach to test preparation. 
  • Doctrina offers an interactive and customisable quiz experience. You can enter your desired topic and choose the difficulty level. 
  • Doctrina chat allows you to have conversations, obtain homework assistance, and discuss difficult subjects easily.

Doctrina offers both free and premium plans. The free version includes notes and quizzes, which might be sufficient for occasional use. However, you can consider their paid plan if you find yourself in need of additional features or consumption. Checking the latest prices on the Doctrina price page is always a good idea.

Interactive Mathematics - AI Tools for Students

Best AI Tool for Math Homework

Interactive Mathematics

You can use interactive mathematics to answer complex math questions that appear difficult, especially the night before an exam. Interactive Math is an AI-powered tool designed to help you conquer math challenges by providing a fun and effective learning experience. The AI tool provides step-by-step solutions and promotes math talk and student communication. It uses advanced adaptive learning technology to improve understanding of math concepts, encouraging active participation in understanding and applying them.

Key features of Interactive Mathematics:

  • Math problems are presented in a game-like approach which makes it user-friendly.
  • It provides you with a customised learning path by identifying your strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Interactive maths encourages group learning. You and your friends can work together on difficulties, exchange strategies, and gain knowledge from one another.

Interactive Math has both free and paid plans, similar to many other online tools. You may access a variety of maths lectures and practice problems with the free plan. This is an ideal option if you're searching for a simple tool to help you understand maths.

However, the paid plan comes with extra features like more adaptable questions, in-depth analytics, and a customised learning path, making it an ideal resource for students aiming for higher grades, preparing for competitive exams, or gaining a deeper understanding of math.

Time Doctor

Best AI Tool for Time Management

Time Doctor

It might feel like something of a circus trying to balance classes, homework, extracurricular activities, and personal time. Effective time management can be quite difficult, as we all know, particularly for students. Time Doctor is intended to assist with these concerns by offering an organised setting where you can schedule everyday activities, make reasonable objectives, and receive one-on-one assistance and feedback. It tracks websites and applications used during work, providing you with reports by offering a productivity analysis dashboard. To use Time Doctor, you sign up on the website, and download it for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, or as a browser extension.

Why Time Doctor is the best tool for time management:

  • The tool allows users to monitor various device activities like software processes, websites, apps, meetings, etc.
  • Time Doctor allows you to track which things you completed and when.
  • Time Doctor can be integrated with other tools as a browser extension. 

Time Doctor features both free and paid plans. The free plan provides access to basic time monitoring and productivity analytics. It's a great pick if you're seeking for a simple way to boost your time management abilities.

On the other side, the subscription plan includes more features such as deeper analytics, adaptive questions, and a more customised instruction approach. If you're searching for a more thorough tool that may give extensive insights into your time management, the subscription plan may be worth considering.

Elevenlabs - AI Tools for Students

Best AI Tool for Text to Speech


As students, you are frequently confronted with a mound of reading tasks. You may listen to your readings while performing other things, saving you a significant amount of time. Furthermore, if you're learning a new language, text-to-speech can offer a sample of how it sounds.To use ElevenLabs, you can sign up on their website, generate voices, clone voices, generate audio outputs, and use the Projects feature to create voiceovers for long-form content. The platform uses advanced algorithms to analyze text input and mimic human intonation, resulting in natural-sounding speech, which can help you improve comprehension and productivity by allowing them to listen to the text instead of reading it.

Key features of Elevenlabs:

  • ElevenLabs can generate natural-sounding voice in 28 different languages. 
  • One of ElevenLabs' most notable features is its ability to clone an individual's voice precisely. 
  • You may also incorporate ElevenLabs capabilities into other applications or services.

ElevenLabs offers both free and paid plans, with the free plan offering 10,000 characters per month and the ability to create up to 3 custom voices. The paid plans offer more features and resources, such as the Starter Plan, Creator Plan, and plans for Independent Publishers and Growing Businesses.The paid plan is a good investment if you’re a heavy user of text-to-speech technology for your presentations, content creation and other academic needs. 


Best AI Tool for Coding


AskCodi is an ideal AI tool for students if you’re looking for a platform to learn how to code better. The AI tool specialises in coding assistance, helping you write code with less work. It supports a wide range of languages and frameworks and saves your time on repetitive activities by generating code, creating tests, documentation, and making task suggestions. AskCodi is powered by the openAI codex, which is trained on billions of lines of Open Source public code, to understand and generate code, generate code from natural language descriptions, generate code documentation, generates unit tests, and converts code from one programming language to another. To use AskCodi, you need to create an account, install the extension, copy the API key, generate code, and select the 'Document Code' option.

Why AskCodi is the best tool for coding:

  1. This tool delivers AI-powered code language and suggestions, as well as docstring to promote a pair programming environment.
  2. Real-Time Codebase: AskCodi features a real-time codebase capability. This implies it can produce test cases and front-end syntax in several languages, as well as solutions to coding problems. Additionally, you may share your codebase with others.
  3. AskCodi is also available as an extension for IDEs such as VS Code, PyCharm, and others. Moreover, its friendly interface makes it easier for beginners.

AskCodi has both free and paid plans. The free plan is a great beginning point, with a restricted quantity of credits each month. However, the paid plans include more features and resources. If you're a frequent user of coding assistance technologies, an engineering student struggling with how to code, or if you need more credits, the subscription plan is a wise investment.