The 5 Best AI Lyrics Generators

We've all been there, haven't we? Trying to find the perfect words to express our thoughts and emotions, especially when it comes to writing songs. And let's be real, being able to write a song is no walk in the park. I mean, we're talking about hours upon hours of brainstorming, jotting down ideas, and refining them. And mind you, most of those initial ideas don't even make it to the final version.

In moments like these, when your creative gears start to feel a bit rusty, wouldn't it be great to have some assistance to make the process easier? Well, that's where the AI lyrics generator comes in!

Now, with so many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. But don't worry; we did the research for you and created a carefully curated list of the top eight AI lyrics generators available online.

Whether you're a seasoned songwriter looking for fresh ideas or a budding musician in need of a creative kickstart, these song lyric generators can be your invaluable companions on the musical journey.


  1. For Those On A Budget: Rytr, “A super affordable AI-powered lyrics generator that can create song lyrics in up to 30+ languages.”
  2. To Generate Lyrics Based On A Keyword: AISEO, “AISEO’s song lyrics generator will generate lyrics based on a keyword, ensuring the output aligns with your desired theme or message.”
  3. To Get Ideas For Song Lyrics:, “An easy-to-use AI lyric generator that provides suggestions and ideas tailored to your unique writing style, topics, and genre.”
  4. To Write Rap Lyrics: DeepBeat “A dedicated AI-powered freestyle lyric generator that could either write rap lyrics from scratch or provide assistance in writing your rap rhymes.”
  5. To Write Song Lyrics For Free: ChatGPT, “ChatGPT can work as your virtual collaborator to write song lyrics, and that, for completely FREE.”

How We Found The Best Song Lyrics Generators?

In our quest to find the best song lyric generators, we left no stone unturned as we dove into the vast sea of options available online. To narrow down our research, we carefully considered a multitude of factors, which are as follows:

  1. First-Hand Testing: We tested these lyric generators ourselves to get a feel for their functionality, how easy they were to use, and, most importantly, the quality of the lyrics they produced.
  2. User Reviews and Feedback: User reviews and feedback played a crucial role in our evaluation process. We scoured online communities, forums, and social media platforms to gather insights from users who had previously used different song lyrics generators. Their experiences and opinions provided valuable information about the effectiveness and user-friendliness of each tool.
  3. Quality of Lyrics Generated: The most crucial aspect of a song lyrics generator is the quality of the lyrics it produces. Keeping this in mind, we carefully assessed the generated lyrics from each tool, considering factors like coherence, relevance to the theme, and emotional impact.
  4. Creative Capabilities: Songwriting is all about creativity and originality. Therefore, we favoured those AI lyric generators that demonstrated a solid ability to write unique and innovative lyrics rather than spitting out generic, cliched phrases.
  5. Customisation and Flexibility: We looked for song lyrics generators that offered enough room for customising, such as switching up music styles or adding specific themes. The best lyrics generator provides enough room for flexibility so that the final output matches your vision.
  6. Accessibility and Affordability: The best song lyric generators must be easily accessible and reasonably priced. We considered factors such as user interface intuitiveness, cross-platform availability (web, desktop, mobile), pricing models (free or subscription-based), and licensing agreements to ensure the tool was accessible to artists at various stages of their careers.

After digging deep and exploring various song lyric generators, we've narrowed the selection to the top five contenders that genuinely impressed us. But remember, the final call is yours to make. You know your style and preferences better than anyone else, so go ahead and pick the one that truly aligns with your artistic vision.

Recommended Lyrics Generators

rytr Lyrics Generator

For Those On A Budget


One of the great things about using Rytr’s AI lyrics generator is that it lets you write unique and creative song lyrics without being too heavy on your pocket. Plus, it’s super easy to navigate, so even if you don’t know much about AI tools, you’ll quickly get the hang of it.

With Rytr's song lyrics generator, getting your lyrics done is super simple. All you have to do is pick the language you want your lyrics in. They've got 30+ languages to choose from, so you're bound to find the one that fits your vibe.
Next up, you get to set the tone of your lyrics. They've got over 20 different tones, so you have plenty of options to play around with.
Once you've got your language and tone sorted, it's time to select the use case, and in this case, choose "song lyrics”. Finally, provide some keywords, phrases, or even song titles as input. Let's say you want a soothing song for a couple in love. Just type that in and hit "Ryte for me." In seconds, Rytr will generate complete song lyrics for you.

If you're on a budget and looking for an affordable song lyrics generator, Rytr is definitely worth considering.


To Generate Lyrics Based On A Keyword


When it comes to generating lyrics based on a keyword, AISEO’s song lyrics generator is the perfect solution for you. Whether you want to freestyle or craft an epic rap verse, AISEO will help you create clever lyrics that revolve around a specific keyword or theme.

How it works: Head over to the AISEO platform. Select the template called "Song Lyrics Generator." Describe what you want your song to be about, choose your preferred language and tone, and select keywords. Then the song lyric generator will create the lyrics to an entire song customised for you.

You can also access a freestyle editor to tweak and fine-tune the generated lyrics. So, if you feel like adding your personal touch or making some modifications, the freestyle editor will make things easier for you.

lyricstudio Lyrics Generator

To Get Ideas For Song Lyrics

LyricStudio is an incredible tool that helps you overcome writer's block and create songs from start to finish. The best part is that LyricStudio's Ai lyrics generator offers a wide variety of genres and topics to inspire you. If you're not feeling inspired by their library, you can also enter your own ideas and get started from there.

When it comes to writing lyrics, LyricStudio provides infinite smart suggestions tailored to your unique writing style. You'll never run out of creative ideas or get stuck in a rut.

And hey, we all know how challenging it can be to come up with rhymes. LyricStudio takes care of that as well. It offers suggestions for rhymes, so you don't have to consult a thesaurus to find the perfect words constantly.

And if you're working with co-writers, LyricStudio allows you to collaborate with them in real time. You can bring your fellow songwriters on board and work together seamlessly, bouncing ideas off each other and creating something truly amazing.

Go for LyricsStudio if you want to move past your creative rut and get fresh ideas for writing great song lyrics.


To Write Rap Lyrics


DeepBeat is a cool program that uses machine-learning techniques to help you come up with rap lyrics. What it does is it takes existing rap song lines and combines them in a way that makes sense and rhymes together.

So, to get started, you must hit the "Generate lyrics" button, and DeepBeat will instantly come up with rap lyrics for you. If you prefer to be more involved in the creative process, use the "Suggest (Rhyming) Line" buttons. DeepBeat will suggest individual lines that rhyme with what you've already got.

Another option is writing your own lines from scratch. Once you’re done, type them in, and DeepBeat will ensure they fit in with the overall flow and rhyme scheme.

If you want to customise things a bit, you can also add keywords that you want to appear in the generated lyrics. There's also a deep learning feature that you can enable. It's turned off by default, but when you activate it, it enhances the performance of DeepBeat even further.

If you need a Ai lyrics generator to help you create rap lyrics collaboratively and creatively, then Deepbeat is your best bet.

ChatGPT Lyrics Generator

To Write Song Lyrics For Free


ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot that can be used practically for anything, which also means you can use it to write song lyrics! The best part? It’s completely free to use.

To get started, all you have to do is provide the chatbot with some information or ideas to work with. For example, you can give it a theme, a mood, or even a specific genre you'd like the lyrics to fit into.

If you have any specific lines or phrases in mind, you can share that as well as reference. You can bounce off as many ideas as you want, ask for rhymes or request specific structures like verses and choruses. The more details you provide, the more tailored and relevant the lyrics will be.

Additionally, you can also use ChatGPT to brainstorm different ideas and concepts for your song lyrics. 

So, whether you're an aspiring songwriter or just looking for some creative inspiration, with ChatGPT, you can easily create hyper-personalised song lyrics without having to pay a dime.