The 7 Best AI Story Generators

As someone who loves writing creative stories, you totally understand the struggle of constantly coming up with fresh ideas. It can be tough, right? And let's not even get started on the moments when you have this brilliant idea in your mind, but it just won't translate into words on the page.

But thanks to the amazing technological advancements we have today, you don't have to go through all of that alone anymore. Enter AI story generators. These AI writers have been trained on a ton of literary works, so they know their stuff when it comes to narratives, structures, character development, and plot twists.

Now, we won’t lie, the internet is overflowing with AI story writers these days, and it's a bit overwhelming to choose the right one. And that’s exactly why we have curated this list of the seven best AI story generators online so you can find the perfect AI story writer that suits your needs.

With these AI co-authors by your side, you'll easily dive into your next BIG story idea and watch it come alive.


  1. Expert-Led Templates:, “Jasper offers 50+ expert-drafted templates, one of which is the Creative Story Template that'll help you write captivating stories and keep your readers hooked for hours."
  2. To Brainstorm And Create Plot Outlines: Canva, “Canva lets you brainstorm new ideas for various plot points in your story. With a simple text prompt, the AI plot generator creates a full short story from scratch.”
  3. For Those On A Budget: Rytr, “A beginner-friendly tool that can assist you in writing compelling short stories without weighing too much on your pocket.”
  4. To Visualise Your Characters: Sudowrite, “Sudowrite’s Canvas tool can actually visualise your characters right there in the platform so that you can gain a deeper understanding of their roles in your story.”
  5. To Write Stories In Various Genres: Sassbook AI, “A dedicated AI-powered story writing tool that instantly creates stories in a wide variety of styles and genres.”
  6. To Mimic The Writing Style Of Your Favourite Author, Novel AI, “If you have an author whose writing style you admire, Novel AI can help you write in that same style.”
  7. To Write Stories For Free: ChatGPT, “An easy-to-use AI chatbot to help you expand or rewrite sentences, describe characters, and do so much more. The best part? It’s completely free to use.”

How We Found The Best Story Generators?

We scoured the internet and tested out numerous tools, all in the pursuit of finding the best AI story creators. To narrow down our options, we took the following factors into consideration: 

  • First-hand Experience: To evaluate the performance of the story generators, we tested multiple platforms firsthand. We input various prompts and evaluated the quality and uniqueness of the generated stories. We also considered factors like ease of use, customisation options, and compatibility with different devices.
  • Features and capabilities: We assessed the features and capabilities of each story generator on our list. This involved analysing factors such as the generator's ability to generate coherent narratives, the variety of genres and styles it could handle, and its overall creative output.
  • User feedback: User feedback played a crucial role in our evaluation process. We scoured online forums, reviews, and social media platforms to gather insights from individuals who had used the story generators. Their experiences and opinions helped us assess the overall user satisfaction and reliability of the platforms.
  • AI capabilities: As story generators heavily rely on AI algorithms, we examined the underlying technology powering each platform. We looked at the sophistication of the AI models, their training data sources, and any unique techniques employed by the generators to enhance story generation.
  • Output quality: We compared the output quality of the story generators, taking into account factors such as coherence, creativity, grammar, and logical progression. We analysed sample stories and evaluated how closely they resemble human-written narratives.
  • Affordability: We compared the costs associated with using the story generators, including subscription plans, one-time purchases, and any additional fees.
  • Customer support: We examined the customer support offered by the story generator providers. This included assessing the availability of documentation, tutorials, and FAQs, as well as the responsiveness and helpfulness of their support teams.

With all these points in mind, we came up with a tightly-curated list of the eight best AI story generators, so you can easily choose the one that’s the best suited for you.

Recommended AI Story Generator

Jasper AI Story Generator

Expert-Led Templates

Jasper offers 50+ expert-led templates, one of which is the Creative Story template, which can help you write highly imaginative and compelling stories without having to spend hours brainstorming ideas.

Simply go to the Templates library and click on the Creative Story Template. Once you’ve selected it, enter the plot of your story and the tone of voice you want. Then, choose the number of outputs you’d like, press on “Generate AI Content”, and Jasper will instantly create stories for you. You can even tweak or add to the stories that Jasper generates. So, if you want to add your personal touch or make any modifications, you have the flexibility to do so.

Sign up for Jasper if you're in need of some inspiration or just don’t wish to waste hours racking your brain for the perfect idea.


To Brainstorm And Create Plot Outlines


With Canva’s AI story generator, you can easily brainstorm new ideas to create various plot points in your story. With a simple text prompt, you can create a full short story from scratch, or you can create sentences or paragraphs that you could edit and include in different parts of your fictional work.

But that’s not all! You also get access to Canva’s AI story idea generator to produce ideas based on your prompt. Simply open Magic Write on your Canva Doc and add keywords (like characters, preferred settings, point of view, or genre) to your sentence prompt to your existing text. Once you’re happy with the output, edit, proofread and tweak your draft into a short story you’d like.

And if you want to share your short story, you can also download a PDF version of your Doc or turn your Canva Doc into a presentation with the Docs to Decks feature.

With Canva's drag-and-drop editing dashboard, you can also incorporate matching images, videos, graphics, and other stunning Canva designs right into your short story document - all without switching apps or platforms.

Go for Canva’s AI story generator if you’re looking for a hassle-free solution to brainstorm ideas, create exciting plot lines, and share your work.

rytr AI Story Generator

For Those On A Budget


If you're on the hunt for an AI tool that puts you in control of the story creation process but also keeps your budget in check, then Rytr is the perfect solution for you.

 Among its 40+ use cases, Rytr also offers a dedicated story plot generator. And it’s so easy to use that even those who are new to AI tools can navigate it with ease. Just select your desired language from a range of 30+ languages, pick a tone that sets the mood for your story (there are more than 20 tons to choose from), and select your use case as a story plot. After providing some keywords, phrases, or titles as input, all you have to do is click "Ryte for me." In an instant, Rytr will generate a first working draft for you. Feel free to tweak the draft as much as you want or add paragraphs in different sections; it’s all totally up to you.

To Visualise Your Characters


Sudowrite is an AI novel writing assistant that has been trained on GPT-3, and GPT-4, 175+ billion parameter Transformer models, providing you with a profound and highly-nuanced understanding of storytelling.

One of the standout features of Sudowrite is its Canvas tool. With Sudowrite's Canvas, you can organise your thoughts, characters, and story points in the most efficient way possible. What makes it truly unique is the ability to visualise your characters right within the platform. It’s like seeing your protagonist or intriguing side characters come to life, helping you get a clear picture of who they are and how they fit into your story.

Sudowrite's Canvas also allows you to add your own notes and create a detailed outline. They even provide handy templates to guide you along the way.

Besides this, Sudowrite also provides the following features:

  • The First Draft: The First Draft feature will take your story idea input and create up to 1000 words, giving you a great first draft to work with.
  • Expand: The Expand Feature provides suggestions on what you can add to your existing paragraphs.
  • Rewrite: The Rewrite tool will rephrase paragraphs according to your desired tone of voice.
  • Describe: The Describe feature suggests descriptions based on the five senses (sight, taste, touch, smell, and sound).
  • Feedback: The AI goes through your story and shares what it thinks about its theme, plot, etc.
  • Brainstorm: The Brainstorm feature will help you come up with important story elements such as the name of the character, the title of a chapter, etc.
Sassbook AI

To Write Stories In Various Genres

Sassbook AI

With Sassbook AI’s story writer, you can easily create fictional content and stories in different genres.

With this tool, all you have to do is enter a few words, select a genre, and the AI story writer will automatically weave a story based on your input. You can choose from a range of genres, including Original, Classic, Humor, Sci-fi, Romance, Thriller, and Realism.

Sassbook AI also offers three creativity settings to suit your preferences: Conservative, Balanced, and Inventive. You can select the setting that matches your desired level of creativity. Additionally, you can specify the exact word count you want for your story.

The best part is that this tool is designed to be user-friendly, so anyone, no matter their skill level, can use this tool with ease.

So, whether you're a hobbyist exploring different genres or a professional writer seeking some fresh inspiration, With Sassbook AI, you can easily create remarkable stories in various genres.

Novel AI AI Story Generator

To Mimic The Writing Style Of Your Favourite Author

Novel AI

Novel AI is a story-generating software that uses modern AI algorithms to create compelling stories. The coolest thing about this software is that its AI modules have been trained on real literary works, so the tools know how to emulate the writing styles and techniques of famous authors.

Another exciting thing about using this software is that it lets you customise different aspects of your content. For instance, you are free to choose the font size, the colour of the text and the type. You can also create visuals to depict certain moments or characters from your stories with Novel AI’s Anime Art AI and other AI image models.

One thing about Novel AI is that it takes privacy VERY seriously, which is why it uses XSalsa20 to encrypt your content, ensuring that only YOU have access to your writings.

Overall, Novel AI is quite impressive and has some of the most unique offerings among the vast pool of AI story generators that are available today. So, if you want your writings to resemble the works of Stephen King and William Shakespeare, then Novel AI is the tool for you!

ChatGPT AI Story Generator

To Write Stories For Free


When it comes to writing stories for FREE, ChatGPT is here to help. This AI-powered chatbot requires no training or skill to be used. Simply share your story concept, and ChatGPT will respond to your prompts by helping you develop complex characters and shape your narrative and exciting plot twists.

What’s even better is that you can have an interactive conversation with ChatGPT. You can bounce ideas off of each other, ask for suggestions, and receive feedback in real time. It’s like working with a writing partner who’s ready to collaborate anytime.

Whether you’re a professional novelist or someone who likes to write stories for fun, ChatGPT can be your go-to place for a reliable and cost-free way to write stories.