The 8 Best Blog Post Generators

Have you ever experienced that frustrating feeling when you're behind the wheel, driving down a long road, but you're unsure where you're headed? That's what a creative slump can feel like. As writers, we've all been there - feeling like every idea is stale and struggling to create a blog post. Enter the world of blog post generators - these powerful tools can jumpstart your creativity engine and get you back on the road to producing high-quality blog content.

To help you get started, we have compiled a tightly-curated list of the eight best blog post generators on the internet that will provide you with creative ideas, generate outlines and even carry some of the heavy load by creating entire blog posts for you in minutes with just a few clicks.


  1. To Write Blog Content From Scratch:, "'s AI blog post generator will help you write high-quality listicles, how-to articles, and thought leadership pieces for your blog from scratch."
  2. The Best Long Form Writer: Jasper,” With a dedicated long-form writer that understands your voice, tonality, and narration, Jasper lets you continue sentences where you left or even create paragraphs with two-to-three words commands.
  3. Customise Blog Content To Your Personal Voice: Frase, " is a great tool for personalising blog content to match a user's unique tone to ensure the content feels engaging and authentic."
  4. To Write SEO-Optimised Blog Content: Anyword, "With baked-in SEO optimisation, Anyword's Blog Wizard will help you write high-quality blog posts that rank high on SERPs and beat the competition."
  5. To Write Blog Posts Based On Real-Time Research: Hypotenuse AI, "Hypotenuse AI's Content Detective will help you find the right talking points for your blog, based on factual and live data to cut short your research time and make you sound like an expert."
  6. To Write Blog Posts For Free: Simplified, "Simplified's AI writer can help you generate high-quality SEO friendly blog copy in seconds and for free."
  7. To Write Error-Free Blog Content: Grammarly, "Grammarly will help you write clear, effective and error-free blog posts that capture your reader's attention."
  8. For Keyword Research: Answer The Public, "A search listening tool that can help provide deep insights into every useful phrase and question people are asking around a certain keyword."

Recommended Blog Post Generators


To Write Blog Content From Scratch

If you are tired of staring at a blank page and wondering where to begin with your latest blog post, could be your helper friend AI. offers a wide range of tools and templates that are tailor-made for blog writing. However, one feature that particularly stands out in this lot is the Blog Wizard. It does the heavy lifting for you by creating an entire blog post from scratch!

All you have to do is open the Blog Post Wizard template, describe your blog post title, choose your desired tone of voice, and add relevant keywords. Within seconds, you'll get a detailed blog post outline with talking points to guide your writing process. You can also change the outline, talking points, or first draft to ensure the final output aligns with your original intent.

Once you're happy with the content generated, you can copy and paste it into's Google-docs style editor for any final tweaks. And voila! Your blog post is ready to be published.


The Best Long Form Writer: Jasper


Developed by experts, Jasper is an AI powered blog writing tool with a dedicated long form writer that either:

  • Lets you write the content from scratch using its auto-complete feature where the AI completes your sentences (and write new sentences according to your commands).
  • Let you write an entire blog post by choosing the apt blog template and including some basic information.

The platform works with 29 languages and has over 50 expert backed templates to help you write almost all kind of articles, whether informational, commercial, or transactional.

Along with this, there's also a chrome extension to help you create content directly in your favorite text editor SAAS.

There's also collaboration functionality where you can work with your team member on the same project.

And Jasper isn't just a blog post generator, there's art generation capabilities and even chat features to help you generate all sort of AI content with a few clicks.


Customise Blog Content To Personal Voice


With Frase, you can create customised blog content that matches your writing style. You can input a variety of suggestions, such as the tone and target audience, and Frase's AI will generate a blog post based on your preferences in no time. Plus, if you want to adjust the creativity level, you can do so by adjusting the creativity scale from one to five.

But that's not all - With Frase, you can enter your pre-written blog content and ask the AI to imitate your writing style. You'll be surprised at how Frase generates a blog that sounds like you. If you're not happy with the results, don't worry. You can click the "load more" button to generate more outputs.

Frase also has various templates that can assist you with writing blogs. For example, the blog introduction template can help you create a compelling introduction, while the paragraph generator can help you expand on a specific part of your blog post. Furthermore, if you're struggling to come up with ideas for your blog content, you can use the blog ideas generator template to get inspiration.

In a nutshell, Frase is a useful tool for anyone looking to produce high-quality blog content quickly and easily.


To Write SEO-Optimised Blog Content


Anyword's blog post generator could be your go to option if you want to create SEO oriented blog content.

Simply start by giving Anyword's blog post generator a brief description of what you want your post to be about and add target and related keywords. It will instantly generate an outline, several headline options, and an introduction for your post. Once you've given the green light to these initial elements, Anyword will automatically set up your blog project using its created outline.

You'll also have access to a Keywords Panel that shows you which keywords have been used in your copy. As you continue generating different sections of your blog, this panel updates accordingly. You can click on each keyword to see where the AI has placed it and how many times it appears in your copy. If you feel that a specific keyword needs to be included in a certain section or you want to add a totally new keyword that wasn't mentioned earlier, you can simply instruct the AI to do that for you as well.

In short, if you're looking for an easy way to create SEO-optimised blogs that outranks your competitors, Anyword's your best bet.


To Write Blog Posts Based On Real-Time Research

Hypotenuse AI

If you tired of spending hours researching for your blog post and still not being confident about the accuracy of your content, Hypotenuse AI's Content Detective, a research AI tool, can make your blog writing journey easier.

With Content Detective, you can effortlessly eliminate vague and inaccurate content from your blog post. It extracts key insights and talking points from trending articles and blogs on the internet in real time. Once you have the information, you can use it to produce a first working draft of your blog post almost instantly!

One of the best things about Content Detective is that it provides links to citations for the researched content. So, you can be sure that your blog post is credible and your readers will appreciate it.

So, if you don't wish to fall down the rabbit hole of research yet want your blogs to reflect that expert-like quality, then Hypotenuse AI is the tool for you.


To Write Blog Posts For Free


With just a few clicks, you can create an entire blog that is sure to captivate your readers with Simplified's AI blog writer. Simply input your topic, and the powerful AI will generate an intro, an outline, and the entire blog for you.

But that's not all! You can also customise your blogs by uploading your own media and brand kits, including logos, product photos, and more, to make your blogs uniquely yours. And when you're ready to share your blog post with the world, you can easily download it as a DOCX or PDF file and post it anywhere you like.

And the best part? It's absolutely free to use Simplified AI Blog Writer (3000 words per month).


To Write Error-Free Blog Content


Grammarly is an AI-powered online assistant that catches all the little grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes you may make in your blog posts.

But that's not all - Grammarly can also give you valuable tips on how to make your writing clearer and more engaging. Whether you're trying to write in a more conversational tone or want to ensure your message comes across loud and clear, Grammarly can help you with everything.

Another great feature of Grammarly is its built-in plagiarism checker. This tool can help you detect unoriginal content and suggest how to make your writing unique.

The best part? Grammarly is super versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. You can use it online as a browser extension, desktop application, or even a mobile app. And if you use Microsoft Word or Google Docs, you can easily integrate Grammarly into your workflow.

If you want to improve your writing and ensure your content is error-free, give Grammarly a try.


For Keyword Research

Answer The Public

Answer the Public is a search listening tool that takes Google search term predictions and turns them into a  visual database of keyword suggestions. These visuals are known as "search clouds" and are split into five categories: Prepositions, Questions, Comparisons, Alphabeticals, and Related.

By analysing these search clouds, you can better understand what people are searching for in your niche. You can include these search terms or keywords in your blog posts to create search engine-optimised content that directly addresses your audience's needs, queries, and challenges.

If you want to recognise which search terms are most relevant for your target audience and want to write blogs that rank high on SERPs, Answer the Public can surely help.